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Best Small Laptops 2020

You will join me on my journey to find the best-sized laptop for me, that is easy to carry. Every day hundreds of new products are coming in the market and all brands claim t be the best.

I love to work on small laptops because they are easy to handle. Many brands are manufacturing small-sized laptops in 2020. In this article, you will find detailed product reviews for laptops.

Best Small Laptops 2020 Reviews

Let me share my story, a few months back, I never thought I will be looking for a small laptop for me. Things changed quickly for me. 

Here we go:

My name is Kristine. I was jobless a few months back but now thank God, I got a job in a high school. I am happy a lot to get this job as I was so anxious about my job. As I got my job, my job description includes the administration of the tasks in school.

I have to maintain the record up to date and that’s a tough job as I don’t have a laptop of my own.

I used to borrow a laptop from my brother in back days but now he has transferred to Georgia and now a need a new one. You know whenever you want to buy something new you have a list of demands or features you want in your new gadget. The same is my concern.  

My only demand right now according to my work is the size. I used to travel in the metro you know there is very much mobility you need to catch a metro in time and you have to carry your things yourself.

I cannot afford to take heavy laptops with me as they are hard to carry while standing in the metro and you can’t work properly while traveling in a metro.

I have to roam around in school the whole day so for this purpose, it’s a tough job for me to work in a bulky one. I wanted a compact smaller laptop. Now I have sharpened my tools to search for the perfect laptop for me.

Aghhh!!! It is a tough job to do to surf the internet because some features are present in one laptop and others are present in the other one and now I am confused about it. I think I should share my work with you guys and I think I can get some help. I have found these best small laptops that are budget-friendly and can perform all tasks.

Apple Mac Book 2020

If you are a status-conscious and apple fan love to use Apple gadgets then the must go choice for you is the Apple Mac book. It will be an ultra-portable device that comes with the apple warrant so then what else do you want it’s a dream come true if you want this machine.

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All the latest models are coming with small-sized screens that fit all my requirements. If you are aiming for a high-quality product with user-friendly features, this small laptop is for you. You can also buy VR Ready laptops if you like to play the latest games.

Microsoft Surface Pro

It’s a creative one and a stylish piece of technology its battery timing is also great and it is powered by Microsoft technology and used by mostly the personals involved in arts and creative professionals.

If you are looking for a small laptop with an extraordinary battery time, this one is for you. With the brand reputation at stake, this small laptop is an ideal choice for working women.

Asus Flip

This laptop is also a very good one of 4 GB RAM and its size is 12.5 inches. It has a hinge of 360˚ and a perfect chrome book. It is available in multiple styles and designs and is very much useful for people who travel and games a lot.

It is indeed a good choice as the rotation is also a good feature of this miniature.

Chrome Book 3

It is of about 11.3 inches and has the RAM of 4GB.  It is a Samsung laptop having a black metallic body and powered with chrome technology. It is a device which is useful for both the school going people and also is a very entertaining machine.

With high-speed internet connectivity, you will always work on wi-fi. I have read some decent reviews about this small laptop. 

Google Pixel book

Its size is 12.3inches and having the RAM of 8 GB. As is a smaller one and having the storage size which is large so its storage capabilities are high. It is helpful in working as it is considered as the best google powered laptop with a beautiful design.

Its elegance is on the top and it is worth buying a laptop.

It has an additional feature of pixel pen that comes with it. And a beautiful machine indeed. With the latest technology that sits inside this small laptop, you will always enjoy its features. One of my friends just bought this, and that’s what she told me.

Asus Small Laptop 2020

Its size is 11.6 inches and the RAM is 4GB. It is a smart machine and helps to carry away easily. Its laptop is detachable and can be helpful as a tablet too. It is available in four different vibrant colors. An elegant and decent machine I must say. Click here to buy from Amazon.

It is also available with a USB port.  Its weight is 580 grams. It is a light invention also. Its battery life is 12 hrs. It performs hurdle free multitasking. It is a high-performance laptop with good speed.

Dell Inspiron

This small laptop from Dell features a screen of 11.6 inches and has a RAM of 4 GB. It is also a laptop which is fully equipped with all specifications and features and device helps a lot in working in daily life.

It is also a technical invention with master technical arts. It is available in different styles and designs and user-friendly modifications.

Acer Aspire Switch

Its screen is also detachable and its style is also very versatile and this laptop is full of inventions but its most wonderful feature is gorilla glass so its screen is unbreakable and unable to get into trouble by the shock of the jerk and any other accident.

Final Words:

For me, Google Pixel is the best one. As I am a lot into music, I like to hear music so I can listen to music on it at any place and at any time and can be used as a tablet so sometimes I can play some games on it. That’s for sure when I am free in my leisure hours.

It has a good memory, so I can save my pictures on it and it provides me with a lot of space for storage as it is a good one to select for a simple person like me.

It is empowered with wifi technology so, I can use it anywhere I want and take it in my handbag anywhere. My laptop should have to look like this.

Its looks are so elegant and nice and I can do a lot of my administrative work on it anywhere I want. It full fills all my need concerned about the laptop I need for my work. I can use the social network on it making it a good thing to be utilized and a helpful device.

Thus it has minimized my work on my mobile phone and it is a great thing thus I can save my mobile battery and can use it for a lot of time.

 Hope you like what I wrote as I was confused about the purchase of the device I want and now I am satisfied with what I have chosen. And find this research helpful I also think that it will do the needful any question and query regarding this will highly be appreciated and feel free to question.

Best of Luck.


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