How to Charge Laptop Battery with USB

How to Charge Laptop Battery with USB?

We love to work in a carefree environment. And while working on a laptop the most carefree thing is the freedom from the boundaries of charging up. I mean just imagine you can charge your laptop with the port of your desire, in fact, you can charge it up with a power bank just like a mobile phone.

I am quite sure you will be amazed to know that the new USB port C can be used for the charging of the laptop.

In this article, I have explained in detail about Charging a Laptop Battery with USB. Charging is important for the working of laptop and we know that we are living in an age where things are getting modern day by day. Technology is improving day by day.

You can also say that this is the USB innovation that comes with the category known as the universal charging technology. You can simply use that USB for charging the laptop battery.

How to Charge Laptop Battery with USB?

I am going to tell you the step by step charging of laptops with the help of the USB charging port. Hope it’s worth reading:

Buy a USB Charging Cable

It is very important that you should gather a USB charging cable that can handle the high voltage very easily. It should be a high powered enduring capability to bear the high voltage you cannot use the same cable for the mobile phones.

Have you ever seen the cables that are available with laptops of course?  They are quite very hard and thick. The reason is just to protect them from burning out.

Select a laptop-compatible USB port C

These are the ports which are very important and effective in its action. This should be kept in mind that your laptop should be powered with USB port C. It is slightly different from the usual USB ports and it has a little rounded shape with a small appearance. For USB port C charging your laptop must be powered with this sort of ports.

You should be aware of the fact that there are laptops in the market that come with the charging cables dedicated for charging from the USB port C. These laptops mostly charged from the dedicated cables and in some brands like Hp spectra the laptops only charged by dedicated cables but in my opinion, there is no harm in charging from the other cables. Obviously, there is a little risk in charging from an unknown source.

Adjust the settings of the USB port C

Check the settings of the USB port as it is important to check settings. It is in the power or battery settings. In this setting, you got to settings you got to select that whether you want to do charging from the USB port C as it is an important thing to focus on. Selecting the USB port C charging will help you out in uninterrupted charging.

Two Ways of Charging a laptop battery with a USB port C

Charging from USB port C is a different thing as we know that it is a universal port and things get done easily with the help of this port. But we should also keep this thing in mind that the charging via this port can be done in two ways.

The first way is the charging through which means if you are connecting your laptop with an electronic device that is getting the power from the power outlet then while working with that device the laptop is getting charged up too.

The other way is the use of portable chargers which means you can charge your laptop with the help of a phone or the power bank available and the charging is getting done easily and efficiently. You should also be aware of the fact that this is not an efficient way of charging. The charging requirements of the phone are quite different than the laptop.

Now when you have properly connected the charger you can easily enjoy your working on the laptop and this will surely enhance your charging experience.

Final Words About Charging Laptop Battery with USB

I have explained today’s question, How to Charge Laptop Battery with USB? Charging by the USB C port is not quite helpful in many ways like if your charger is not compatible with your USB port then it may get burned and also become the cause of damage to your laptop so you have to be very careful while selecting a charger as you surely love your devices as I do.

I am a banker by profession and recently bought my HP spectra. One day I was on a marketing visit to a corporate office and I forgot to take my charger with me. I was very much depressed about this thing as I have to give a presentation on it. But it went out of charge so my friend told me that I can charge my laptop with the USB port too and I used it that has refreshed me a lot and I felt a lot happy about it.

Feel free to ask me questions about this topic, just post your question in the comment section below.

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