Why is my Laptop Making Crackling Noises?

Why is my Laptop Making Crackling Noises?

Laptop or computers have sounds that help to notify that there is something with your laptop

Many of the people complain that all of a sudden their laptops start making some type of crackling or tapping noises.

The first thing that comes to mind after listening to these types of laptop noises that there is something terrible happening and needs abrupt action to solve the problem. Many of the times it’s not a big fault as it seems by noises.

You may notice crackling noises in your laptop because of errors in sound drivers, problems in laptop cooling fan, and even incorrect audio settings. It is recommended that follow these guidelines to prevent crackling noise in the laptop.

Every time when someone asks me about any fault related to any matter. I always used to advise them that before you are going to take action, first thoroughly and calmly analyze the problem.

I observed many times that people whenever face with any problem they start abrupt and vigorous reactions and often the problem was not as worse as the poor judgment and poor treatment made it.

So until you do not reach the depth of the problem that why your laptop is making such type of noises do not take any action and when you properly analyze the problem that with care and calm try to solve it and its always true that haste makes waste.

Why is my Laptop Making Crackling Noises?

I will like to share my personal experience related to crackling noise on a laptop. About a year ago, I had to face the same problem. My laptop started making crackling noises like taping or cracking.

I got worried then I examined, its fan was blocked due to the appliance of force and putting some heavy things upon the laptop. Whenever you hear any crackling noises coming from the laptop, you must find the cause.

There can be a lot of different reasons behind these types of cracking noises from a laptop, popping or such types of sounds which may include:

  • Laptop’s fan blockage
  • Hardware interfering
  • Incorrect audio setting

I will like to discuss one by one and you can go for the solution according to the root cause which makes a cracking noise on your laptop.

Problems in laptop Cooling fan

Many of the times, whenever the laptop is making cracking sounds, there is something wrong with the cooling fan and not treated then it can cause worse damage to your laptop.

Yeah, there can also be many reasons and I will try to cover maximum. The most common cause for crackling noise is that something inside the laptop’s case strikes with the running laptop cooling fan and making noise.

There can be a loose piece of something which is making a crackling noise. I suggest you open the laptop, inspect the fan and if really there is something then removes it

Another reason is that might be the trash is softer than that of the fan’s blade and during the working of the laptop, trash may be chopped and its broken components might be striking with the blades and playing role in making noise.

On the contrary, trash can be much harder than that of a fan’s blade, and if so, it obviously will damage the fan that is responsible for crackling noises in a laptop.

In both of the above cases, I will suggest you have technicians look for your laptop crackling noise.

How laptop hard drive can make crackling sounds?

Whenever cracking noise comes from your laptop, it’s always our try to solve it as soon as possible. Sometimes there can be a serious problem but not always. If there is cracking sounds like something is burning or s there can be some problem with your hard drive also.

After inspecting the problem thoroughly, if the sound is really coming from your laptop’s hard drive then there might be the problem of the surface. I know it does not sound like a good solution for actually solving problems but it can reduce the noise.

Sometimes the uneven surface becomes the major cause so before taking any action, start from transferring your laptop from the uneven surface to even one because at an uneven surface hard drive may not function properly.

It does not work always. Cracking sounds sure not normal for a healthy drive. There also can be some mechanical flaws that can’t be detected with software testing.

A friend shares his problem with me. He complains that his laptop hard drive starts making cracking noise recently.

This usually happens within the first few minutes when I start my laptop and after that, it works fine. sometimes it also starts making noise during use for a few minutes. If the same issue you are facing then before taking any action.

First, have a full backup of your hard drive.it is obvious that your hard drive is dying and it requires replacing your hard drive with a new one and it may be the last option.

Laptop speakers can make crackling noises

Cracking noises coming from your laptop is always and a sure sign that something is wrong with the laptop. There can also be the issue of system setting and they might need adjusting.

With all the above-mentioned reasons for crackling noise, faulty sound drivers or incorrect setting may or interference with certain hardware may contribute.

Sound enhancements can cause a crackling noise

Enhancements are used to improve sound quality by some sound drivers .they have specific properties and everything works well if it is compatible with the place where it is applying.

The enhancements when they are not compatible with the sound drivers start making a crackling noise.

You can try with disabling all sound enhancements and then you can notice that sounds get better.

Third-party programs

The crackling sounds in a laptop can also be due to some third party programs like sonic master smart byte etc. Sounds first go to this third party program before outputting the speakers.

Different types of third-party programs conflict with your audio system and tend to interfere and disrupt the sound system’s initial operation of the sound drivers.

To resolve this issue, check your laptop for any third party sound program disable all these programs. If there are a lot of such types of third-party programs, run your computer in safe mode, and try troubleshooting.

Audio format for laptops

There is a lot of evidence that supports by changing the audio format, crackling sounds disappeared. You should check the audio format to access crackling noise on a laptop.

You can change your laptop’s sound quality according to speakers. There are three different types of sound qualities given i-e DVD quality, CD quality, and Studio quality .difference lies in their frequencies.

There are different types of sound format, you can check by applying different types of format where the problem no more exists

I tried my best to cover all the aspects contributing to making crackling sounds on the laptop and how to resolve them.

Stay blessed and keep your laptop in a good way for its long life.

Team – Whatlaptops.com

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