Which Ubuntu Version is Best for Laptops?

Which Ubuntu Version is Best for Laptops

Which Ubuntu Version is Best for Laptops?

In this article, I have explained in detail different version of the Ubuntu. I am a big fan of this operating system, however many find it difficult to use. If you are also planning to shift to Ubuntu Operating System like many others then this article is for you. 

Before I go into the details, let me briefly explain about Ubuntu.

What is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is a Linux operating system. It is available in professional and community services. Its major purpose is to work with flexibility and people mold it according to their feasibility.

There are also Ubuntu devices which provide support to the disabled people and also apprehensible to the people with different nationalities.

Advantages of Ubuntu for laptops

Ubuntu has the following advantages:

  1. Ubuntu is without a cost and does not impose charges. It is very much cost effective.
  2. Ubuntu has a strong infrastructure and translation is available in it in different local languages.
  3. Ubuntu is committed to improvement in its working by its user.
  4. There is no restriction in using it.

Which Ubuntu Version is Best for Laptops?

Now, coming to the main topic for this article and that is, which ubuntu version is best for laptops. Below, I have explained all the different versions of Ubuntu that are available in the market.

There are following different kinds of Ubuntu Operating system which are as follow:

  1. Ubuntu Gnome
  2. Lubuntu
  3. Xubuntu
  4. Kubuntu
  5. Ubuntu Mate
  6. Ubuntu Budgie
  7. Ubuntu Kylin
  8. Ubuntu studio
  9. Mythbuntu
  10. Edubuntu
  11. Ubuntu Unity

Ubuntu Genome for laptops

It is the version which is invented in 2017. Ubuntu genome is true ubuntu version. The only problem with this system is the occupation of a large space. It requires the RAM of 1.5GB. It needs the processor of approximately 1GHz. It is very much of the Ubuntu official version.


It is the KDE version of Ubuntu. It is the ordinary version of the Ubuntu and can easily get on the slower versions of the laptops and also require very less RAM size. If the size of the RAM is equal to 2 GB then this Operating system is completely fine. It provides you with a click on configuration. It makes your desktop look wonderful.


Xubuntu is powered with the Xfac interface program. It is a little outdated and not as good as Ubuntu unity. It has the ability to work efficiently with the older configurations easily. In fact, It has the ability to work with the RAM as low as 1GB.


Lubuntu is quite energy efficient and space efficient version of the Ubuntu. It provides very modern and up to date look to your system. It requires the very low size of the RAM and has the ability to work on the system of your computers very much easier.

Ubuntu Unity

Ubuntu 16.04 is a very much nicer desktop looks. It has decent looking features of the desktop. It is the default desktop since  2016. In 2017 the Genome has taken over its place and started to be working as the default configuration.

Ubuntu Mate

It has a Gnome 2 technology. Although it is a traditional conservative looking desktop system it has the ability to provide very user-friendly features. I like its features too.

There are also some versions powered with the Gnome 3 technology. But many people prefer using the Gnome 2 version over the Gnome3.

Ubuntu Budgie

As it is cleared from the name it comes with the budgie on its desktop. This technology is powered with the Linux souls. It is very decent looking and the desktop is very up to date. If you are more into the aesthetics and looks matters a lot for you then you must go for it.

It has the launching area like the Gnome version and also has a place for notifications just like the Mac operating system.

Ubuntu Kylin

It is a major utilization in China. It most of the features are translated into the Chinese language that’s why it is mostly liked and utilized in China.


It is the combination of two words that are education and Ubuntu. It is majorly used in schools and colleges for the purpose of education. It has many games and it supports many education-based programs in schools. Well if you have to do a lot of other activities then I think you should not go for these programs.

Ubuntu Studio

Ubuntu studio has most features of the empowerment with Xfac interface. It has audio and visual features. It is used mostly by people with a creative background. It has already installed graphics features and video tools.


It is used very minimally as it is purely owned by the Myth TV. It is software which is mostly used for the home theatre and Multimedia centers so its use is limited and not very diverse and versatile.

How to Select Best Ubuntu Version for Laptops?

It all depends on your desire and choice that which version of Ubuntu should be used your choice should be dependent upon the following points:

  • Your choice is dependent upon your needs that you should identify what you want in your Operating system.
  • What type of desktop is your preference?
  • Is your hardware is getting outdated
  • Do you like working on Windows XP
  • Are you using your device as a multimedia one

Versions of Ubuntu 

There are two types of versions of the Ubuntu.

  • Normal Release:  It gets support for 9 months and this sort version is released after six months every year.
  • Long term Support release:  It has the ability to get support for 5 years and it gets renewed after ever two years.

Well if you go for the normal release you are prone to get the new software after every 6 months but if you are going towards the long term stable working then the long term support release will help you for long term productive working.

Why I Selected Ubuntu for My Daughter?

I am a teacher by profession. I have recently bought a laptop for my daughter and I was confused that which Ubuntu version I should go for. I thought that I should do research for my daughter myself and then I came on the decision that I should go for the Ubuntu buggies as she is a lot style conscious and likes elegance.

She likes to work on the stylish things and I that’s why selected it. I have just posted a detailed guide on selecting laptops for 10 years old daughter.

Otherwise, I prefer Edubuntu for my school kids. And personally, I prefer the  Ubuntu genome. I think you should better go and check all the versions by yourself according to your preference and get the things selected according to your taste.

I have explained my level best about the Ubuntu Operating system. I hope I did justice to it. You can ask any relevant question about the topic as your questioning is highly appreciated. Thank you.

Team- Whatlaptops.com

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