Are Laptops Becoming Obsolete?

Are Laptops Becoming Obsolete?

Here are 11 real facts that explain why laptops are becoming obsolete. Various brands are launching products with better performance than laptops.

Are Laptops Becoming Obsolete? Laptops are becoming obsolete just like desktop PCs. Technology is evolving on a daily basis, we see new gadgets and products that work better than laptops. Now in 2021, smartphones and tablets have replaced the need for a laptop.

Are Laptops Becoming Obsolete?

There are certain elements that are making laptops obsolete. These factors and their details are as follows.

Old Operating System

People nowadays are careful while buying them when it comes to operating systems for laptops. They want to get the latest technology available in terms of such systems.

For instance, Chrome OS is getting old with time. It cannot run the software and hardware programs very effectively and efficiently.

It runs very slow on such operating systems. If the operating system cannot control the basic operations like checking its input and output or keeping the memory intact, it is not worth it.

Less Storage Capacity

The new product coming into the market have limited storage capacity. If you require more storage, then you need to pay extra. In this era, people cannot afford to pay such extra prices.

People want such devices that can offer maximum storage with a minimum possible cost. You should know about the hard disk storage capacity.

A person who wants to keep a record of all the files requires a large drive space that is not available. If there is too much data in it, then there is a chance that they might get stuck.

Portability Issues

They are not easy to carry. You cannot take it in your hand and place it anywhere you want. If you do not have anything to keep them, then you might break their screen.

You need to pay some extra money if you need to repair them. If possible, then you should buy such a device that is easy to use and is portable.

Better Camera Options

People take their selfies and send them to their loved ones. They want a good quality camera having greater pixels. You can pay extra for such products, or you cannot avail of such cameras at all.

Similarly, if you want to video chat with your friends, the picture quality in such devices is not good. An ordinary one cannot offer such cameras.

Fewer apps for laptops

Office workers use different applications for their work. They want such a store from where they can easily download all the applications they require.

They cannot download all such applications because of the storage problem. Similarly, they do not have such applications available in the store.

Instead of buying such highly-priced devices, people buy cheap devices with the latest technology available.

Availability of Parts

One of the main factors that affect laptop selling rate is the availability of its different parts. If it breaks, then there is a greater possibility that its sections are not available.

You can either order them online at a low price, and it takes almost a month for them to come, or you can buy them at your local shops for high prices.

Laptops are expensive

Your price range matters a lot. Nowadays, these devices are not cheap. Their prices have risen to about 40 to 50 percent in the past few months because of its greater demand.

People are buying mobile phones that are cheap and are available at different online and local shops.

How Quickly Are laptops Becoming Obsolete?

With time, new technology is coming, and old technology is getting rare. Office workers want to adopt new technology as soon as possible. Technicians and engineers are trying their best to bring out a new form of technology.

Engineers are making different new electronic devices having the latest technology. Such devices have all the possible options that you need. Modern-day laptops are not that equipped with the latest technology as they used to be. Many laptops do not come with a CD drive now.

It seems that they will become rare in the coming one to two years, and no one will use them after five years. Their demand is decreasing day by day.

People are no more interested in buying such an expensive device that cannot complete all their tasks. Only a few offices and educational institutions are now using them because of their increased market rates.

Why desktop computers became obsolete?

As you can see, no one uses desktops in the modern age. There was a time when it used to be more famous than laptops, and people used to buy them for their daily work.

It was the latest technology at that time. People of that era would never have thought that laptops would take their place in no time, and desktops will become obsolete.

One of the main reasons that itis not available nowadays is that they were not portable. You cannot carry them anywhere, anytime with yourself.

Secondly, they occupied much more space than laptops. It was hard to place them in a small-sized room.

They also do not have more storage capacity. Laptops offered far more storage than them. There was no option for a camera on desktops.

People used to buy a camera for their desktops, which was very expensive and sensitive. Similarly, you needed a table to place it. You could not put them on the ground.

Over time, people started to buy laptops as they were new and cheap at that time. Desktops consumed more electricity and were not environment friendly.

There was no battery in them to store the power and use it afterward. People were not able to use desktops in the absence of electricity.

On the other hand, laptops were available with a battery option. You only needed to charge it for some time, and then you could use it for 3 to 4 hours without charging.

Desktops did not have high resolution, and you could not watch a high-quality movie on it, but laptops made it possible to watch movies with greater pixels available.

There was no WIFI or Bluetooth option available on desktops. You could not send and save any picture, video, or any important document to your desktop.

There is a WIFI option available on laptops, and you can use the internet by simply connecting to it.

Which Technology Will Take Over Laptops?

You can see all the latest technology in modern-day tablets and mobile phones. Both of these devices are portable, and you can carry them in your pockets or your purse.

You do not need extra space to bear them or place them anywhere. They are lightweight and comes in different sizes and shapes. You can buy a phone in your favorite color.

You can use them for gaming purposes as well. People use tablets for studying purposes as well.

These devices have more storage capacity, and you do not need to pay extra money. Mobile phones are cheap and have the latest operating system working in them compared to laptops.

Different mobile manufacturing companies struggle to provide the best possible service for their customers. No one wants to see their customers and users angry and in a bad mood.

You can also attach flash drives with tablets that allow them to share chief data. You can download different applications on your phone without having any storage issues.

Most of the mobile phones and tablets have touch screens. They work smoothly without any interruption.

Business owners, freelancers, and many other office workers now prefer to work on tablets rather than desktop computers. You can easily send mail using the app on your phone.

These appliances have both back and front camera as well. These cameras have high resolution, and they capture good quality pictures. You can listen to music as well. It also allows you to make phone calls to your friends and family members.

The battery life of these tablets is far more than that of computers. They do not consume so much electricity, so they do not affect the electricity bill.

If your memory card gets full and needs more space, you need not worry about anything. You can upload your data to google cloud and free up a lot of space on your card.

If you have any risk of breaking the screen, then use a screen protector. Almost every mobile and tablet comes with a flashlight that you can use in case of an emergency.

What Are Its Negative Impacts?

One of the main effects is that laptops do not last long. You cannot use them for more than over a year. Many different problems arise over the year, and you will have to change them eventually.

They are too sensitive and can break if they fall on the ground or sit on them. They emit various radiations, which is harmful to your body.

If the fans stop working, then there is a chance that the excessive amount of heat may burn your skin and in some cases, the laptop fan is very loud.

It is also a cause of cancer in many individuals. Many of you will start having problems while sleeping, and it affects your mental health as well.

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