Can a 60hz Laptop Support 144hz Monitor

Can a 60hz Laptop Support 144hz Monitor?

Connecting a 60hz laptop to a 144hz monitor is easy. In this article, we have explained the steps to connect your laptop to a 144hz monitor.

Can a 60hz Laptop Support 144hz Monitor? Yes, a 60 Hz laptop can support a 144Hz monitor because you can use any monitor with it. You have to check the laptop’s compatibility, graphics card, the status of input ports, and make its connection with the HDMI cable.

Can a 60hz Laptop Support 144hz Monitor?

First of all, you have to check the system’s compatibility that includes its display is capable enough to get on the larger screen.

You can use the screen for presentation and demonstration purposes in a company for teaching. It will work like a projector as it uses to display the results on larger screens.

There is a specific type of graphics are present that will help you to create no issue on the monitor screen. You can check the number of input ports available on both systems.

They must have enough ports to connect. You can look for the HDMI port, optical cable, and any other that can make a better connection. If both of them have an option of the HDMI port, you can connect them with an HDMI cable.

You can use it for shorter distances by keeping both systems near to each other. It is a costly cable that every user cannot afford.

You can avail the optical cable option if there is no HDMI port in your laptop or you cannot manage it in your budget. You have to connect the wires with both systems and change the monitor settings as you change for the projector.

You can enable the settings of the display to get results on larger screens. It will require no other settings to connect them. When you are using a MAC operating system, then you will get the option of screen sharing.

Toggle it to enable. It will allow you to share the screen with others. Once you make all the settings, you have to turn on the system.

You have to open a few applications on the laptop and start sharing them on a new screen. If it allows you to display with a single click, then it means that you have made all the settings correct. Your laptop can also function as a router.

If it starts asking the permissions again from the system’s admin, then set it to don’t ask it again. It will help you save the settings, and there is no need to adjust it after every start.

Why use a 144 Hz monitor for a 60 Hz laptop?

There are different reasons due to which the user attaches the extra screen with their system. To get a better display in the zoomed form is a reason to connect it with the 11-inch laptop.

The additional monitor can provide you the option to teach others by getting data from your laptop.

Another reason is to improve the quality of the display. You can use it for long videos like movies and documentaries on a larger screen. You will enjoy the display while watching it for a long time.

You will no need to arrange a central processing unit for the monitor screen. The laptop will do the function of the processor and provide the complete output signals to its screen. You may check that it is giving better results.

People who want to develop a gaming PC can also add a better screen with their laptops. They will not get all the effects on their laptop screen to show on this new screen.

Problems while connecting a laptop with 144 Hz monitor

There can be multiple problems while connecting the laptop with a new monitor. You must note the nature of the HDMI port with which you are connecting both devices.

You cannot connect them if both of them have a 2.0 HDMI port. You will see problems in the display if the port is not supporting the cable. It will not allow the signal to transmit in their sense.

If both systems have 2.0 ports of HDMI available, you have to look for the DL-DVI adapter. This adapter is related to the display of the devices.

If anyone of both does not have the adapter or relevant port, you will start seeing the response time and delay in the two frames. You must continuously be trying to improve the results by inserting a new adapter or port.


144 Hz monitor will provide better results on the screen that includes better screen shuttering. You will see a good display on your laptop that may increase from the forty frames per second.

You will not get any blurring effect on the display that you are getting on the better screen. It will generate the new frame of a video in a shorter time, and the difference between two consecutive frames will less.

You will not feel that difference that is clear in the lower-quality screen. Your enjoyment of it will increase by multiple times.

The human eye can differentiate between the display of the 60 Hz and 144Hz. Screen ghosting is another essential function of a better vision that you will not see in a poor quality system. You can play games on this screen with better effects and good response time.

144 Hz is better for long movies and competitive games where you will require a better display. You should not increase its display settings from 60 frames per second.

The human eye is not possible to see more than 60 frames per second. Eyes will not see the flickers of more frames in one second. There is no benefit to using it on your screen.