How to Clean Laptop Keyboard Without Removing Keys

How to Clean Laptop Keyboard Without Removing Keys

How to Clean Laptop Keyboard Without Removing Keys

In this article, I will explain in detail 6 best methods for cleaning laptop keyboard and that too without removing the keys. It is 3 in the morning and I have just completed the last article and I was on my way to sleep.

Just like any other day, I was replying to emails, when my 10 months old baby started crying and I had to hold her in my lap. That was it, the laptop keyboard was filled with sticky materials from her hand.

Now that I have completed the cleaning, I thought why not write an article about cleaning the keyboard that too without removing keys. I have added a detailed step by step guide that will explain everything that you need to know for this process of cleaning the laptop keyboard.

How to Clean Laptop Keyboard Without Removing Keys

So, before I start, let me tell you about the basics of how we will clean the keyboard. It is an easy task and you can do that at home without any special tools or gadgets. I will brief the entire process here:

Laptop keyboard can be easily cleaned by using a small microfiber cloth and rubbing it gently on the keyboard. After this, use the compressed air to remove any dust or debris that may have remained attached under the keys. Once you are done with this, spray liquid disinfectant to stay healthy.

Before proceeding to the detailed guide, let me tell you about basic tools or things that you will need to clean a laptop keyboard.

Things Required to Clean Laptop Keyboard

You should following stuff at your home before you start the cleaning process. normally all these tools are available at home. 

Step by Step Guide for Cleaning Laptop Keyboard Without Removing Keys

Here we go,

I have divided the entire process of cleaning into the following steps. Stay tight and follow all these guidelines:

Turn-off Laptop and Get Ready

Before starting this, place the laptop on the straight platform and remove any cable that may be attached to it. Turn off the laptop and if possible also remove the batteries as you do not want to end up with a crashed machine. This is the first step for, How to Clean Laptop Keyboard Without Removing Keys?

Even though we will not showering it with lots of liquid but still why to take chances. Let us make this journey as smooth as possible.

Now tilt the laptop upside down and this will allow all the dirt and debris that me trapped under the keys to come out. Shake it a bit, move it sidewise, this will remove the majority of large dust particles from the keyboard. normally these dust particles are trapped on the side of keys and under the buttons.

I recommend placing a cloth or towel under the laptop, it will be easy for you to clean the mess once you are done with keyboard cleaning.

Using Compressed Air to Clean Laptop Keyboard

Now that you have removed the large dust particles in the first step. It is time to remove small and tiny particles that normally we do not see. Using compressed air for this purpose is an excellent choice. I have used it many times on my laptop. Let me explain the process. 

First, you need to arrange a can of compressed air, this is not an issue. It is normally available at the supermarket and you can easily get it. Now, remember to attach a plastic straw at the opening of the can that is filled with compressed air. Tilt the laptop to any side and you are ready to go. 

Start the process with bursts of compressed air from straw, targeting the lines between the keys. Keep the laptop tilted to one side, while you keep spraying the compressed at regular intervals. Within 2-3 minutes, the majority of the small dust particles will be removed. Now repeat the entire process while keeping the laptop tilted on the opposite side. you should be careful otherwise, your laptop keyboard can type wrong letters.

Using Microfiber Cloth for Cleaning

Now that you are done with the first two steps, it is time to give a final touch to cleaning the keyboard. Take a small soft micro-fiber piece of cloth and gently sprinkle water on that. Now, remember not to use an excessive amount of water, as I said just sprinkle here and there.

Micro-fiber cloths are famous for collecting small and tiny particles of dust. Now with some water on it, it will clean even better and you will have amazing results.

Remember not to be harsh with the keyboard, just rub it gently. Repeat the process 2 to 3 times and then you are done with this part of the keyboard cleaning guide. I have seen fellows who have used tissue papers for this and later they complained about issues with their keyboard.

Tissues just suck the water and it will be absorbed by the small holes at the laptop. Always use a microfiber cloth. This is an important step for cleaning a laptop keyboard without removing keys.

Another method is to use clear tape to clean between the keys, just take the standard clear tape and make a double fold. Now take that fold and move it between the keys and different. It will clear away any dust particles or grime that may be stuck in between different keys. This works just awesome and I have used this couple of times at home while cleaning the keyboard.

Using Alcohol to Clean Keyboard

So, this is the step for those sticky materials that just do not go away otherwise. Normally 95 percent of the cleaning is done with the previous steps but there are always few fellows who need a beating.

These sticky materials are just one example. I have seen keyboards with bubble gum attached and a few with stubborn grime that just won’t go away.

Using alcohol for this is an excellent choice and you will see results in a very short time. Alcohol evaporates as soon as it is used, so far a better option than water. You can use it to clean the keyboard without any fear of getting absorbed in the keys and it will be evaporated as soon as you have sprayed it.

Another added benefit of using alcohol is that cleans the sticky materials that may be attached to the keys.

Just take a cotton swab and dip it with diluted alcohol and wipe away all dust and sticky particles. Do not forget to be gentle in the entire process. Just repeat the entire process 2-3 times and that it. You are done with cleaning a laptop keyboard without removing keys.

Using Disinfecting Wipes

Now that you are done with the entire process of cleaning a laptop keyboard. It is time to wipe away from germs that may be present on the laptop keyboard. You can easily buy disinfecting wipes from the supermarket or even online. Just buy simple wipes that kill germs, do not go for wipes that have bleach added, as it can damage the keys. 

I am always finding solutions for different questions related to laptops, if you have any question, just shoot at me.

I have explained all the details, in this 5 step guide. This may look a long and hectic task but believe me, you can do this in 20-30 minutes depending on how much you love your laptops. I have seen fellows who will spend hours cleaning laptops and on a daily basis, isn’t this some kind of fetish? 🙂

Final Words 

If you are planning to clean the laptop screen, then congratulations, I have just posted a detailed guide on this. I will add the link below in the related articles for my readers. I am writing a detailed guide on how to remove keys and clean thoroughly, I share that on my blog in the coming days.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions related to laptops. At, What Laptops, I try to help my readers and you will have your question answered in no time. You can use the comment section below to contact me and use this email:

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