How Much RAM Do I Need for Gaming

How Much RAM Do I Need for Gaming

How Much RAM Do I Need for Gaming?

Now, this is one of the most common questions that buyers ask at the time of buying a laptop. Even if you are not buying a new laptop and just planning to upgrade your laptop or PC, upgrading RAM will always enhance the gaming experience.

I have many forums where people are just saying use this and that without any practical knowledge. So, we at decided to come forward and publish a detailed guide about, How Much RAM Do I Need for Gaming?

In this article, I will explain in detail, what is a RAM and its types with sizes? and how does it affect the gaming experience? 

So, here we go:

What is RAM?

Before I go into the details of RAM playing role in a laptop overall performance, let me explain what actually is RAM.  You can say that RAM is a storage device where memory is stored before it is processed by the laptop. RAM is the abbreviation for Random Access Memory. 

RAM is made of multiple memory chips that have the ability to write information and erase it as it is processed. This process of writing and re-writing is done at a very fast speed and without any hindrance. Normally when we copy or write any data on a laptop hard disk it takes a while but in the case of RAM, everything runs at a fast pace.

Memory is stored for a short duration in the RAM and as soon as it processed, that part of the memory is removed. This shows that the RAM is capable of storing the processing memory for a short duration. For answer to today’s question, How Much RAM Do I Need for Gaming? refer to the guide below.

RAM Sizes List

Here, I will explain what are common RAM sizes available nowadays:


This is one of the most commonly found in the desktop and laptops computers nowadays. This size RAM is best suited for routine works that we do on the laptop like writing or browsing the internet. You may be able to play games on 4 GB RAM but this is minimum memory and may not hold for a long. If you are really into gaming then you will need to upgrade your laptops RAM.


Now, this is the minimum requirement for any gaming laptop, although I still no not recommend 8 GB RAM for serious gamers. I have seen many fellows who are satisfied with the gaming experience of 8 GB RAM and according to them, this works just perfect. So, if you are just starting then this is an ideal choice for you. If you plan to play serious hardcore games, then maybe there will be lag but the question is will that be noticeable? 


This is where my gaming experience starts. 16 GB RAM is just awesome and you will never experience any issue while playing any sort of games or even heavy software. With this much memory along with your side, you will never be short of memory for any activity at your laptop. All major manufacturers support this memory size for laptops.

Now, what is more than 16 GB RAM?


Now, this is where the fun starts, I have fellows who are using 32 GB RAM in their laptops and the results are mind-blowing. Majority of the motherboard supports this version of RAM. I personally have just one laptop with 32 GB RAM, if you can afford this and your laptop motherboard supports this, go get it.

64 GB RAM and 128 GB RAM

I will say this is where the gamers stop and professionals who develop software start looking for serious work. This is the most extreme sized versions for RAM and we normally do not need this much of a memory. if you are into 3D designing then maybe you need this otherwise a straight NO.

Anything above 32 GB RAM is just a waste for money if you just have to play games and perform routine tasks at your laptop or even desktop computer.

How Much RAM Do I Need for Gaming?

Now that I have explained all the details about different sizes of RAM that are commonly available in the market, let us discuss the main topic:

So, the question for today is, How Much RAM Do I Need for Gaming?

See, we do not only use the laptop for gaming only, but there are also many tasks that we do at our laptop:

Select your requirement and then access what actually do you need?

I have a laptop that I just use for writing articles and it is loaded with 8 GB RAM and I never faced any problem. However, I never played any game on that laptop other than cards 🙂

If you are going to perform general tasks and simple games that do not need any video card or graphics card support, then go for a lower sized RAM. I have just posted a detailed guide increasing RAM on the laptop without buying.

RAM is required for every action that you do on your laptop and now that we are talking about serious games, you will need more memory. Every gamer knows that it is the RAM that makes things smooth for gamers and let them play without any error or lag. You should also install the best operating system for your laptop for a better gaming experience.

Previously only desktop computers were famous for hardcore games. Now thanks to the latest technology and serious investment by the laptop manufacturers, new models are coming with better-sized RAM. With a better and newer version in sized of RAM memory, things are going in the right direction for the gaming industry.

If you are planning for 4K games or stream multiplayer by attaching the gaming console then go with minimum 32 GB RAM. This is the minimum and maximum requirement for the majority of games. 

If you are planning for any specific game then I will recommend that go and check the system requirements for that very game. Once you know what are the minimum requirements for any specific game, only then you can plan a laptop system for that game. 

I have 32 GB RAM and it plays mostly all versions of all sorts of games and if you have the money to spend then just buy a 64 GB RAM that will cover everything. Although I still do not have that much money to spend on my personal laptop. When we planned to write this article on, How Much RAM Do I Need for Gaming?. We arranged all sizes of RAM and installed on different laptops and accessed their performance. 

Now, remember it is not only the RAM that is responsible for a better gaming experience. You will need a good graphics card too for the better and quality gaming experience. Once you have a good quality memory sized RAM with a super fast video graphics card, you will have nothing to worry and just play awesome.

Single Channel or Multi-Channel RAM Module?

This is very easy to answer, always go for a multi-channel module, this helps to replace the RAM if in future you want to upgrade RAM or there is an issue with it. Like if you have a single 16 GB RAM and there is some issue with it you have to replace it but if you have two 8 GB RAM then it will be easy to replace.

Final Words:

I have given all the necessary details about the RAM and How Much RAM Do I Need for Gaming. You can contact me if you have any questions related to laptops or gaming. I will not only answer you but I will write a detailed article on that very question and post it here. 

Best of Luck.


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