Best Laptop for Elderly Parents

Best Laptop for Elderly Parents

In this article, I will explain in detail about laptops for elderly parents.

Let me start by describing 3 awesome products for the elderly, that I have selected for this article. I will explain each of these products in detail here:

Comparison Chart for Best Laptop for Elderly Parents

Here is the chart for laptops that I have selected for elderly parents. This chart explains basic features along with a check price button.

Laptop for elderly parents Features Screen Price
Flagship Lenovo AMD A6, Bluetooth, HD Webcam 15.6″ Check Price
HP Touchscreen Intel Pentium Silver, HD Webcam 15.6″ Check Price
Acer Chromebook Intel Celeron, Full HD, Google apps 14″ Check Price

Flagship 2020 Lenovo IdeaPad

If you are in love with a laptop which is quite reasonable in price and is very much easy to carry.   The typing on a laptop is a tough job to do and you are unable to do your job easily. 

This is quite an important thing that you should keep in mind that comfort should be the major feature of any machine you want to use and get attached too.

These things are very much important as far as usage is concerned well Lenovo Idea pad 15.6 inches is a cool machine to use and the size of the machine is also wide and gives you the optimum usage power.

Some important features of the Lenovo Idea Pad 15.6 inches are as follow:

  1. Processor:

It is a great machine which is composed of the great processor and optimum RAM size. I mean you can get the size of RAM selected according to your desire and you select what you prefer for your usage ideally. It is composed of a RAM of 2 GB to RAM of 16GB.

It is also composed of a hard drive with variable specifications and you select the machine of your desire. It has a dual-core processor and the processor has a speed of 2.6GHz. Its processor is of the 7th generation with the presence of AMD  A6-9225. For me, this is the Best Laptop for Elderly Parents.

  1. Connectivity:

It is the laptop which is composed of a lot of ports to provide you with the vast connectivity and this connectivity will help you a lot in creating magic and making things great for you. It has different ports like 4 in 1 Card Reader (SD Card, Multimedia Card, SDHC Card, SDXC Card).

It has a USB port of 2.0 which gives you wide connectivity. It has one HMDI port. It is also two USB type A availability. It has a headphone and microphone jack and you can say it is a combo jack.

  1. Camera:

Its camera has 720p web camera which is a good feature to provide you with the maximum level of connection with the people you are going to have a video chat with. It is a device with the camera of high clarity you cannot say it the best but it is optimum you can say.

  1. Bluetooth:

It is also equipped with the Bluetooth and the technology of Bluetooth is 4.1 and this Bluetooth is full of many features as the data transfer is quite easy and fast and thus you can be able to work nicely and wonderfully well and these things are going to make you the perfect person for data receiving and sending.

  1. Display:

Well for me the show stopper should be the display of the laptop as the display is quite an important thing to consider I mean it is the perfect thing you want from your life and this thing has made you the working diva. It has a great display feature as it has a colorful display of the 1366×768.

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  • Its keyboard is quite very much responsive.
  • Its build quality is very superior.
  • Its design is very much simple.
  • Its battery life is very improved.


  • Its keyboard has no backlit.
  • Its sound quality is not up to the mark.


This is the most worthy laptop you could ever buy its price is very much average and not too much. You can take the name and it has got the feature. You can do long term typing on it without any trouble to your fingers. It helps in doing video conferences on this laptop without any trouble.

You have each and every facility you could ever imagine for a laptop in this machine and it will help you a lot in your working and conferencing. Its webcam is not up to the mark but its considerably good.

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It is a source of enjoying the beautiful design and built on this laptop and this laptop provide you with the perfect facility of computing and processing data. It provides endless data available on it. The purpose of this laptop is quite great.

HP 15 Inch HD Touch screen, Laptop for Elderly Parents

When you need a laptop with a touch screen then this laptop is a must choice because it does not need a large quantity of the budget to make it happen. I mean what you want if you have a laptop with all the required features at a reasonable price.

You will definitely love it as it is the appealing laptop for kids and elders too which carry all the basic features in a very reasonable cost. Its CPU is very strong and powerful. You will surely love it as it is one of the best models.

Here are some features of this brand :

  1. Design:

Aesthetics are important if you want a laptop with an affordable price and does not create a burden on your pocket. I mean it is a dark gray color plastic body with the sleek and stylish keyboard. It is full of features that make this laptop an economical and stylish choice without any double. You can also carry it with ease and for sure enjoy its companionship with you.

  1. Keyboard:

Its keyboard is quite comfortable to type on. It does not make you tired while typing and you are able to type on easily without any hindrances. Its touchpad is also very comfortable. Its keyboard deck and touchpad both are quite nice to operate and you are going to love it without any doubt.

  1. Connectivity:

This device will give you good connectivity as you can say it standard one. This laptop is composed of one USB port of 3.0 and two ports of USB 2.0, one HDMI, an SD slot, one Kingston lock slot, also you can connect the optical fiber to it.

It is also equipped with Ethernet and wifi connectivity. This feature has made this device an optimum connectivity bearing device. This is among the Best Laptop for Elderly Parents.

  1. Performance:

Its performance is quite fine as it is able to work with a very nice way. It has a 1.9 GHz processor. It has an integrated Intel HD graphics able to provide maximum quality of working. It is powered with Intel graphics features are very good and I guess are the best one to use and work with.

  1. Display:

Its display is very good and very fine. It provides a clear view of the screen. It provides the resolution of 1366×786 High definition. The picture quality is also very good for this laptop. I mean a good picture display with widescreen at an economical price what else do you want. It LED backlit system is of high definition and great to touch too.

  1. Battery:

Its battery life is not very long and but you can say it is optimum. It can work for 5 hours without charging and you are easy and carefree while using it for a good 5 hours and I guess it’s totally fine for a regular worker. It is not an option for traveling but it is good for working without interruption.

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  • It is a strong laptop with an outstanding design.
  • Its trackpad is sleek and very nicely made.
  • Its touch screen is very nice to use.
  • Its price is quite very much reasonable.
  • Its keyboard is very quick.
  • Its battery life is also very much reasonable as compared to its rivals.


  • It is overloaded with unwanted software.
  • Its display looks average sometimes.
  • It has no backlit keyboard.


This laptop is a great machine to use. It has each and every feature you are looking in an affordable device. You take the name and it has the feature. It is full of capabilities and features. Some features are average but you keep in mind that its price is also very less. Its color scheme is very nice and highly defined. It ha each and every sort of feature.

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The screen is good the design is nice, battery life is optimum so you will definitely find yourself in love with this device and if you are using a laptop for only simple personal use then its features must suit you and you are going to enjoy this device.

Acer Chromebook 14

You cannot say that the chrome book introduced by the Acer is up to the standard of the expensive versions of Google Pixel book or HP Chrome book 13 but it is a reasonably well chrome book you take the name and it has the advantage.

This is the best laptop for elderly parents, carries each and every feature which is essential for everyday working. This laptop of Acer is full of miracles and advantages. Most importantly it is the budget-friendly device. I mean what else you want from this great machine. It has got everything you desire from a machine of your choice.

This device has a simplified OS powered by Google chrome instead of windows. It is the device which focuses on both work and plays at the same time. With this system, you can complete your daily technology-based tasks with ease and comfort. Its memory is good.

Its speed is also fine and the display is also very cool. You will definitely love this device for being your support. Acer chrome book 14c is a highly recommended device with its super-fast web browsing and its great working capabilities. You are going to love this machine.

Some of the distinct features of this device are as follow:

  1. Design and build:

Its design makes it stand from the majority of laptops available in the market. Its design is very user-friendly and decent. It aluminum alloy chassis and metal brushed body has made this laptop a best and great machine to work on.

Its price is low but its design has given t the feature of Mac book air. Its design is quite superior and you will surely love this device for its best-known features. Its 180-degree hinge has also added beauty in its features.

  1. Keyboard and trackpad:

When you see the price of this machine it is not too much. So if you see the price you are not going to have the backlighting lavish keyboard. You are just going to have a simple keyboard with not too many great features.

Its design is common and not very unique. But the keys of this laptop are perfectly and nicely spaced as they do not need to be pressed with trouble and finger aches.

Its trackpad is also fine and nice and has a lot of qualities to deal with. It can have the gestures very easily and you can move your fingers on it smoothly.

  1. Display:

Its display is not out of this world but has a good considerable machine with the 14-inch widescreen and the resolution of the screen is 1366×766 and you can get a highly defined view which is quite nice to watch. It provides great screen quality, not like the one with the IPS resolution but its resolution is quite fine.

  1. Battery Life:

Now that’s a great feature on which in my point of view everyone should focus. It has a battery life of approximately 10 hours and you will love it for this great battery life.

This feature makes it the device with the maximum working capabilities. You can work uninterrupted on this device for long hours.

  1. Ports and features:

It has a considerable number of ports. It has two 3.0 USB ports and one HMDI port for its maximum working.

The feature of this laptop is quite fine and provides you with the ultimate working experience although the number of ports is very limited its considerably fine and you are going to love it for sure. This device is a good choice for working.


  • Its design is very smart and elegant.
  • Its battery life is prolonged and considerably good.
  • Its RAM is of 4GB which makes it a good machine to work with.
  • It can do multitasking quite easily as the processor is strong.
  • Its audio is quite very much strong.
  • Its display is quite vibrant.


  • Its connectivity and number of ports are less.
  • It is not very much compact device.
  • The working of a keyboard is average.
  • Its storage space is less.


For me, it is one of the best devices available in the market of chrome book at an awesome price. It has a lot of features and its features are quite optimum for maximum working. You will definitely love this device as it has a considerably good processor a beautiful body. This is the Best Laptop for Elderly Parents.

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It has a nice display with good audio. It is a great laptop on which you do your work in a speedy way and its strong Ram makes your working very easy on this machine. You can work for hours on this device as it has a strong battery life.

My Story, Laptops for Elderly

I am a cashier by profession and my father is also a retired bank officer. I used to live away from him and he has an old desktop computer. I sometimes feel so lucky that I found my father at this age of 60 years.

I am unable to spend much time with him due to the long distance and it’s his birthday next Monday. I was in a fix which gift I should buy for him. Then I thought. What are his major needs nowadays?

Whenever he calls me, his problems include my printer is making a cracking sound. I think there is a virus on my computer. How can I open the WhatsApp on my computer? and many others.

As I live away from him. I sometimes get confused. I also get flared up at many times. How can I tell him the solution to the problem when I am miles away from him? He is also using the older versions of windows at a desktop computer.

So finally I decided to buy a laptop a brand new one for him. This one will protect him from the trouble he and I are facing together approximately daily.

Most importantly you should check that what does an elderly parent wants from his or her laptop. An elderly parent has not many demands. They want complete access to the internet and this connection should not be time taking.

It is also a demand for an elderly parent that their laptop should get connected to the Youtube Facebook and other multimedia sites easily. They should not have to wait.

They also want that Skype and other social media connection sites should get connected to the laptops easily. The laptop does not take prolonged time in booting and rebooting. It is also a demand from their side that their laptop should be protected from malware and viruses all the time.

I was sure that these demands can only be full filled if I get a brand new laptop for him as he needs it too badly and it is good for him too.

My father likes writing a lot. I thought why not I buy a brand which has an easy going word processor too and this laptop does not require much maintenance. So the decision has been finalized that I should gift him a laptop which is quite easy to use.

I selected a laptop for him and went to gift him that. At the start, he said that he cannot use this laptop. He said that he loves his desktop and he does not want to use it. I was so disappointed about it then I decided why not I tell him the advantages of the laptop I selected for him. This is the Best Laptop for Elderly Parents.

I told him that it is one of the best laptop brands available in the market. Of course, this thing does not impress him. He is at that point of age where the prices and brands make no difference. When he saw the disappointment on my face he turned the laptop On and started using it.I told him the features and came back to my place.

After three days I received a call on Skype from father and he was so happy. Now he can talk to me while making crumpets and coffee and my father is an excellent cook. He can give the online cooking classes on webcam to many people. And this is the most wonderful thing you could ever imagine. He is finally utilizing his retirement time.

He told me that he found his old college mates on facebook and there is a party in the club of all these oldies. I was amazed that my father who used to stay at home is now convinced to go outside and is having fun now.

As he is getting more involved in his laptop he has started to enjoy it. He is using the word processing software for his writing addiction. He is earning online money.

He is chatting with old friends. He likes the pictures we shared on social media. He is getting involved in the news available online. He is getting information about the modern world.

My father is a lot happy and contented nowadays and I am also very happy due to his motivation level. I always want him to be closer to life but he does want to get interacted to people but now this laptop has changed our lives.

In fact, by watching videos online he can fix the minor problems of laptop himself. My father is going to be busy in his retirement time and now I think my efforts are fruitful.

Hope you like the article and my story. I also loved to share it with you guys.

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