Why is My Laptop Getting Hot

Why is My Laptop Getting Hot?

So the most frequently asked question about laptops has reached whatlaptops, ‘’Why is my laptop getting hot’’. I have decided t write a comprehensive guide on this topic myself, In this article, I have explained all the major causes of laptops overheating.

Also, I have added different methods that you can use to prevent laptops overheating.

As you know that while running, every system generates some heat as it is a fact that whenever a machine or a system is operated it creates heat while working. So if your laptop gets a little bit hot then there is no issue at all but if it is exceeding the heating limit than it is problematic

 Same as for the laptops, when we use them continuously and do a lot of work on them than they generate a little bit of heat that is exhausted out by the fans. Laptop fans are built inside the laptop and the system cools down and the laptop keeps performing well.

But if this heat production exceeds over the limit than definitely it is needed to be noticed as soon as possible because more heat will down the performance of your laptop and if it has gone on its extreme than it will harm your laptop too.

Why is My Laptop Getting Hot?

 So, here I am going to tell you about all the possible causes of ‘’why is my laptop getting hot’’ so that you can find the main cause of your laptop heat production and could sort out of the fix that main problem after reading this complete article carefully. So let’s start.

First of all, let me tell you that you do not have to get too much worried about this and check out for the main cause of heat generation on your laptop.

What are the Reasons for Laptops Getting Hot?

Read this article carefully to investigate the main reasons that why is your laptop getting hot while using because definitely when you will find the main issue first then after that you will be properly able to sort out it.

Compromised build quality

The main and the basic cause of laptop getting hot is might be a bad quality laptop. Remember that if you are thinking that taking a bad quality laptop will give you the best results than my dear readers it is not just possible.

Your laptop must be of a trusted company and a high quality and there are thousands of best laptop brands available in the market. If you already have a good quality laptop and yet you are facing this problem then continue with me and keep reading these carefully

Problems with laptop fan

The main reason is insufficient cooling because of the non-working fan. A laptop has the only way to keep its system cool all the time and that is just because of the fan that is built inside it. It has an outlet or exhaust according to different laptop designs.

Some laptops have the exhaust openings in different designs on their base and some have on their sides through which the heat goes up and allows the laptop to work well. The laptop fan removes out the hot air completely

So check out that your laptop’s fan is working fine or not. Just place the finger near the exhaust vent(s) and you will feel the warm air coming outside but if it is not happening then there is an issue with the fan. You can also hear the laptop fan working while getting closer to the exhaust vent that it might be working very slow that will become the main reason for the hot laptop.

In some cases, fans work but abnormally fast and there is a noise and this is also a sign that something is going wrong inside the device and it can cause lagging in your laptop.

collection of dust

Another reason is the dust restriction in the fan, grills, exhaust port, or on the motherboard. As the dust causes the blockage for the heat to flow outside and it gets accumulated inside the laptop and cause it to become extremely hot.

If your laptop is getting extremely hot then immediately stop using it and turn it off to fix the problem. This can be due to problems in laptop fan.

software failure or malware attack

If your laptop fan is working well and still it is getting hotter and is disturbing you while doing your work than it would be the malware attack and you should immediately sort it out, after all these reasons I will also tell how to fix these issues as well.

Any virus, adware or spyware or other different types of malware are very bad for your laptop as they made laptop speed slow, affect the windows and don’t allow files to be secured and cause other errors too

 hardware failure

Lastly, the 5th reason can be the hardware failure, because in that condition the laptops overheat more and show a bad response and in that case, you can’t even touch your laptop even for a few minutes.

continuous multi-tasking 

Laptops might get hot because of the multiple applications running in the background. You will experience slow working and heating of the laptop in this case

So now I have given you a detailed answer to your question, why is my laptop getting hot. These all are the main reasons for any laptop to get hot, all you have to do is to find the one which is occurring in your laptop

Laptop overheating symptoms

There are some of the main laptop overheating symptoms that you must not ignore and whenever you notice them you should immediately take the action. But first, make sure that either it is actually overheating or you are uselessly worrying about the little heat production of the system.

Check out these laptop overheating symptoms, if this is happening to your laptop then it needs your attention for sure. If your laptop shut down forcibly itself while operating then it is a sign that your laptop is getting hot and need to be noticed.

If the fan is running continuously at their maximum speed and making loud whirring noise then it is a sure sign that your laptop is getting hot.

You can just check out for overheating laptop by placing your hand on your laptop if it is normal or a little bit warm, then there is no problem. But it is too hot that you can’t even place your hand for a few minutes on it then this is a problem which needs to be addressed.

Extreme slow speed is also a clear sign that the laptop will get overheat

If only certain areas are extremely hot like RAM, battery and processor area or areas near fans are getting extremely hot then it’s also a clear sign that laptop fan is not working properly.

Esoteric error messages popping up while you are operating random programs.

If your laptop is struggling hard in performing the just basic tasks than your laptop is overheating man, just like the slow opening of the new browser window.

So whenever your laptop shows such signs, don’t ignore them and take action immediately. So that it can maintain its best performance and can save all files and data properly and do the fast functions and can maintain its software.

How to fix overheating laptop without taking it apart?

Here, I have explained in detail, how to fix an overheating laptop without taking it apart.

If your laptop is a little bit hot after a long time usage than it is quite normal, stop using it for some time, give it a rest and it will be perfectly fine. But if your laptop is hot unusual than the normal condition then immediately stop working on it and turn it off.

To cool down your laptop which is hot because of the dust accumulation, you have to remove the dust first, blow the air on the exhaust vent and the grills. It can be done without opening the laptop and if the inner is getting stuck with dust or something then open the laptop base and clean the fan and the motherboard too.

This will resolve this problem of getting a hot laptop within just a few minutes. If the fans are clean then check out for the malware attacks. If your laptop has any virus or malware than immediately install the anti-virus or anti-malware and this will fix the problem. Once your laptop is free of malware, it will stop generating more heat.

The extreme hot laptop is the sign of hardware failure, because, in some of the rear cases, people laptops become so much hot that it is hard to touch them. So, if you have not fixed all the problems with your laptop and still using it badly and continuously than you shouldn’t do this at all, otherwise you will ruin your whole laptop.

Take your laptop to the repairing shop and they will fix the issues of a hot laptop for you. Keep the BIOS up to date in order to prevent this kind of issues

Use the HP cool sense technology if you have an HP laptop, this technology dynamically manages the temperature of your laptop

Still, if you got the extremely hot laptop and it is shutting down abruptly and harming the stored files than you should take it to the repairing shop before the whole laptop gets ruined.

Use the potential software fixes to avoid overheating of your laptop. So using software tools also help and increase laptop performance too.

So these quite simple methods will save your laptop from getting hot and will help it to work more efficiently and finely. When you will grab what is the actual problem then you can solve it out by reading this detailed guide. 

How to prevent a laptop from overheating?

Here, I have explained in detail, how to prevent a laptop from overheating. Follow these tips with you so that you can easily avoid overheating laptop and so that these issues do not even occur with your laptop.

As many people do not even know how to use the laptop in a proper way and many of us ignore the demands to properly use this technology and then if any issues occur then we say that why is my laptop getting hot.

So read these important tips as everybody should know this beneficial guide as laptops is a part of every person’s life in this modern technology world.

Everyone uses laptops either for business, for other works, for the learning purposes and even for gaming and many other purposes too because laptops are a need for adults, youth, and kids also.

So stay with me my dear readers and then you can go by reading these important tips, this is going to guide you throughout your life.

  • Use your laptop under normal temperature conditions, like it is never recommended to use your laptop directly under the sun or in the extreme hot places or even in the humid environment because of this all affects your laptop efficiency and ultimately heat load
  • Use a lap desk if you are using your lap to place the laptop, as not sitting on a proper chair table. Placing the laptop on a couch or soft cozy surface will block the outgoing passage of the air and increase the heat inside. So always place a laptop on a hard surface like a table or if sitting on bed or sofa, use the lap desk
  • For best results, clean the fans, grills, and the exhaust area by just blowing the air, at least once or twice in a month and this will keep your laptop cool all the time.
  • Also, keep your laptop brightness levels normal
  • Avoid intense processing, do whatever to want to do on your laptop but turn off all the background useless running applications that drain your laptop battery as well as slow down the processing speed.

So just by doing these little things you can avoid your laptop to get hot and many of us don’t follow these steps to use a laptop, that’s why we get this kind of issue.

But once you have faced any problem like overheating of your laptop, you will automatically start taking care of it but it’s better to avoid these issues rather than waiting for them to happen and then fixing them.

Final Words About Why is My Laptop Getting Hot

By reading this complete guide, you will be able to fix the problems and do better care of your laptop. This guide is a combination of personal experiences and a lot of information that is carefully and effortfully compiled.

So finally, you know much about laptops overheating and now you also know the solutions and important tips to avoid overheating of laptops.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions related to the overheating of laptops. I will not only answer your question but I will also post a detailed article on that very question for other readers.

Best of Luck.

Team – Whatlaptops.com