What Size Laptop for College

What Size Laptop for College

This article is about, “What Size Laptop for College”. This is a true story from one of our writers at What Laptops Head Quarters. She has narrated the details when she decided to buy a laptop for her college-going son.

Nowadays it is difficult for a college going student to complete all his tasks and homework without a decent laptop. We have covered all the details that will help you to buy a best-suited laptop for college students.

Here we go:

What Size Laptop for College?

I am a banker by profession and my son has passed out his high school now he is ready to get admission in college. As I am preparing him for his college and in the preparation of doing. So I am getting him each and everything done.

He said to me that Mom, I need a laptop for this purpose too. I said okay!! I know that a laptop is a requirement for students going to college nowadays. So, I allowed him to buy a laptop for college.

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Now I am confused that what should be the size of laptop I should buy for him as there are varieties of sizes in which laptops are available in the market. We should be conscious of the size of a laptop as it is very important that you should be comfortable with your laptop.

Available Sizes of College laptops

Laptops are available in many sizes as the smallest one starts from 11.6 inches and goes to 17.3 inches. I have just posted a detailed guide on average laptop size and weight, you should always select a decent sized laptop.

Laptops are important and the most important feature is their portability and of course, all these sizes are portable as the sizes increase the weight also increase. Similarly, you are unable to put the laptops into your consideration if it is too heavy for your backpack if you are a college going student.

The most important thing is my son has to go his bicycle to college and it is almost impossible for him to take a heavy bag to college along with his books and lunch pack. You must be aware of normal screen resolution for a laptop.

What Things to Consider When Selecting a Laptop for College Student?

I went on a pre-buying survey on the internet before buying an ideal laptop for my son as I want him to use his gadget with ease and he did not need to get worried about his things a lot.

So, I am going to share some points I derived from my survey and these are:

Select your budget

The most important thing you should consider before buying a laptop is the monetary resources available to you. You have to set a budget before buying a laptop as it may allow you to provide you a window within which you will be able to find out the exact device of your choice. There are many brands that are offering the best budget laptops.


The next most important thing you should consider is a processor. A good processor will help you to do your task hustle free it will help you to full fill your tasks with speed and particularly saves your time so a laptop with a good processor is a must.

There are two types of processors available in the market as:

  • Intel
  • AMD

Size of RAM

RAM is an important part of the computer as it is the part of the computer which will provide the storage capacity to your laptop.

Mostly a minimum of 4GB is required for efficient working for your machine and also its effects on the speed of your device  A DDR3 is considered for the laptops nowadays. You should select good RAM for gaming, I prefer going with 8GB minimum.

Hard Disk Drive

A hard disk drive of up to 1TB is available. It depends on your resources that how much heavy drive you can consider for buying for your laptop.

All data your software and all of your videos are present on the hard disk drive and it is very important to select the drive of your choice for you. Nowadays SSD drives are also very common for the laptops. You can also use an external hard disk with your laptop.

Screen size and features

Nowadays laptops are available with HD screens and the screen can also be detached from your laptops. You can also use the screen for variable sizes as in my point of view the size of 13 inches is okay for the educational purposes.

But if you want to watch movies and games then a 15 inches screen will be considerable and the glare-free HD screen is a must feature for the laptop screens. For this question, What Size Laptop for College? I am sharing all my experience.

Design: It is an important feature for your laptop to buy a slim and lightweight laptop falling within the window of your resources and it must carry smart and modern looks.

Battery: Battery life of a laptop is very important. Everyone requires a laptop with a good life and it is highly under consideration before buying a laptop.

Warranty: A laptop comes with a warranty is always a good choice as it is a machine and can break any time so laptops with high warranty are a good choice.

Operating system

you should always go for the genuine operating system and mostly with Windows 7 or 8 or 8.1 as they are considered more user-friendly. I have just upgraded my gaming laptop to Windows 10 and they are just awesome. Check before you go for buying it that is coming with the genuine edition of windows or not.

Final Words About What Size Laptop for College

Ah!!! I wrote too much on laptops but my consideration is still that I should buy a laptop with a 13-inch screen for my kiddo. As it is lightweight and easy to carry and for educational purposes, it is perfectly fine and I will not go too heavy hard disks and RAM for my son as he does not have that big tasks to do.

The average size of specifications is quite enough for the college-going students. I am a bit conscious about the level of concentration for my kids but then realized that it is quite okay to do so as the 13 inch is quite enough for my kid.

I also thought that I should go for a screen detachable laptop my son as it will be easier for him to carry it.

Laptops are a source of help for college students and I think it should b kept to that only a too much big laptop with so many specifications can not only the source of distraction and also complex to use it so for me a beginner should try to go for a 13 inch laptop with only the most important features.

I also want to tell that too much expensive laptop is hard to handle for students and they can get into trouble if it will undergo the theft. Too many expensive gadgets are not suitable for college going students.

Hope this article is going to help the students and also their parents to select the appropriate laptop for their kids or themselves. This surveys on the internet helped a lot to me in finding a good one for my kid as his educational career is very important for me. I want him to go ahead in his life. Any question regarding this will highly be appreciated and be noted as it helps others too.

You can always contact me for suggestions or even questions related to laptops for the college student. I will not only answer you but I will write a detailed article on that very question and post it here. After reading this guide on, What Size Laptop for College? for buy for your kids.

Best of Luck.

Team- Whatlaptops.com