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This article is from Jane, she is a content writer at What Laptops. In this article, she explains in detail, Laptops for Girls. You will find a detailed discussion on, how girls select laptops.

Comparison Chart for Laptops for Girls

Best Laptops for Girls Features Screen Price
Sony VAIO S latest generation, Core-i7,  8GB RAM 13.3 Check Price
HP Pavilion X360 2 in 1 laptop, Intel Core i3 15.6 Check Price
Asus Eee Intel Atom N270, latest design 10.1 Check Price
Dell Studio Intel 800Mhz, High-definition 720p 15.6 Check Price
MSI GV62 8th generation, Intel Core-i5, 1TB hard-disk 15.6 Check Price
Apple MacBook Pro 2.3 GHz, Intel Dual-core, Retina display 13.3 Check Price

Here we go:

My name is Jane. I am a University student. I study arts and I like colors in my each and everything and when I see colors I am like oh yeah!!! I like variety as variety is the spice of life and wherever I see art and beauty I cannot keep myself away from it as it attracts me.

As I told earlier to you guys that I am a person full of colors and I like variety then how can I keep on using the same gadgets for a long period of time? Oh Please!! My mother said to me that your old one is fine but I need to tell her that it is with me for more than two years now I am completely bored with it. I mean come on!!!

I have tried a lot to compromise by changing the covering of the laptop to enhance its looks but now enough is enough. I can’t bear with it anymore and this laptop is not of my choice either, my mother gave it to me on passing my college. Now I guess I am done with it. I cannot be with this oldie any more.

I mean, look at the market, it is full of beautiful and elegant laptops for girls and I have seen a lot of laptops for me. I like the one which is very lightweight, unique, up to date and decent with funky colors. I used to carry some things for decorating my laptop…..ahhh. I hate to decorate the laptops with fake things I want the original one and the beautiful.

Women have very few choices about the selection of laptops as most of the laptops available in the market are very typical. I want a laptop which is that much compact that it can be easily fit into my bag.

I want to live to stream, online makeup tutorials, games, fashion shows and of course movies. I want to do all these things on HD glare-free screen and the screen should be in such form that it may not spoil my eyesight.

I also want to use laptops for the purpose of my arts-based projects and I have to undergo a large number of working on different software and I want such a laptop that is compatible with my all software.

I like listening to music on laptops and hate it in low volume I want such a type of laptop which have hi-fi sound system and I can hear loud uninterrupted music.

I have searched on the internet about certain girly laptops and I am amazed at that OMG!!! There is such a variety of laptops available in markets and I like all of them.

But I have to select only one and it is a tough job to do. But we have to do it. My research is purely on looks and the prominent features as I know that the basic specifications of all the laptops are the same.

Best Laptops for Girls 2020 are as follow:

Here is the list of best laptops for girls:

Sony VAIO S, Laptop for Ladies

One of the best laptops for girls is the VAIO S Laptop. Its features are like these mentioned below;


It has the latest generation Core i7 -6500U processor. An increasing number of cores tell us about the latest and enhanced features. Till now, Intel has their processors boosted up to Core i8. These new processors are having more user-friendly and easily understandable features.

Having the 4 MB of cache and up to 3.10 GHz of speed, this processor will allow you to work incredibly fast. 8GB memory is enough storage space for large data savers. It is also having 256GB PCIe SSD.

Stress-free operation and battery

As soon as the screen of this laptop is opened, its keyboard automatically tilted to reduce the stress on your wrist. You can work over it continuously for hours without getting tired.

Up to 9 hours of continuous battery timings make this laptop operational all day. It’s relentless power make it a big reason to be chosen first.

Reinforced structure and display

The areas of weakness in this laptop are covered by a rib-like structure or case that makes it much protected from damage than other laptops. This rib-like structure increases the durability, withstand in mishaps and amazingly provides a robust feel to the keyboard and touchpad.

To proves its durability, is VAIO S Laptop has gone through many of the approved testing procedures. These are the Corner Impact Test, Twist Test, Pressurized Vibration Test, Pen Bend Test, LCD Pressure Test, and the final drop test through which this gadget has passed successfully.

Moreover, its structure has complete flexibility and mobility. Lightweight is it’s another cool feature despite all of its ports and other feature. It is 0.52-0.71 inch thin and has an impossibly lightweight of 2.34 pounds. These amazing features make it the best laptop for ladies.

It has a full 13.3 inch full HD display with a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080. Such a gorgeous display makes it a pretty much good choice.


The best thing is that no dongles are required for connectivity. It is providing all of the functionality itself. It is rich in ports having 3 USB ports. LAN and VGA connectors, SD card slots and many others for connecting any of the other external devices like USB, etc.

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All of these features make this laptop best for girls. As u know not only the colors and beauty of any machine is the point of consideration. But also other things like its fast speed, RAM, memory lightweight matters a lot. It can be your perfect choice. Go ahead.

Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga, Best Laptop for Teenage Girl

Inspired with 5th generation Intel Quad-Core N4100 processor, Thinkpad Yoga 11e is the right choice for teenage girls. 1.1 GHz processor offers smooth processing this is why it keeps everything to run smartly. This swift processor offers 4 cores, 4 threads, and 4MB cache.

Now every move your teenage pretty makes will be rewarded with something profitable. The productivity with this light and smart processor will be at the shorthand. It allows the teenager to play their favorite applications without costing any troubleshoot price.

She will get much smarter and learn more. Although this is not super fast it is best for the work it means to deliver. This is why it is the choice for her to pursue its imagination. Durability is one of the biggest concerns that might be tagged with any personal computer. This is the best laptop for teenage girls.

But the fact that the PCs for the teenagers should have greater durability to let them unfold their tasks, Lenovo has better genius. This is the reason though; this laptop is tested to military-grade specifications. So now your teenage girl pursues everything with freedom from any tension.

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This laptop as I said earlier is tested against 12-military grade requirements to provide durability. But there is not enough it shows, because Thinkpad has gone farther away to prove its legitimacy. It passes more than 200 durability tests.

So one can easily estimate the longevity this laptop has. What else could be the better choice for her? With such a long time existence this laptop could be the number one choice for teenage girls. This statement is more rational in its dimension rather be more volatile.

In addition to swift processing and first-class durability, Thinkpad Yoga 11e has been in the market with reinforced 3600 hinges. This 3600 hinge, a subtle but dynamic with his role is a fabulous addition to this smarty laptop. I have seen many teenage girls using this Lenovo laptop and it is among the best for girls.

 If you had read our previous reviews about different laptops where I have stressed about the functionality of 3600 hinges, the addition of this technological advancement has spurred the portability. Now you can snatch more fun out from your laptop.

It offers your laptop to transition in different modes. How it benefits you is giving you the opportunity to work with it. It does not matter where you go, you can work everywhere, you can fit it every place. Now make your time a valuable asset for you. 

In the kitchen, on the couch, at the dining table or wherever she wants to create something out of it, it is there. This laptop inherited with maneuverability in his side offers her the opportunity to create, listen and imagine at the big surprise.

A single laptop will offer her the sensation of tablet, notebook and more desirable postures. Let her explore with her genuine ideas so once they are surfaced possess the ability to change. Let us deepen your perspective about the specifications this device has.

One of the keys and considerable components of any laptop is its display. In terms of quality, durability, and uniqueness a good laptop must have all these features. Shorting the discussion into a comprehensive mood let me illuminate the display features this laptop has offered.

This best laptop for teenage girls has 11 inches anti-glare (1366×768) HD LED display.  Well, you might question: with the advancement in technology and the emergence of displays with more pixels and setup of more themes this laptop has a potential difference. You are right, that’s my answer.

This display is suitable for her because of the straight forward reason and that is she can works with it perfectly. On the bilateral effect, it also comes low on budget. This display is cheaper than HD displays. But that is fine when she needs it, surely she tries for the better one.

Additionally, this laptop has a display size that suits her temperament. Obviously, the large display would not be ideal and equally the smaller one. Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11e offers a medium-sized display measuring about 11.6 inches.

Supplementing more to enhance the curiosity of your pretty girl, it offers a 16:9 aspect ratio, which means full border video display. To support clear vision this display is offered by 250 nits brightening signature which escalates her vision to more creativity and joy.

Is it a touchscreen? Surely, it is. The flexibility that was rampage with 3600 hinges adds more with a touch display. Now at the screen, every move she makes will be more sophisticated, pronounced and creative. Now the finger plat at the screen stresses her brain to vibrate at more calmness.

It saves her time and offers everything on a single touch. Forget about the feelings being bogged down, the marvel starts here. Many notebooks come with a heavyweight that brings stress on the shoulders of students. But this is not the case with this device.

This notebook is lightweight, light enough so you can start your day without feeling bogged down. Thinkpad Yoga 11e laptop is easier to carry than many textbooks. It weighs only about 1.54kg (3.41lbs). What else you need? It is light on your shoulder but heavy on performance.

On the left side is Pen Tether hole, the symbol for creativity for your growing brain. Thinkpad Yoga encourages creativity to your side by offering optional “Thinkpad Pen Pro”. It helps the students in multiple ways and unleashed their imaginations.

Now your teenage princess can sketch more arts, she can write more creative, takes note, annotate documents and much more with smarter moves. Keeping in mind the homework students make, this device has offered extensive ports to enhance the functionality and compensate with the very requirements of her agendas school homework.

Both laterals of this smarty notebook are full of buttons and ports. Glance at the left side and you will have a power connector for charging. You will figure out a Pen Tether hole to bring more out of it. there is an Ethernet connection to keep you connected with schoolfellows.

It lets you browse more. You will also have An HDMI connector. It allows you to use the secondary display to boost your productivity. You will also catch a USB 3.0 connector for a smooth transfer. You will also have an expansion slot additionally as a Micro SD card reader.

When you turn your focus on the right side of this laptop, you will find more ports and buttons. You will get a USB 3.0 and USB type C connector. It also offers a security lock slot and audio connector. The purpose of these extensive ports and extra connectivity fetches one to the conclusion and the conclusion it makes is enhanced connectivity.

Now you can work more and you will be facilitated at the lowest cost. Work more confidently, study more, and get on the path you desired for. Although with the ready to use touch and additional Thinkpad Pen, it prevails your authority.

I am talking about its durable and fully functional keyboard. It is simply awesome. The qualities it posses are worth describing. This keyboard is water-resistant, leaving a durability and protection note. Another perfect feature of this keyboard display is mechanically anchored keys.

It is housed with mechanically-anchored keys. It benefits you while you are typing. It reduces fatigue on your hand’s muscles. So the ultimate result it gives is typing proficiency. You will get something more, something worth noticing and that is momentum.

Click here to check the latest price.

This device has been upgraded with the latest window 10 home 64bit operating system. Now you are connected with the latest technology to explore more on Microsoft. With the latest and trending school and education, applications make a wise move.

This is the gateway for students to learn easily and learn better. The most characteristic feature of this device is power. With up to 12 hours of battery life now leave the power cord at home. You will have better access and more quick access to your books and study-related stuff on your laptop.

HP Pavilion 

This HP laptop is popular for its uniqueness. The laptop cover is so beautiful and alluring that most of the girls love it for this only reason. Yet the other unique features are explained below;


Hp mini has a 1GB RAM and Intel Atom N450 processor with 1.6 GHz. This processor is a uniquely designed processor for enough storage, memory, and speed. It is pretty much enough for a girl to work on.  Even, if you are a full-time laptop worker than it is enough for you.

It has 250GB hard drive and Windows 7 starter. Actually, Windows 7 and 10 are the best ones and user-friendly too. An exception is that you may like the other one. You can also install any other but Windows 7 starter is pre-installed in this laptop for ease.

Look and webcam

Its base is of black color and a beautiful built-in cellular casing that makes it enchanting. Webcam allows you to do live streaming and let you talk with your friends without any distortion or disturbance.

It has a 10.1-inch screen size and the battery life is up to 8.85 hours.

Ports, connectivity and networks

This HP mini Notebook is equipped with the 5-in-1 card reader. Its pack has a built-in 3G Mobile Broadband module and support for the UTMS/ HSPA 3G, CDMA EVDO 3G and quad-band GSM/EDGE networks too.

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This laptop is also having the built-in stereo speaker for the best listening experience. It shows strong connectivity with Bluetooth and WIFI 802.11 b/g. It supports full Amazon warranty and returns back policy.

Asus Eee, Best Laptop for Women

It’s another top-rated laptop for girls.

General features

There are many of the general features that this laptop has got. These are;

  • It is having a black interior and a midnight blue external color.
  • 6 cell lithium-ion powerful battery that keeps the charging for many hours and facilitates you more.
  • It has the Microsoft Windows 7 starter which is of 32-bits pre-installed w/ CoA along with reinstallation partition.
  • Intel Atom N270 is its processor with hyperthreading technology. It is also having the fast speed of 1.6GHz that will help you to complete your work fast. You can open up multiple tabs at the same time and can work accordingly; this will not affect the speed of your laptop.
  • This laptop has a 512 KB L2 cache and 533 MHz FSB speed. More cache memory is always good. You can enjoy using this laptop fully.
  • The size of this sleek and smart notebook laptop for girls is 10.1 inches. It is a pretty much proper size as a girly laptop.

Other features

Asus Eee PC is ultraportable that is best for all girls. Complete mobility makes it easy to use. Efficiency is the major focus of this laptop. You can purchase it with great confidence.

Girls, be happy. Now, video chat with your friends is become easier by this laptop. It has a built-in 1.3-megapixel camera and Realtek High Definition audio and built-in stereo speakers for the clear audio in order to give you the best experience.

A built-in perfect keyboard with a highly responsive touchpad makes it easier to use it. It makes you feel really cool and fast. You can quickly tap on the correct keys and use the touchpad with great convenience.

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This laptop is highly affordable too. So girls, if you are out of your budget then there is no need to get worried. This laptop’s price is meant for you. Go, get it now and enjoy. I have found it to be among the best laptops for women.

Dell Studio 15 Laptop

Another best and one of the top selected laptops for girls is the Dell 15 inch laptop.  It has its amazing features like;

High definition display

Dell studio is having a 15.6-inch high definition (720p) LED display with TrueLife technology. This makes it a wonderful view on the screen.

Built-in camera

You will love to talk in your friend zone live on any social media platform or some group or a personal video chat. You can have access to you your laptop camera without any blur or dull vision.

Pentium dual-core processor

Its uniqueness lies in its processor along with the elegant design. It has a 3GB Shared Dual Channel DDR2 at 800MHz. The processor is actually Intel Pentium Dual-core T4400.

Other features

  • It has 250GB SATA Hard Drive (5400RPM)
  • It is having the 8X Slot Load CD/DVD Burner (Dual Layer DVD+/-R Drive).
  • High definition 2.0 audio makes the listening experience worthy.
  • It has Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit) operating system.
  • Package dimensions are 16 x 15 x 6 inches.

Final words

This is among the best laptops for girls. Many of my friends are using this amazing machine, also this is budget-friendly. Click here to buy from Amazon.

MSI GV62 8RD-200 15.6″ Full HD 

One of the best laptops for girls, this powerful machine is capable of delivering a high-quality image that will amaze you. What I loved about this laptop was the red-backlit keyboard, that looks so stunning when in dark.

It features 8th generation, Intel i5 processor that comes with 8GB RAM and 1TB hard drive. I am impressed by the MSI‘s NTSC display technology that brings life to colors. You will simply fall in love with this super cool laptop.

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You can use it continuously for hours without worrying about over-heating, it is equipped with 2 cooling fans that will maintain an optimum temperature for this device.

Apple MacBook Pro, Apple Laptop for Girls

I like the Apple MacBook Pro a lot but it is quite expensive and you know that my mom is a single mom and it’s beyond my sources to buy it. I will save my pocket money and do some jobs as part-time then I will definitely be able to gather a handsome amount of money to buy Apple MacBook Pro.

Click here to read a detailed review for Apple MacBook Pro

Apple MacBook Pro is one of the best Apple Laptops for Girls, with amazing features, this laptop is here to stay.

I love to play games on my laptop and with high-speed internet, things are just so beautiful. I have just posted a guide about improving internet connection, give it a read 🙂

For time being  I think I will buy the HP Mini210-1099SE Vivienne Tam Edition as it carries a butterfly on its cover and it suits my personality and it is according to my taste lightweight and got all the required features. My friend just gifted this Laptop to Parents

I liked it a lot as I do not need to decorate it any further and it is well decorated and I think I should go for it. It also suits my personality and my monetary resources.

Final Words About Laptops for Girls

Well, I told you about my experience in selecting a laptop. Now when I finally bought the one with that pretty butterfly logo I am so happy and my brother brings a beautiful laptop bag for me. It is a beautiful bag with the fish embossed stars on the bag and I like it a lot.

Now I think, I am looking like a pure fashion symbol in my whole university.

For me, my laptop is not only helping me in fulfilling my job but also helping me out in solving my many problems regarding my life. And if my laptop or the things around me are dull then I may not be able to have enough room in my mind to solve my problem.

And for being an art student it is also a status symbol for us and dull and simple laptop depicts that you got a dull and boring personality and I am a lot conscious about my reputation in my university.

In my opinion, all girls are conscious about their looks and not only their outlooks but also the things related to them. The most important thing related to a person going to university or office is her laptop and it looks so sophisticated if you have a dandy and beautiful laptop.

It also reflects your image. We girls are not much concerned about the core feature. If aesthetically laptop is beautiful and fulfilling the needs then we are completely happy with it. And also I am not a computer science student that I should focus on specifications I am a student of nature and I only like the creative objects near to me.

My choice was apple mac book air but I wasn’t able to buy it so I can say that it is not completely explaining my personality but I am quite happy and satisfied with what I got. It is really a fresh change in my monotonous life and I am pleased to have it.

I hope my article did the needful and it explains the tastes and choices of many girls like me. I loved to tell about my preferences in the field of gadgets. I wish it help all girls in selecting a wonderful machine for then. Any question regarding this will highly be appreciated It is such a great feeling to share my thoughts, especially on my preferences 🙂

Best of Luck.

Team- What Laptops

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