Laptop vs Desktop Pros and Cons

Laptop vs Desktop Pros and Cons

Laptop vs Desktop Pros and Cons

This article is sent by a friend and she has covered all the details necessary for us to know about Laptop vs Desktop Pros and Cons.

In this article, I will explain in detail the pros and cons of both laptops and desktops computer. I have added a detailed comparison chart for both.

My personal choice is a laptop computer as it has all the features that come with the desktop and it is portable. You can carry your laptop anywhere with you. For me, there are no disadvantages or cons for having a laptop, the new generation of laptops offers a variety of amazing features. Thanks to the latest technology new laptops are coming with features that can even beat the desktop computers.

You can find all the details here below. Right now I am sitting at Bangkok airport and posting this article.

Here we go:

Laptop vs Desktop Pros and Cons

Thank God! I have passed the final term of my college now I am in University. I have passed my examination with very good marks. Now I want my reward from my parents and it must be a laptop as I need it for my studies.

Although I have a desktop computer at my home as I have gone in higher education,  I need a laptop now but my parents are not willing for this.

As they think that I have a desktop computer at home then why should I go for a laptop as it will create an extra burden o their budget. Aghhh! Now I have to convince them but it is not a tough job as I know its benefits over desktop very well and I will explain them. 

I will share all the details here that I told them and I am adding a dedicated comparison that will explain in details about Laptop vs Desktop Pros and Cons.

The power supply of laptops vs desktops

laptops can cope up with the power failure easily and can work without electric supply for a long time. Whereas Desktop computers are unable to work in the absence of electric supply if not connected to inverters or other secondary means of power generation.

Size and Weight

Average size and weight of laptops matter a lot. laptops are lightweight devices and handling is easy as they are portable and can be taken anywhere you want. Whereas desktop computers are heavyweight and their movement is very hard and take a lot of space.

laptops are available in very smart user-friendly shapes and its screen. Whereas the desktop computers are not available in user-friendly sizes the variation is available in just size and shape of C.P. U and inches of screen.

Number of ports

laptops are available with multiple ports and you can work with many storage devices. Laptops are available with HMDI ports. Laptops also feature Thunderbolt 3 port, that is really awesome.

Desktop does not have HMDI ports. Desktops have a limited number of ports. you can use wifi on laptops, Wifi cannot be used on the desktop unless you have an attachment port.

Portable products

Laptops are highly portable and it is highly easy to use it any time and anywhere you want. On the other hand, Desktop computers are not portable.

some laptops are available with detachable screens and can be used as a tablet. This facility is not available with desktop computers.

we can connect multimedia projectors with laptops and can give multimedia presentations. This facility is not possible with the desktops.


You can do multitasking on laptops as you can do a lot of things on a laptop at one time. Desktop computers do not allow the freedom of multi-tasking.

New laptops are empowered with Bluetooth devices, Desktop computer does have built-in Bluetooth connectivity. 

Energy consumption

Laptops are a source of much more energy saving. A desktop is not energy saving machine, in fact, it uses twice as compared to a laptop or even more.

Laptops cause very less amount of e-waste as it is available in all in one pack so wastage of energy and paper is less. Desktop computers are a source for a lot of energy waste.

Internet Connectivity

Laptops come with an improved internet connection for gaming. Laptops help to communicate with friends and family members at very low expense and easily. It is easy to read email anywhere with the help of a laptop. Whereas the desktop cannot be used everywhere.

Working and surfing on the internet is easy if you have a laptop. It is not that much easy on desktop computers.

Laptops have built-in webcams and video chatting is easy on laptops. In Desktop computers this feature is not available.

Laptop vs Desktop, My Story, My Journey with a New Laptop

As with the comparison above the laptop obviously wins over the desktop computer as it is new technology and always the new technology is better and user-friendly. For me there are no cons of a laptop, they only come with pros and excitement 🙂

Laptops are comfortable and create easy access to our work always attracts the user and customer. It is very good that my parents got convinced and buy me a laptop that not only enhances my intellectual level but also my apprehension towards the new worlds of knowledge.

This is definitely helpful for me and will help me out in achieving good GPA in my college and my parents will one day be happy with their decision of buying me a laptop. Read here if you are concerned about the prices of laptops and desktops.

So, I hope I have cleared all the details about today’s topic that is, Laptop vs Desktop Pros and Cons.

Feel free to ask me questions about this topic, just post your question in the comment section below.

Thank you


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