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Best Laptops for Fashion Designers 2022 Reviews

In this article, I will explain about the Best Laptops for Fashion Designers 2020. This is an interesting topic for me and I will explain it here. When I was young, I always wanted to become a fashion designer, and this interview with the designer is like a dream come true for me.

Every girl wants to know about fashion and the latest trends. With these amazing laptops for fashion designers, you will have total control over your designing stuff.

This is my chance while meeting with one of the top fashion designers, I can discuss the latest fashion trends for girls. This article is about the best laptops for fashion designers and I will stick to the topic.

Today I must say that I am a lot happy as I got a chance to interview a famous fashion designer in the town. It is my first interview and I am going to interview the person I like the most and that proves that I am a lucky person. I am not only a huge fan of this designer but also I want to learn a lot from her and I think today is the day.

I always wanted to be a fashion designer and it was my childhood dream to become a fashion designer. I have also got admission in the fashion school and was into this field. However, due to the sudden dismissal of my parents in an airplane crash, I was unable to pay the dues of my fashion school and I have to do some part-time jobs to earn a living and that makes me left the fashion school.

Alas!! A tragedy of my life then I got a chance to write the blogs and I am writing now but today is indeed a big day for me.

As you know that my company, deals with solutions to all queries about laptops so my topic of the interview also focus on that point but I will discuss different tips for me 🙂

Before starting my interview it is my foremost job to find out best available laptops in the market for fashion designers as with that I will be able to get the whole information about the laptop she is preferring to use. To get any rich interview in my opinion the interviewer should be highly informed.

Comparison Chart for Best Laptops for Fashion Designers 2020

Some of the best laptops for fashion designers are:

Laptops Brand Features Screen Price
ASUS ZenBook touchscreen, HD IPS display, ideal for designers 13.3″ Check Price
Apple MacBook Pro 8th generation Intel 6 core, 10 hours battery life 15.4″ Check Price
Lenovo Thinkpad AMD dual-core A6, anti-glare full HD 15.6 Check Price
Surface Pro 4 6th  generation Intel Core m3 i5 processor 12.3″ Check Price
HP ZBook Studio full HD display, anti-glare LED-backlit 15.6″ Check Price
Lenovo Legion Intel Hexa Core i7, LED-backlit full HD 15.6″ Check Price

ASUS ZenBook Flip UX360 Laptop

It is the best laptop for the fashion designers as it is available in the smart and elegant aluminum body. It is available in the high definition screen resolution. It can be easily moldable into a tablet. At the same time, its battery is quite long lasting. We can do hustle free browsing on it.

It supports all the applications like Adobe and other graphics-based software. It has high speed in its working. It has fewer problems in lagging and system hanging and provides seamless working solutions.

Other Features

Other features of this laptop are elaborated below;

Display size

It has a 13.3-inch touch IPS FHD display. The screen resolution is wide at the angle of 1920 by 1080.

Intel Core M3 processor

You will like to read this amazing feature. This laptop is having the 6th generation Intel Core M3-6Y30 CPU. It’s a fast speed processor that will allow multi-tasking.

Core M style makes it the best laptop for you people, especially for all the fashion designers.

Operating system

The OS of this laptop is Windows 10. The first Zenbook that is certified with the Microsoft Cortana with Voice-Premium.


It is having high connectivity so that the fashion designers can stay connected with the current fashions. This will help you to get more ideas. You can get a strong connection via Bluetooth and WI-FI. Furthermore, it has 3 types of the USB port and a micro HDMI port too.

Flip design

The best laptop for a fashion designer must be fancy. And this laptop fulfills all the demands for the best laptop. Its 360 degrees flip rotational design makes it a super fantasy laptop. You can instantly switch the laptop into 4 modes. These are tablet mode, tent mode, laptop mode, and stand mode. Use it in a position you like and find more comfortable.

Along with this, its design is ultra slim and light. This all makes it a fast laptop with unmatched power and high portability. It is an elegant design that combines powerful performance with sophisticated design. This is one of the best laptops for fashion designers.

Effortless sound control

You can have access to several sounds presets profile to choose an optimized sound for any occasion from ASUS Audio Wizard. There are more advanced controls available so that we can specially customize each of the parameters like sound levels and details so that you can create a personal profile.

Moreover, skills and expertise of Golden ear team and bang and Olufsen ICEpower are combines together for the best sound experience. Its sound is incredibly amazing. It gives amazing acoustics in media, music, and games.

Its sound system includes oval voice coils, large speaker magnets, and the resonating aluminum design. It is extremely full of multiple features that it is impossible to detail all about them here.

Mobile HD video chatting

Now you can stay close to your friends and family. It has a 1.2 megapixel HD camera for real-time high-quality video chatting. Its motion capturing is double than that of the 15 fps cameras.

It provides smooth video playback. Its high sensitivity sensor delivers an enhanced low light capturing. It helps to capture the minor details even in the dim light. You can talk to anyone in dim light too.

Ultra sharp touch screen

Zenbook UX 360 has an ultra sharp touch screen with HD graphics. Having 72% NTSC color gamut, it gives you a kaleidoscope of vivid colors. It seems that these vivid colors have bought life to the laptop’s screen.

Incredible responsiveness

All the programs load very fast with just a flash show. It has a laser edge concentric circular pattern which is inspired by the circular clock. It is aluminum body adds further to its functionality.


It provides a 1-year international warranty with a complete Asus 1 year accidental damage protection. Without any worries of fall or some damage, you can use this laptop. Along with this, there is an E- user manual by which you can seek guidance at any time.

Click here to buy from Amazon.


  • Certified laptop
  • 360-degree flip design with 4 flip modes.
  • Ultra-thin, light, and silent.
  • High-quality HD display.
  • Allows mobile HD video chatting.
  • Provides an international warranty with accidental damage protection.


  • Issues of lagging.

Apple Mac book Pro 15.4 inch Laptop

Apple Mac is my favorite company private and secured and you can work in a great environment with it as it gives you an executive look while using a machine. Highly modern and up to date laptop and have a giant robust processor.

This amazing laptop for fashion designers has the ability to work super fast whether it is concerned with fashion designing or not. It has an ability to run the graphic based programs with such ease and supremacy that everyone is going to be your fan.

Other features

Here you go;

Brilliant display

Definitely, you want to get to know more about the amazing display of this laptop. It has a Brilliant Retina 15.4-inch display with True Tone technology. Touch bar and touch ID. Its touch screen is highly responsive and will allow you to work more easily.

Graphics and memory

Apple Mac is having the Radeon Pro 555X or 560X graphics and 4GB of video memory. This is the Intel UHD graphics 630 and an Ultrafast SSD. Its eye-opening graphics work gives a real-time performance. This helps in pro tasking like rendering 3D titles in final cut pro X.

Chip security

It introduces the new Apple T2 chip. It is a 2nd generation custom Mac silicon chip which is designed by Apple to make the Mack book more secure. This chip includes a secure enclave coprocessor.

It actually provides the foundation for secure boot and encrypted storage capabilities. It consolidates many of the discrete controllers.

The T2 chip also brings the SIRI voice to Mac book pro. SIRI will help you to find out your documents, play music, search files, open programs, and applications, etc.

Long life

It has long battery life. You can use it for more than 10 hours continuously.


It has a new 8th generation Intel 6 core and Quad core processors. It has up to 32 GB of memory that’s why it can run multiple pro apps.


It has four thunderbolts 3 USB ports. You make an easy connection with these ports. These 3 ports when combining with the ultra-high bandwidth with ultra-high versatility.  These ports can be used in data transferring, audio and video output in a single connector.

Performance and portability

Mac book pro enhances the level of the notebook to a whole new level of performance and portability. You can faster anywhere at which your ideas take you. You can enjoy the blazing fast storage and see the ultra-fast performance.

Operating Altitude

It has the frequency up to 50Hz-60Hz. Its operating altitude has been tested up to 10,000 feet and 15,000 feet of storage altitude.

Warranty and safety

A special serial number is given to this product. This number uniquely identifies this item. This keeps it safe from the duplicate copies.

Click here to buy from Amazon.


  • Brilliant display.
  • Ultrafast SSD.
  • Ultra high bandwidth ports.
  • Long battery life.


  • A little bit pricey for few.

Lenovo ThinkPad, Laptop for Fashion Designers

It is a quite user-friendly sort of device with the availability of the pens so that you can write on it. Most importantly you can do drawing over it as drawing is the major tool of a designer to execute his thoughts into reality.

Its RAM is very powerful and working on it is quite great as it provides hurdle free working ground its screen is foldable and common. I like this feature a lot as you can give presentations on it easily and it is not very much expensive.

Other features

If you know more details about this laptop than reading below all of its features.

Anti-glare display

Lenovo ThinkPad is having a full HD 15.6 inches anti-glare LED-backlit display. Its screen resolution is 1366 x 768. Its anti-glare screen will help to protect your eyes from glare and blue rays.

AMD processor

Lenovo carries the AMD dual-core A6 5350M whose speed up to 2.9 GHz. If you are a fashion designer then this laptop is really meant for you. Complete all of your tasks on this laptop and keep your fashion related ideas safe.

Available color

This laptop is available in matte black color. This matter color looks soothing to the eyes and gives a gorgeous look too.


Windows 7, 64 bit is pre-installed in it yet the Windows 8 Pro 64-bit is also ready to upgrade. It is up to you that which one you consider better.


It has a web camera with 720 pixels HD that will keep you connected with your loved ones. Without any worries of dim light, you can video chat anytime. This camera will give a clear image in any situation.


6-cell lithium ion battery provides enough time for usage. It actually provides 6 hours to use this laptop non-stop.


Lenovo ThinkPad has AMD Radeon HD 8450G / DVD-RW Drive and the hard drive has the rotational speed of 5400 RPM.


You can store as much as you want. Because it carries 4GB DDR4 RAM. The type of RAM that this laptop is having is the SODIMM.


The height of the Lenovo ThinkPad is 14.8 X 9.6 X 1.4 inches and Weight is 5.2 lbs.


It gives a full 1-year warranty. It means that in case of any damage you can easily send your laptop for repair with the warranty card.

Lenovo ThinkPad is best for the fashion designers and also for the local small business. Its smart features take it to the next level.

Click here to buy from Amazon.


  • Anti-glare LED-backlit display.
  • Innovative design.
  • High-quality HD webcam.


  • No specific cons found.

Surface Pro 4 Laptop

It is a laptop which I consider a tablet more than a laptop. As its major functioning is more active like drawing with the pen with GPU on the tablet mode when it is detached from the keyboard.

But its machine is powerful and support the working over it. Just because that the keyboard is very helpful while typing and it support the graphic based data and technically the best machine for designer and lightweight and easy to carry and roam about and working is quite easy and helpful in it.

Other Features of Surface Pro 4 Laptop

Its features are elaborated here so that you can have the perfect idea about this product.

Incredibly lightweight

The best thing about the Microsoft surface pro laptop is that it has an incredibly lightweight. Take it anywhere else with great comfort.

Screen size and brightness

It has a 12.3-inch pixel screen having high contrast and low glare. You can work throughout the day without straining your eyes.

Separate parts

The uniqueness of this laptop is that its surface pen and laptop can be separated and also they are sold separately. You can choose any keyboard or different style or design, which you like the most. You can detach the keyboard from the laptop and add another one. This is such an interesting thing to do.

Kickstand support

Surface Pro 4 comes with the kickstand support.  You can easily go from tablet to laptop in a snap with a kickstand and an improved keyboard. You will love to use this versatile laptop. It suits best for a fashion designer.

Exceptional performance

It comes with 6th generation Intel Core m3, i5, and i7 processors. These processors are not only strong but also run quieter, cooler and efficient. This is one of the best laptops for fashion designers.

Runs windows and office

Windows provides lots of user-friendly features. You will feel like an expert while using it for sure.

Advanced technology

Surface Pro 4 brings you advanced technology to streamline your life. It does not matter that whatever you are doing, this new technology will bring powerful solutions to everything.

Battery life and storage

It is having the 9 hours of video playback. The storage space is 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB. You can choose any one form this.

Sleek color

It has an amazing silver color body and keyboard in a variety of colors.


Great news for fashion designers! This laptop is available to you in a completely affordable range. Click here to buy from Amazon.


  • High contrast, low glare.
  • Separate able keyboard.
  • Kickstand support.
  • Exceptional performance with advanced technology.


  • The surface pen is not included with a laptop as it is sold separately.

HP ZBook Studio G3

It is a laptop with extraordinary outlooks and features ordinary looking. It is very much elegant looking laptop. Its external looks reflect that is related to the person concerned with arts and design and people selects it just because of design but its features include that it has very less storage space.

It is lightweight and easy to carry. It has the ability to store all of the information and compatible with the software too. Its display is also very good and has high resolutions of power to work with.

Personally I like Apple Mac book but I am not a designer by profession but as far as I know, designing it is equipped with all the major specifications needed for its working. It’s rather expensive but it looks very unique and has a great appearance.  Its security level is very high and data is secured.

It has an amazing theft control and Apple has its own features which make it unique and make is a distinguish machine. But when I met the designer she told me that designers have different criteria for different things so they cannot select a laptop just like that.

It is having a 15.6-inch FHD SDA anti-glare LED-backlit display and graphics 520. Backlit keyboard allows doing quick and right taps. For the operating system, it has the Windows 7 Pro with Windows 10 licensing. HP ZBook provides a powerful processing and simple scalability which handles the variety of functions.

HP ZBook allows you to stay productive at the office, home or even in any of the field. Using the Turbo boost technology, its processor boosts up its speed which means you can work even faster on it. Its high RAM ensures the smooth multi-tasking.

Click here to buy from Amazon.


  • High graphics.
  • Smart card reader.
  • Backlit keyboard.
  • 9-cell battery.
  • Powerful processing.


  • Maybe pricey for a few

Lenovo Legion Y7000P

Lenovo Legion Y7000P is a gamers blessing sort of laptop with a lot of features. Its chassis, performance, and design is perfect. It is a very strong laptop for gamers I must say. It has a chunkier design with a great legion logo on its lid.

It is a device which is quite great in its design. Its keyboard is very comfortable. It means you can do easy typing on this machine without any irritation. Its display is very clear and vivid and produces a colorful display for you without any trouble. This is one of the best laptops for fashion designers.

Legion Y7000 is a great laptop which is sleek design and gray in color. Its interior is leather black in color and gives you the aesthetically perfect look for a highly designed laptop. It can encourage your sense of gaming and also polishes it.

It has a great selection of ports for gaming. It consists of one USB port of 3.1 and another side also has a 3.1 port. It also consisted of a headphone jack. It also consists of an HMDI port. It features a Kingston lock slot.

It has a display of high resolution. Its resolution is of 1920×1080 pixels. Its display is very colorful and vivid. The quality of the image on the laptop is very sharp and remarkably good. It is full of detailing qualities.

The sound quality is not up to the mark in this laptop as it has an average audio system. The grade and quality of sound is a little bit muffled and sometimes gets hanged for some time and is not up to the mark as it supposed to be. The differentiation level is very less in these laptops.

Its keyboard is very fine and has a very high typing speed. You can easily and conveniently type on this laptop without any trouble. Its keyboard is very clicky.  It is also powered with backlit which supports the typing in the dark and makes typing easy. Its trackpad is also very fine and up to the mark in sensing and moving the fingers. It is ideal for fashion designers.

It has the 8th generation 6 core processor and has the ability to work very nicely under a high-pressure environment as its processor is very fast and up to date and it can work great without any trouble.

It has an Intel core i7 sort of the processor and can wok easily under pressure environment easily. It is a source of enhancement of the activity of the processor of this laptop. This fast processor makes this laptop an ideal choice for designers and a must for the fashion industry.

It has a battery life of more than 4 hours which I think is not optimum but can produce a good reasonable time for the gamers. It keeps the gamers attached to one stage easily for one time.

Click here to buy from Amazon.

What else you can say it is a perfect gaming laptop with lots of features and specifications. You can compromise on certain features but this thing should be kept in mind that it is one of those laptops which are very reasonable as far as price is concerned.

This laptop is full of extravagant features which makes it stand out among the huge number of competitors available in the market. Its design is very modern and up to date. It is very sleek and stylish.

The body of this laptop is not only great but also is very robust and durable. It can withstand the pressure easily. It also comes with Lenovo specialty of great durable and user-friendly laptops at a reasonable price.

Its graphical design is very up to the mark and has great capabilities to work and game at the same time. As we know that the processor of this laptop is very strong. It can withstand problems easily.

Click here to check the latest price.

When you buy this machine it will be a smart machine with lots of features and the working is also up to the mark. You can do multitasking on it very easily and you will love it in many ways.

Although the battery of this laptop is not very strong and does not provide long duration working. It has a lot of other features like strong GPU and RAM and also the operating system is able to perform a lot of working without any hurdle and problem.

How to Select Laptops for Fashion Designers?

I talked with my favorite fashion designer for hours and here is the summary of the laptops for fashion designers. Having a good laptop plays an essential role in your progress. Not only it saves you with a lot of time but thanks to the latest technology, you can even make a custom application for your business.

Here are some of the important factors to consider when buying a laptop for a fashion designer:

The screen is a very important laptop feature as most of the laptops are nowadays available with retina display and are equipped with high resolution as the resolution and pixels are very important when it comes to the concern to the working of the designer.

Another important feature is the color definition is quite important thing in the laptop of a designer. There are certain software which needs a 100% accuracy in colors and displays a designer laptop should have this feature as it is a very important feature to deal with

The processor is the second most important aspect as it is a very much important feature to deal with. The fashion designer needs a laptop with a very much heavy processor with the ability to work constantly for hours.

The architectural and the graphical software should not affect the working of the laptop easily and the speed of the system does not slow down because this software is a must for the designers to depicts the work in their mind into reality.

RAM of the laptop should be robust enough to cope with the working which is a lot complex and working on this system is quite twisty.  o a light RAM will be finished to die soon so we need a RAM that is able to withstand the damages and problems regarding the working of a designer which is a tough job to do many 3 D arts graphics and designing based soft ware’s are present there.

The graphics of your laptop should be updated as they carry the ability to work in 2D and 3D environment thus it is the toughest job for the designer to do on the laptop. I suggest going with the latest version of the Nvidia graphics card.

The battery is also very important as what you are going to do if you are on a project and unable to do charging and your laptop battery drains it will going to be a mess so you should try to use a laptop with high battery timing and that it should charge quickly so you have to face the hustle less.

An easy to use a keyboard is important as you have to do a lot of typing tasks on your laptop and a user-unfriendly laptop will ruin your experience and also be the cause of the delay.

Nowadays laptops are coming with digital pens so you can draw whatever in your mind easily and it is an invention which is come as a blessing.

Final Words About Laptops for Fashion Designers

I have explained all the details of the meeting. Now coming to the last part of the meeting, I asked her what kind of laptop she is using she told me that she is using Microsoft powered surface pro4. 

This laptop for fashion designers, which comes with all the features she needed in her machine it can be used to draw the creative images in her mind easily. She can work without a keyboard if she is not willing to it is a lightweight machine.

She can take it anywhere she wants and the resolution and color differentiation of the screen is very perfect that is considered as up to the mark. The processor works super fine and she also teaches fashion so she can make presentations on it on the laptop.

It was a wonderful experience to have in conversation with such an informative person who knows about laptops a lot and it was an excellent conversation and I enjoyed it a lot.

Hope you also liked my conversation and article too and you can ask anything you want about the article as I feel privileged to answer.

Best of Luck.

Team- What Laptops

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