What is The best Operating System For a Laptop

What is The Best Operating System For a Laptop

What is The Best Operating System For a Laptop 2021

You are planning to buy a new laptop and now confused about the operating system. A laptop is just like a desktop computer with few modifications. Just like any other computer, the laptop needs an operating system that will help to improve overall performance and it let applications run smoothly.

In this article, I will explain in detail about the operating system for a laptop. There is a variety of options available nowadays and that is what makes many fellows confused. We always try to get best for us and for that we search a lot, ask others and look for recommendations. 

At, What Laptops, I came to this idea that why not publish a detailed article and cover all the important points about the operating system for a laptop.

Here, we go:

What is The best Operating System For a Laptop?

Before I go into the details of today’s topic, let me tell you about the importance of an operating system for a laptop. Operating system main function is to power up the system and lets all applications work at an optimum level. If you are a game lover then having a good operating system will always boost your experience.

Now, I will explain in detail different versions of the operating system that are being used in the majority of the laptops:

Windows 10 for Laptops

This is the latest version from Microsoft and knows as Windows 10 and this is the flagship product from Microsoft. This version of windows is no doubt the best option nowadays. Not only it makes applications run faster but it is more secure than all previous versions of the Windows operating system.

Windows 10 is a perfect choice if you are planning to go for a gaming laptop. All good laptop manufacturers are coming up with this version of the operating system. I have seen many fellows enjoying online streaming gaming and watching HD movies with just one click from the laptop.

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This is only possible because Windows 10 is not only amazing but it is super fast too. Now you can also have an Xbox gaming experience with the Windows operating system. You can easily stream games from the gaming console to your laptop.

Let me explain some of the amazing features of Windows 10:

  • Super fast
  • Power efficient
  • Highly optimized
  • Highly compatible
  • The latest version of DirectX 12
  • Better image details
  • Most reviewed operating system
  • Built-in for the majority of laptops manufacturers
  • Maximum good reviews from all over the globe
  • Takes minimum time to load
  • Perform all tasks with minimum time

Final Words from What Laptops: 

We highly recommend Windows 10 version of the operating system for all sorts of laptops. If you are a gaming boy then this is for you. 

Why Windows 8 is not an option?

So, this is a much-talked version of Windows and yes, I am talking about Windows 8. This operating system came in the market and there was much buzz, how this will change the performance of the laptop. There were big claims that were made by the manufacturer before the launch of this operating system.

But, wait here:

Windows 8 failed badly, Really? Yes, this version of the operating system failed big in the market and failed to gain much appreciation from the buyers.

Almost all fellows who reached me were not satisfied with the overall performance of this operating system for laptops. Amazingly Windows 8 gained good reviews from gamers and they claimed that it did justice to games. Loading time and performance is satisfied for games. But what about other features and options? 

Yes, it did not make a good impression among the users. 

However, if you have this operating system installed on your laptop then do not worry. This version will keep getting updates from Microsoft and they will keep trying to make it as good as possible. If you are planning to buy a new laptop then I would recommend going for Windows 10. 

Windows 7

One of the most favorite and best seller operating system from Microsft was Windows XP and after that Windows 7 is the most talked about the operating system. Windows 7 is one of the best operating systems that ruled the operating systems for a very long time. Even today as I write this article, many of the laptops around the globe are equipped with Windows 7. 

Windows 7 provides a rock solid platform for most of the applications and tools that make any laptop super cool. This version of Windows was first that came for gamers. This supports the majority of hardcore games that otherwise will not run.

Now you must be thinking that why Windows 7 became so popular? It was the first version of the Windows that came with a major update of the DirectX, that is responsible for giving an awesome experience for gamers and heavy tools. This version is more stable and with least bugs that may damage your laptop. 

Many of the laptops that you see in the market are loaded with Windows 7 and you enjoy the best gaming experience with these Windows.

Now you must be thinking why Windows 7 and not Windows 10?

Final Words from WhatLaptops:

Windows 10 is a hardcore operating system and requires more power as compared to Windows 7. Windows 7 will keep getting updates till 2020 means you still have a couple of years to enjoy t his awesome system for your laptops.  

macOS – Operating System for Apple Laptops

Yes, I am talking about the Macintosh operating system for Apple Laptops. I have seen many fellows who are just so brand conscious that they will only buy Apple Laptops and accessories.  

See, for me, a laptop is a machine or tool that will help me in my daily activities or I can even have a good time when playing games. So, why spend thousands of dollars, just to buy the exact same machine but of Apple.

Anyways, it is the personal choice and I do not want to get in between you and your love- Apple.

I myself have a MacBook Pro, so now you must be thinking why did I buy that? I never paid for that, That was a gift from my girlfriend and I had to accept 🙂

This operating is a powerful tool if you are looking to use heavy software and editing tools. Chances of failure are less in this operating system and I have found it to be super fast. The only problem that I have with this brand is the price factor,  otherwise, Apple laptops are awesome and their operating system is super cool.

You will always enjoy your experience with this beasts, I call this one hell of the system. However, it may have limitations to the number of games that are compatible with this version of the operating system for laptops. The choice is yours, read the whole article before making any final call.

Is Linux, worth buying for laptops? 

Now, to be honest, if I have to talk about the operating systems for laptops among my friends, I would not dare to talk about Linux. But since I am writing an article and that too in public, I have to give a mention to this worst operating system of all times. Laptops are now becoming obsolete and technology is rapidly changing.

However there are many benefits of this operating system also, but for a normal man who just wants to have some fun at his laptop, this operating does not have much to offer.

I have used this system at my laptop for a couple of months and for me that works fine as I just focus on my work and regular activities. I don’t know why fellows at Linux are not working on the public appearance of this operating system. 

Start of Modern Operating System with Windows XP

I believe every adult have used Windows XP at some part of their life and this always brings a smile on my face. While remembering how XP came with a modern look and super fast as compared to previous versions of Windows.

Today, I do not recommend to go for this operating system but this version remained on top for many years. The sole reason for writing about Windows XP in this article is to give respect to the manufacturer who just changed the gaming experience with XP.

Final Words About The best Operating System For a Laptop

So, that it, I have given detailed information about different versions of the laptops nowadays. You have to make a choice, I recommend going with Windows 10 as this is the latest and best available version so far.

You can contact me if you have any questions related to laptops, What Laptops is made just one purpose to help your Laptops related questions. So shoot your questions and our team will shoot back with detailed answers.

Team- What Laptops

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