Most Expensive Laptop

Most Expensive Laptop

Most Expensive Laptop 2020 Reviews

I work in a travel agency and my boss is a businessman like he is a big gun….got lot of money to spend and in the desire to show it he has spent a lot on his cars, mobile, wallet, wrist watches, etc.

Now he has got into the craze that he should buy an expensive laptop to show that he can get anything in this world, personally, I don’t like such an approach but as you guys know that boss is always right!!! And I know how much this proverb is true.

He is looking for the most expensive laptops in 2020. So as the task handed over to me it is my responsibility to help him buy a new expensive laptop. AGHH!! A tough job to select a laptop for someone who is only concerned with the prize. He does not want to get indulged in the headache of checking the features and specifications as this task is entrusted to me it is my responsibility to find the best for him.  

So I started my work on Google, I searched out for man laptops on the internet and I am happy that I was able to find some.

Most Expensive Laptops 2020 Reviews

Now with the expensive laptops, not everything is on the internet. I had to visit a few stores that deal is high-tech laptops for millionaires. You will be amazed to know that there are many companies who are dealing with the world’s most expensive laptop and you just have to tell them your requirements. Now, by requirement, I mean your affording price, the world is filled with stuff that is way too expensive for a normal person like me to buy.

These millionaires buyers are not concerned with the features that most expensive laptop has to offer but they just need a machine to display their wealth.

Here we go:

Apple Mac book Pro

Apple is the topper in the market of gizmos. It is not only very much updated technically but also very much known as a status symbol and along with its unique design with the Apple logo, it has many features that make them distinct. Its prize is 1800$ whoops that’s too high.

Some of its specifications are:

  1. Intel Core i7 2.5 GHz Processor
  2. 15.4 Retina Display Screen
  3. Intel Iris Pro Graphics
  4. 512 GB PCIe-based Flash storage
  5. 4th Generation
  6. 16 GB RAM
  7. WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0
  8. 2.5 GHz
  9. 9 Hours Battery Life

All these features make apple laptop a very important device in the search of being at the top of the race of being the best laptop and also the expensive one. It is also carrying huge storage and also the display feature is also wonderful and the visuals are perfect for eyes on this laptop as I personally like the apple. 

Now, this is the cheapest laptop in my list of the Most Expensive Laptops. Shocked? that’s the reality. Apple laptops are actually, luxury for a middle class, for millionaires, Apple is nowhere in the list. Damn.

Ace Ferrari -1100:

Its price is 3000$. It is a lightweight laptop with a carbon-free scratch-proof screen. 1200×800 pixel resolution is present with this machine or I say beauty. It is among the best gaming laptop with the best processor. Its webcam is 1.3 Pixels and Its RAM size is 4GB.

I really loved this one but again for a millionaire, this is not the type. I continued my search for the most expensive laptop and with time, I realized there is no end for this list. The list goes on and on, you just spend the money and there is all sort of accessories that can be added to the laptops. You will find diamond studded laptops, gold plated and this never ends.

Dell Laptops

Its professional laptop and highly helpful in the practices of professionals. Its chip is Q43, e-SATA interface, and 1TB storage device. It is a multitasking laptop and helps a lot in animation work and it is a super-fast laptop and makes working easy.

With a price tag of around 3000$, this is pretty expensive for me but for my millionaire boss, this is just another thing.  With my research going on and I was receiving emails on a daily basis from all the top manufacturers and they were willing to make a customized version of any of the present-day laptops.

Lenovo ThinkPad

Lenovo has versions that are pretty expensive. It is a high-performance laptop with the dual-screen specifications.

It has the following specifications as:

  • Graphics: NVIDIA Quadra  FX 3700M
  • Battery: 9-cell lithium-ion chargeable
  • Dimensions: 16.1” x 12.3” x 2.1”
  • Weight: 15 lbs,
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Extreme Q9300 (2.53 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB, 12 MB L2 cache)
  • Size of RAM: 4 GB DDR3 SDRAM
  • Display: 17” 1920×1200 WUXGA TFT LCD and 10.6” 1280×760 TFT LCD
  • Saving area: 259 GB HDD (7200 RPM) x 2, RAID 0 configuration
  • Attachable Drive: DVD recordable
  • Wifi: Intel Wi-Fi Link 5300 (802.11a/g/n)
  • Bluetooth 2.0
  • Graphics: NVIDIA Quadra FX 3700M with 1 GB

This laptop is very unique edition and also the expensive one. Yes, it is expensive for me, not for my boss. So, I have to leave it here and continue my search for a most expensive laptop.

Alien ware area 51m15x :

Is price is 5000$. It is a wonderful machine as it has very much strong RAM and it is a perfect choice for gamers. Very high quality of speakers are present with this laptop and for music, these laptops are the optimum choice and the display is also dual for this kind of laptop and its such a great experience to use it.

It’s a perfect gaming laptop with stylish iconic looks. With a huge price tag of 5000$, this was perfect for me. I noted it on my list but also continued my search for the most expensive laptop in 2020.

Rock Extreme XL 8:

Its price is 5000$ ahh!!! Another costly machine.  It is considered as a very quick one in its action and helpful machine as its processor. This expensive laptop is power by Intel and it’s a quad core2 device and a lot of working can be done on it without any hustle and problem and the working of this laptop is quite fast.

Because of these features, it has created ease in working on the laptop. Its RAM is also very robust that anyone can work on it easily and it can be fruitful for the price paid for it and making working a lot easy on this device. As my search for the most expensive laptop continues, I came across a few of the best machines that technology has to offer. Let us continue this search and find the most expensive laptop for 2019.

Stealth Mac book Pro :

Its price is 6000$. Too much price for a laptop anyways, the features it offers at this price are just awesome. Buying an Apple is a status symbol and nowadays and its a decent and smart looking machine empowered with soft-touch technology. But for a millionaire, it may be not an option.

Its RAM is of 2GB no a big one and also carrying a 256 GB Solid-state drive. It is not available with the old conservative kind of drive. It has a display of approximately 15 inches. Personally, I recommend going for this laptop, it has everything that we aim for in the best laptop.

Voodoo Envy H 1717:

It’s an expensive gadget worth 7000$. This is 17 inches laptop with the availability of multiple sizes and you can select the size whatever you want and can work on it in a great mood as it is according to your choice and it is available with 4GB RAM and there are two Hard disks present in this device makes it much useful device to operate. Although with such specification s it is much difficult to handle it as it is a little bit heavier.

Ego for Bentley:

Now, these last few laptops are the one, that I was looking for in this entire research. It’s a laptop for biggies as it worth 20000$. OMG!!! Huge one. This is the unique edition laptop available by the manufacturer as it is available with easy access to the majority of applications.

This is among the most expensive laptop and powered with wifi Bluetooth high-speed elegant design and most important is that it is a unique one and available in the selected parts of the world and this is a very much smart machine and a machine full of entire uniqueness.

Tulip E-go diamond Notebook laptop:

Its price is you can’t believe it. Its cost is 35,500 $. It is a laptop for Richie rich sort of person. This laptop is embellished with real gold and diamonds. Must be an invention of a Goldsmith, Well joke apart. It is a laptop only for the use of the people who want to brag in front of the world as it is not a user-friendly one although specifications are good but are not easy or comfortable to use.

Since this is purposely made for millionaires, no one really cares, if they can do this or that on this machine. This is a symbol of luxury and power. I am aiming for this in the coming years. Just look at the price, Damn, 35K $, this is huge.

Luvaglio – Laptop Priced at 1 Million Dollars

No,w this is the beast, I was talking about. This laptop can be bought by a Millionaire only. It is a laptop worth 1 million $. It is a laptop having a diamond button for its on and off and its design is unique and beautiful and it has a fingerprint scanning option. It is considered the most expensive laptop in the world as its technology is both friendly for gamers and professionals and highly useful for every person.

Final Words

Well for me the best laptops are of Apple and few other manufacturers like Dell, HP, and my favorite Razer, but my boss as you know is a billionaire is very much conscious about his status and pomp. To show and he is not worried about the brand. I am sure that he will go for the expensive one and when you come up to the internet surfing for anything online you must be doing it in two ways what you like and what you are searching for.

I like technology and speed along with the price of the gadget if I were a millionaire I will not buy that laptop which is much expensive or surpass the power of buying. Such machines are nothing but a waste of money. As technology and inventions are never-ending and once you are in the field of this endless storming. You should not bound such a handsome amount on your laptop as it is a tough one thing to revive it back anyways that only my point of view not everybody needs to be convinced with it.

My boss surely buys the expensive one as the billionaire man has to maintain an image in the society and it is a must thing, that should be protected in this world. My boss was happy with my research and he bought the laptop with the diamond power button as Lovaglio.

Hope my article is helpful in comparing the expensive laptops I also enjoyed writing it. I hope you guys also liked it. Any questions regarding this are more than welcome and will highly be appreciated as it will enlighten my views too and help me enhance my knowledge about laptops.

Best of Luck.


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