How to Connect Ethernet Cable to Laptop

How to Connect Ethernet Cable to Laptop

In this article, I have explained the entire process of connection Ethernet Cable to Laptop. I have seen many fellows who are looking for an answer to today’s hot question, How to Connect Ethernet Cable to Laptop?

Before going into the step-by-step guide, let me explain a few basic terms about Ethernet Connection. 

The other name of the Ethernet network is LAN (Local Area Network). It is the mode of transferring information between the computer, modem, and router. Its major function is to carry the information signals.

It has also a connection to the phone also. It is a source of internet connection on many devices. We know that any internet connection has a source of landline phone and signals come to it from there.

Types of Ethernet Connections

There are three main types of the Ethernet connection available:

  1. Category 5 (CAT 5): It is considered an old and slower version of the Ethernet network. It has the ability to provide a speed of approximately 100mps. It is considered as a 5th-generation network.
  2. Category 6 (CAT6): It has the ability to create a speed of 1000mps. It is the 6th generation of the internet network.
  3. Category 7 (CAT7): It is the seventh generation network. It has twisted cables and resistant to the noise and provides the best speed of the internet.

There are many laptops of the older versions which were available with the Ethernet networks ports but the newer version of laptops are not able to develop the Ethernet ports. But it’s not a tough job to connect your laptop with your Ethernet connection with the help of an adapter.

A device with the portable USB network is 3.0 port and the device called Pluggable UD 3900.

How to Connect Ethernet Cable to Laptop?

The assessment of the internet connection is quite an easy task to do as you can check its latency with the help of the ping.

Latency is important to check for the gamers as it is a very tough job to perform the perfect gaming strokes in the presence of the slow network.

Connect Ethernet to a router

The first step of the Ethernet connection is to connect the Ethernet to the telephone jack or the router or the modem port.  You have to insert it inside your port to get the sound of the click which ensures the connection.

The second step of this procedure is to search for the port or the attachment site for the Ethernet on your laptops.

Add Internet Wire to the laptop

Then add the internet wire to the laptop. You should do it for the sound of click inside your system and do it till the wire is completely attached.

Then you will check the speed of your internet by the Internet service provider. Then you are now ready to use the perfect internet connection and you are ready to use the internet.

Comparison of the Ethernet network with wifi: Ethernet vs Wi-fi

My opinion says that the Ethernet works better than wifi network. As wifi is dependent on the factors like distance, weather, etc but Ethernet is independent of it.

By the way, both has its own pros and cons. Wifi provides portability at its maximum and it has the ability to provide the luxurious usage of the internet and this is the best way to get connected to the internet.

But when you talk about speed and gaming facilities then the Ethernet wins the game. It is not affected by the angles of the modem.

Error rectification of the Ethernet:

Prolonged usage of the Ethernet connection can be the cause of cable damage and you have to make an effort to change, repair, or replace the cable. You have to remove the distortion from the cable too.

Types of cables used:

It has two types of cables:

  1. UTP:

Unshielded twisted pair cables are those cables which are not covered and are twisted. It is comparatively less susceptible to noise and problems. They are light cables and are rather cheap. They are very flexible and handling is quite easy.

  1. STP:

It is twisted pair of cables shielded in a closure and covered. It is an expensive one and the noise and damage susceptibility is low. Its installation is quite a difficult task to do.

My Story, How I Established Ethernet Connection with my Laptop?

I live in a place which is quite far away from the city and it is quite uncomfortable for me to go to the city and work on the internet cafe is quite a tough job. My husband works in Ireland and I use to chat or video call him in the internet cafe. But now I have to face a little problem and that is very annoying for me. My neighborhood has the availability of Wifi but I have heard that because it is a tropical place.

There is a lot of rainfall. Their Wifi signals broke down a lot. Because of this trouble they have to face zero connectivity mostly. My issue is that my daughter’s birthday is on Sunday. She is a very bright student and she asked me if she can celebrate her birthday with her father and mother. But you know the job has its own commitments and problems. My husband cannot be here on Sunday.

So I talked to my friend about the issue. He is quite sharp in internet surfing and connection-based problems as he is an IT expert. I told him that there is a lot of problems Wifi has to face at the place I am living in. I don’t want the rainfall to destroy my experience of surprise.

So he suggested to me that I should go for the Ethernet connection as it is safe and has more connectivity. It is without any hurdle and problem. You can get the ultimate connection to the internet and in fact, it is very rare that it is affected by the rain and other weather-based hazards.

I took the connection of the Ethernet and then get connected on the live chat with my husband on Skype. It was a wonderful experience to deal with when my husband and I have to attend the special day of our daughter.

We enjoyed the occasion thoroughly. It was an awesome experience to see the accomplished smile on her face. I truly recommend the Ethernet connection for ultimate connectivity.

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