Best Budget Travel Laptop

Best Budget Travel Laptop 2022 Reviews

Best Budget Travel Laptop 2020 Reviews

For the last few years, I have to travel a lot because of my job. For me, it is difficult to travel without my laptop. Technology has grabbed us with its full force, we are spending hours daily on our laptops.

Now there is a big variety of laptops in the market with so-called best brands, it is a hectic task to find a decent laptop. Travel laptops have to be lightweight, I always prefer 2 in 1 laptop for traveling.

Comparison Chart for Best Budget Travel Laptop 2020

Best Budget Travel Laptop Features Screen Price
HP Elitebook Intel Dual-Core i5, Full HD LED Backlit 14″ Check Price
2020 Dell Latitude Intel Dual-Core i5, 8GB DDR3 12″ Check Price
Lenovo Thinkpad Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB DDR3L 12.5″ Check Price
Asus Vivobook Intel Celeron N4000, USB-C, Windows 10 11.6″ Check Price
Dell Rose Gold 8th Generation Intel Core i5, touchscreen 13.3″ Check Price
2020 HP Stream Intel Celeron N3060, Full HD 14″ Check Price

Best Budget Travel Laptop 2020 Reviews

Your travel laptop must have better connectivity, thanks to the latest technology, now the best travel laptops are available with WiFi and better ports for connectivity.

My travel laptop has changed my life, I can play my favorite games while traveling along with working. “Best Travel Laptop” is a broad term, selection of a laptop depends on what kind of traveler you are.

If your work requires an internet connection with multi-tasking, you should be buying a high-quality laptop with a fast processor.

HP Elitebook

Elite book powered by HP is full of great glamorous features. This laptop is full of sturdy build with lots of exotic styles. It is full of great style. This laptop has so much strength with lots of exotic specifications.

This Elite book is 14 inches in size. This size is optimum for proper viewership. It has a touch screen too. This is a highly portable device. It is an ultra-slim aluminum laptop which is full of great strength.

Its display is highly anti-glare. It will provide you with the best color display which is highly bright features. This is the best budget travel laptop, all the features are just awesome.

The sound quality of this laptop is very high. Its audio is powered with Bang and Olufsen. The audio of this laptop is very clear and high quality. It has also the power of noise cancellation. Thus this laptop is a great device with a complete sound experience. You are going to enjoy the music on this laptop completely.

Click here to check the latest price.

This laptop has a keyboard of island style. Its keyboard has a magical feature which is spill-proof. It means you are going to enjoy typing on this laptop while having your favorite drinks and tea. You don’t need to worry about spillage.

Its keyboard also has backlit which means you are a hero of the night too. You can do typing on this laptop without any trouble in darkness too. This laptop has the keyboard on which you can do endless typing without getting tired. Its keys are smooth and easy to type on. This is ideal for travel bloggers.

Its tack pad is very unique and great as far as its working is concerned. The trackpad of this laptop is very responsive when you move your fingers on it you are going to enjoy the unstoppable movement of a cursor on the screen.

Its processor is I 7 4600U powered by Intel. Its processor is super fast and it has high computing speed. You are going t enjoy games on this laptop completely. It is a device full of great working abilities and you can do endless working on this laptop without any trouble and the level of enjoyment will be enhanced with this laptop.

Its GPU and graphics performance is very high that you can do a great amount of working in the availability of these best graphical features. The visual effects of this laptop will help you enjoy games completely in the presence of this laptop. This is ideal for travelers who love to perform graphics tasks.

Its battery life is not too much that you are not going to enjoy it cordlessly for a longer duration of time and you may get tired easily without any reason as it has a battery life of only 1.5 hours which is very less.

Its connectivity is also too good that it has a port of approximately every type.

This is a great investment from any computer lover as you are going to enjoy games on this notebook unstoppable. It will help to increase your motility without any trouble. You will be happy with your choice.

I highly recommend this notebook as its size is too awesome and great. You can also enjoy music on this laptop easily. It is a pure source of entertainment.

Click here to buy from Amazon.

If you love working on computers then its keyboard will surely match your typing speed. You are going to work without any trouble on this laptop without any break and it is also helpful while you travel.

Its size is also good and you can do work on this laptop easily as its size is good and its weight is less. I love this machine. I hope you will love it too.

2020 Dell Latitude Travel Laptop

Dell Latitude is a great laptop indeed. I mean a laptop with the warranty of Dell is an amazing thing to use. You are going to love this laptop for its great and wonderful features. Well if your problem is the budget you are going to love this laptop because its cost is quite reasonable.

Its screen has a display of 12 inches. I mean it is an optimum size for a laptop employed for daily usage. It has great built and up to the mark capabilities. It has a high-resolution screen which gives you great visual effects and also possesses the integrated graphics results. This is the best budget travel laptop and all the features are just awesome.

Click here to buy from Amazon.

It has a flash memory of approximately 512 GB and it is in the state of solid-state drive. It consists of a RAM of 8 GB and the processing speed of this laptop is great and very high I mean you are going to love it.  It has a 2.6 GHz processor of the Intel having i5 technology with 3320 M.

Okay, when we talk about the specifications we mostly forget about the style. It is a stylish one and strong too. Its frame is made up of three types of metals. Its frame is very strong and durable.

Its lid id brushed with aluminum which is anodized and thus it is surrounded by gray magnesium alloy and its hinges are made up of steel. So you can imagine the strength of this machine.

It is also brushed with plastic paint and thus be protected with dents and scratches easily. This is perfect for a travel laptop.

Its key is highly smooth and easy to type on. The palm rest is also very smooth and supportive for you people. I like to do unlimited typing then this is surely your cup of tea and you are going to love it without any trouble.

Its trackpad is also very responsive and ergonomic in style and you are going to love this laptop as the movement of the cursor is fast and uncontrol without any trouble.

It is a highly sophisticated minded laptop with lots of benefits that enhance the working and capabilities of a laptop without any trouble. You are going to enjoy it as after long durations of working it will not get hot and cool and handleable.

At louder volume, the sound gets muffled in this laptop and pitch of sound gets shaky but at the mediocre level of sound, it’s sound quality is a god. So they are able to give good music effects.

Its webcam is good and you can get a good quality of pictures on it easily. It is also compatible with many webcam software so if settings do not suites you. You can adjust it.

You can get the ultimate connectivity with the help of this laptop. It has one RJ-45 network connector. It also carries a USB 2.0 port. It has one USB eSATA combo.

It also carries two USB 3.0 ports. It has one stereo headphone and microphone combo jack. It has a memory card reader. It also carries a 34mm Express card. It also carries a docking connector for monitors.

It also carries a VGA card and VGA port. It is one HMDI port. It has 1 full and 2 half mini card slots. It also carries a memory card reader. It also carries a fingerprint reader.

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It has multi-language support. It can be able to be operated with French and English easily. It has an operating system powered by Windows 10. This operating system has a high level of compatibility and connection with all available software.

I will highly recommend this laptop to the people who love to travel.

Lenovo ThinkPad X240

Lenovo is a laptop consisted of awesome portability and durability. This laptop is full of great features. It has a great keyboard with too much comfort. You can do unlimited typing on this laptop.

I love this laptop and that’s why I am writing about it. It is a reasonable device with lots of great features that I am going to explain. It is a lightweight laptop with a slim body. It has a body made up of fiberglass frame coated with smooth, graphite-colored paint.

This laptop consists of display 1366×768 pixels IPS. The size of the screen of this laptop is 12.5 inches. It is a lightweight laptop with an extremely good display. The color differentiation is also very good on this laptop. This is the best budget travel laptop and it was good to write this review.

This laptop is full of wonders like for me its major wonder is its keyboard. Its keyboard is quite very much spacious and has the ability to get on typing easily. Its keyboard is excellent and has the wonderful ability of typing. It keyboards are easy to press and the travel is very less on these laptops. Its backlit is also very awesome and modern.

These laptops have trackpad which is easy to press and nice to work on. The buttonless trackpad of this laptop is super sensitive and your fingers literally dance on this machine. This makes it good as a travel laptop, I always take it with me whenever I travel.

This laptop does not get too hot and just slightly warm from the bottom so it is a great machine for working long durations. The noise and vibrations are also low for this laptop and you can work in a calm environment with the help of this laptop.

Its battery life is just wow. I mean you can work on it for long durations like approximately 15 hours without the headache of charging again and again. Its battery is quite strong and you can enjoy the freedom of going charge free for longer durations.

It is available with a huge bundle of software powered by Lenovo and this software makes your work easy and you can do your tasks easily for longer durations of time as the supportive environment is created on your laptop.

It is powered with 64 bits windows operating a system of version 8.1 which means it is a great machine working wise. Due to this operating system, it is quite compatible with a huge bundle of software available for downloading.

It has a 4th generation processor powered by Intel and this sort of thing has helped people a lot in providing the best processing power. You can do a lot of multitasking on this laptop without getting tired and stuck up in different sorts of problems.

Click here to buy from Amazon.

Its memory is strong too as it consists of a hard disk drive of size 500GB and also consisted of a solid-state drive of size 128 GB. It means this laptop can store a huge bundle of information without any trouble and you are going to enjoy it completely without any trouble.

It has a diverse number of ports available for connectivity. It is equipped with a mini display port with an audio signal availability. It has a VGA port available too. It also carries a port for headphone jack too. 

It also carries a USB port of version 3.0 and these ports are two in number. It also features a port for SD card and this port can be considered as 4 in 1 sort of port. It can read SDXC, SDHC and MMC cards too along with SD card.

I love this laptop because of its features and a reasonable price. I highly recommend it for your usage. Thank you.

Asus Vivobook E203MA, Best Travel Laptop 2020

It is a good laptop with an average sort of features but the most important feature of this laptop is its price. It is the laptop with good design and reasonable features that make this laptop stand out among the huge range of available laptops.

It is a budget-friendly travel laptop with lots of features which are optimum for a laptop to look stylish and great at the same time. It has a wonderful design and the shape of this laptop is also very modern as its body is bluish-gray in color with the honeycomb impression.

It is also a very good looking laptop with the plastic body and the Asus logo on the back of the laptop. It has an 11.6-inch screen which is able to generate a great view on the screen. It is lightweight and easy to carry while you travel. This will be your ideal partner for traveling.

Its connectivity is great. It has three USB ports. Two USB 3.1 Gen 1 and One USB  C Gen 1. It also consists of a microphone and headphone jack. It has a strong wifi signal and has the Bluetooth 4.1 version and provides you the excellent connectivity.

Click here to check the latest price.

Its keyboard is very fine and has a lot of abilities to do great sort of comfortable typing. This laptop works at its best to do typing easily. This laptop has great abilities to work with a good touchpad as working with this laptop is too awesome.

Its performance is not outclassed. It has a performance which is quite okay. It is a dual-core processor. It is powered by Intel Celeron. You can do basic tasking on this laptop easily. It has the ability to do a selected amount of working on this laptop.

It has a battery life of approximately 6 hours. It has good battery timing especially when the budget is low. It can do work on without charging easily without getting charged again and again.

Its webcam is ordinary and able to withstand the dim light but the picture quality is not optimum. Its webcam result justifies its cost as you know that it is a budget-friendly laptop.

Its most important feature is its weight as it is easy to carry here and there easily. Its portability is increased as this laptop is not too heavyweight to handle. It has made itself an optimum choice for traveling.

It has a durable hinge of 180 degrees. It is able to help the people to share the content with friends and colleagues easily. This laptop is able to give a great presentation feasibility.

Its visuals are very fine. Its colors are very fine and nice. It provides an up to the mark view of the videos on its screen. It keeps the screen very vibrant and full of colors. The cinematic visuals of this laptop are very great as they keep the screen full of colors.

It has a good audio effect as the sound is very clear and loudness is considerable on this laptop. You can listen to the music of your choice on this laptop.

This laptop is quite nice and able to get cool very soon. You can get the chance that it may get cool very soon.  You may not get frustrated by the heat of the laptop.

It is a good laptop which is able to fall in budget easily without any trouble. It is a great device with an awesome level of features. You can get the best version of the laptop without any hustle. It is a good machine with optimum features.

Click here to buy from Amazon.

This is the laptop whose built is approximately average and plastic. It is made up of very ordinary sort of material as we know that it is a budget-friendly machine so it is justified.

You will definitely enjoy this machine features as they are not too expensive and also easy to use. This laptop is the ultimate companion for your travel.

Its features are good enough to let you work in a good budget as it is a lightweight sleek machine. It is quite easy to use and traveling with it is also very easy.

Dell 13.3 i5 Travel Laptop

I am going to share some aspects of this amazing laptop for travel. This Dell Rose Gold is just awesome. I am working with I will discuss some of its features as:

  1. Processor: It is powered with the processor of great robustness and the model is i5 8250U and this makes this machine a different one.
  2. Graphics unit: It has an adaptation for the graphics as Intel UHD Graphics 620 Core 1097 M hertz. This is a great adapter for the graphics of a laptop.
  3. Memory storage: It has got the memory storage of approximately 8192 Mb LPRD3 1200mHz with the availability of dual channels for the system.
  4. Display unit: It has a display of 13.3 inches screen 3200×1800 pixels with a better color resolution and availability of Dell warranty on the screen.
  5. Mainboard: Its main board is empowered with Intel kaby Lake U fresh IMC and thus it makes it a heavy machine.
  6. Soundcard: It has a high-quality audio sound quality with stereo effect.
  7. Storage units: It has a built-in memory size of approximately 256 GB.
  8. Connections Ports and sensors: there are two USB 3.0 /3.1 Generations one ports are installed. It is also equipped with the brightness sensor and the headset jacks of 3.5mm with the CABC sensors. It also carries the thunderbolt. It also has a display port on it.
  9. Battery: it has a battery of 60 Wh and approx time of 12 hours.
  10. Operating system: Its operating system powered by Microsoft Windows and have a window version of windows 10 of size 64bits.
  11. Webcam: It has a webcam of 64 Megapixels and high-quality resolution.
  12. Weight: The weight of this laptop is 1.305gm which is equivalent to 2.88 pounds.

Pros of the laptop:

It is considered as a slender kind of 13.3 inches laptop and its weight is also not too much it has a very decent and beautiful appearance. It is an alpine white-colored laptop having a rose gold color. Its design is very much elegant.

The base of the laptop is stain resistant based with crystalline interwoven like appearance it just gives the texture of a piece of cloth.

Click Here to Buy from Amazon

The design of laptop has a very nice feature of the ultra-sharp display with a touch screen the contrast of the screen is the biggest USP of the device as it has the ratio of approximately 1000:1.

The lighter will appear nice in shades and the dark shade will give its pure appearance. Its base also has a titanium coating which is the main reason due to which it is stain resistant.

The most interesting feature is that its palm rest is very cooling to touch and thin and sleek in texture. Its pixel resolution is much higher than the laptops available in the market,  in fact, it is much faster than the mac book air present as it is a highly prestigious product of apple.

One of the most important things for which most of us buy laptops is the battery life and well dell provides the best battery life among all of the machines.

8250U is a quad-core processor and it is an artwork full of hyperthreading of signal between the range of 1.6 and 3.4 MHz. It makes the letter looks clear due to its size and higher resolution with a large screen.

Its pixel is very much clearer which distinguishes it from the other products in the market and that’s the feature that makes it different from all the products in the market. It battery life its beautiful design its processor with boost its graphics its display all makes this machine stand out in the market. 


Few users have a complaint about the processor, but I am using it and working fine for me.

For traveling, this laptop is the best option and will suit your budget criteria along with other features.

Well, there is a competition based market for gadgets so there are many laptops brands available having a better battery than it thus its battery life is not like that it is the best one.

Conclusion: well me you should buy this gadget as it is durable and a very much strong device provides you with 2 in 1 sort of screen, not the best but a very good battery time.

Its size and weight are also compatible with the market and very slim and nice one to use and a user-friendly device and having optimum storage for working systems.

For sure Dell has worked a lot on the aesthetics of the laptop and its stability towards working especially in offices. Click here to buy from Amazon.

HP Stream 14

I recommend this laptop to all those who think they can not get a travel laptop at a cheap price. I was surprised to check the price and then I decided to buy this laptop and access it.

Let me tell you, This is really an awesome piece of machine and you will love all the user-friendly features that come with this best budget travel laptop.

I will explain all the basic features of this travel laptop below.

Here we go:

Processor: This laptop is equipped with Intel Celeron Processor N3060 1.6GHz that can be boosted up to 2.48 GHz. This is ideal for everyday tasks and you will never feel any kind of lag between the applications.

Screen Size: This is an amazing part of the review, it features 14 inches screen that is full HD and comes with 1920 x 1080 pixels. At this resolution, you will have an amazing experience if you watch movies or play games. 

RAM: Like any other laptop, it comes with a 4 GB RAM that is ideal for this travel laptop. You can even enjoy multiplayer games and you will never have to face any speed issues.

Dimensions: Now let me explain the size of this amazing laptop, I have measured it in inches, 13.27×8.90×0.70″. These dimensions ensure that this travel laptop is easy to carry while you travel around.

Flash Memory: This laptop features 64GB eMMC flash memory, that perfectly fits this travel laptop. If you plan to have improved memory, that can be easily done. This flash memory can be upgraded to 128GB or even 256GB. Thanks to the technology, when you boot your laptop with the flash memory, it will faster and all the programs will run smoother.

Battery Life: If you genuinely buying a travel laptop then ensure that it comes with a better quality battery that can hold up for multiple-hours. This cheap travel laptop battery is just amazing and you can use it for 7 straight hours. 

Weight: This is a lightweight travel laptop and weighs about 2.74lbs. This is so lightweight that you will not even feel that you are carrying a fully functional laptop on your back.

Warranty: This laptop comes with a 30 days money-back guarantee, I recommend reading the product manual for more details. I always suggest buying laptops that come with a good warranty cover.

Conclusion: I have used this laptop for 2 months and I have found it to be good. Not only small in size but also a lightweight product that is a perfect companion for traveling.

Click here to buy from Amazon.

The most amazing part is that it comes with a Bluetooth 4.2 that is perfect for better connectivity. I bought this laptop in white color since that is the only option available. If you want a budget-friendly travel laptop, go for this.

How to Choose Travel Laptops?

Traveling is an important part of anyone’s life. It keeps you great while leading your life. This keeps you moving but you know technology is an important part of our life.

We want our life to be connected to the computer and this thing should be kept in mind that the laptop is available to you while traveling as it is the only source that keeps you connected to the technology.

My friend Jane got admission in a university in Texas. He has to travel there so he wanted to buy a new laptop for him. He came to me to tell that he wants my help in the buying of laptop. As I am a lot of experts in gadgets selection.

I suggested him many places from where he can buy the laptop. He went there but he was a lot confused while seeing a different type of laptops. He came to me and I suggested to him that he should go and visit the website

This website has a lot of information for its readers. It helps in the perfect selection of laptops.  A huge bundle of laptops is available on this What Laptops website. If you are connected to any section of life this website carries the solution.

You can work on this website for a longer period to get every kind of laptop related information but he precisely wants to get information about the laptop that fits in his budget and precisely a traveling laptop.

So he went there and find out the variety of laptops for study and working related problems.

He found out that a traveling laptop has the following features:

  1. Stylish and cheap laptop

A laptop should have to be stylish as you are going to travel so its looks are a very important thing on which you people should focus. The style should also match your budget.

It is also an important task to perform that the style and price should be according to those who want to buy a budget-friendly travel laptop.

  1. Robust body and spill resistant

The laptop should be strong enough that it can bear the shock and jerks of traveling. It should endure the pressure easily.

  1. Battery Life

For me, the battery life of the traveling laptop is the most important feature of laptop ass it helps you a lot in carrying out your daily tasks easily.

What if you are on a tour in which you are not getting much time for charging then the laptop is getting off due to low battery. I surely will not recommend that to you.

  1. Lightweight

Lightweight laptops are also very important as you cannot handle heavy bulky laptops easily. They create a lot of burden on you and you will not handle it easily.

So for a traveling laptop, it is necessary that the laptop should be as light as a feather and you can easily work on it easily without any trouble.

  1. Storage capacity

The storage capacity of the laptop is very necessary. You should keep in mind that if your laptop is a compact one then there is a chance that it will carry very little space.

So you should have a cloud drive or extra portable hard drive with you while traveling.

  1. 2 in 1 travel laptop

Try to use the device which is available in easily convertible form. Your laptop is available in the form of a tablet and the laptop form too so that you can use it according to your convenience.

  1. Display

This thing should be kept in mind that the display of the laptop should be glare-free as you can easily use it in sunlight or sharp lights. It is convenient as far as its view is concerned.

  1. Cost

The cost of a laptop is an important thing to notice that its features should be according to its price. They should be highly justified with the price of the laptop without any trouble. It should also suit your budget too.


A laptop is an important gadget for approximate personals of every field of life. Being a student it is also very important for me too. But I have to travel to another city and live in a hostel for study so I want a compact laptop for me and my budget was also very less.

But this website help me a lot and my life changed all of sudden. I am so happy and relaxed with this laptop as this laptop is selected by me on this wonderful website. I am free of tension and trouble now.

Best of Luck.


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