How to Connect Speakers to Laptop?

How to Connect Speakers to Laptop

How to Connect Speakers to Laptop?

For a loud and clear sound, you definitely require a speaker. Many of the people don’t even know that speakers can also be connected with the laptop. So, today I am going to tell you all about this topic. By connecting your laptop with the speakers, you can enjoy listening to a loud sound as much as you want.

The other best thing is that you can directly play the songs from your laptop; you would not need to connect any device like USB or other sources for songs. It also gives you the liberty to play some live video very loud on speaker. By connecting your laptop with the internet you can play anything and the speakers will definitely deliver a high-quality sound.

So, I will tell you the procedure here that how can you connect the speakers with your laptop.

So here we go:

How to Connect Speakers to Laptop?

I am going to share the step by step procedure with you people here. So, read this guide carefully and enjoy connecting speakers to your laptop.

 Plugging in Speakers with Laptops

First of all, you have to connect your portable speakers with the laptop by plugging the wire in.  You can also use the headphone jack. Laptops have multiple ports. Plug the wire in the compatible port.

Don’t try to plug forcibly. If the plugging is not happening properly than let me tell you that those speakers would not be compatible with your device.

Laptops speakers are sold separately, otherwise, some other compatible speaker can also be connected with proper compatible plug pin and port.

Press the key

Now, from the desktop, Press the keys Win + I. Otherwise, go to the control panel and open up the sound settings from there.

Do some settings

When you open up the sound settings in your laptop directly or from the control panel. Then you have to do some settings. Like firstly you have to click on the hardware and sound. After that click on manage audio devices link.

You will find all this in your laptop’s sound category. After that click on the properties button and in that same sound dialogue, you will see the speaker button. Double press on the speaker button.

Adjust the Speaker volume

After that, you will be get connected with the speakers. Now, its time to adjust the volume. For this purpose, click on the levels tab. You will be shown with the speaker sliders there, adjust the volume as you like the most. You can always change the volume settings according to the situation.

While some of the speakers have already the volume buttons on it. You can adjust volume from there too. The best thing is that the speaker is connected with your laptop obviously, so use your laptop’s volume up and down keys for this purpose.

In case your speaker is not activated then there are some different option is other laptops. As if you find the small red X of speaker button then click on it and your speakers would get activated for sure.

Balance the sound

As there are two left and right speakers. Then balance the sound by the extreme left and the right slider. This will balance the sound. If it is already in a balanced state, then there is no need to touch these options. Otherwise, if you know about this and want to do settings by yourself, the definitely do it.

Save the settings

It is a very important step. Many people do all the settings, make the connection fine and in the end, they don’t save the settings. That’s why they feel no changes in the audio. Try to set and equalize the sound option all at once and after that click on the save button.

This will save your desired settings and whenever you will connect the speakers with laptops, the settings would be the same as you have done it. You will don’t need to do the settings again and again.

Connecting Wireless Speakers with a Laptop

There is another option to connect the compatible speaker with your laptop and that is wireless. You can do this via Bluetooth.  For this purpose, speakers, and laptop, both should have Bluetooth technology.

  • Enable the Bluetooth feature of your speaker.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth of your laptop.
  • Click on the scan button to find out other Bluetooth devices.
  • If your laptop is unable to find then just click on Bluetooth setting and click on the option for allow your device to find by other ones.
  • Then scan again, and when you see the option for your speaker, then click on it and you are done.

After this play any song you like. Control the volume by your laptop.

Important points

Here I am going to share some of the important tips with you people. These will help and guide you about making the perfect connection between a speaker and a laptop. Just read them carefully.

  • Whenever you make the speaker connection with your laptop, never ever out both of the right and left speakers in the same direction. Put them apart in their proper left and right positions from an appropriate distance with a laptop.
  • When you do the volume settings, don’t make volume full at the starting, adjust the volume normal first.
  • If you want to play the maximum sound, don’t try to exceed the volume above 75%. As too much high volume from your laptop is not good for it.
  • Keep the speakers at a proper distance from the laptops.
  • After doing all the settings, test the sound must.
  • While managing the sound on speaker volume buttons, turn it slightly from minimum to a little higher.
  • Telling you once again in simple and clear words that extreme high volume can harm your laptop. Even if you take it at some high level then start from a slow increase and this will not cause any harm.

Follow the entire guide and enjoy listening out favorite sounds. Good luck.