Best Laptop for 10 Year Old Daughter

Best Laptop for 10 Year Old Daughter

Best Laptop for 10 Year Old Daughter 2019

This article is sent by one of our regular readers. She explains in detail, how she got the Best Laptop for 10-Year-Old Daughter. I believe kids are a blessing of God, at the same time they have the potential to destroy almost anything.

Kids 10 years old know how to operate basic stuff at laptops. It is better to buy them or else be ready for the consequences. 

Even my daughter keeps playing games on my laptop and this is always a concern for me. I am also planning to buy, “Best Laptop for 10-Year-Old Daughter”.

Here is the summary for top rated laptops that I have short-listed for my10-year-old-daughter:

Best Laptop for 10-Year-Old Daughter – A true story by a Single Mother

Hey, my name is Julia and I am a working woman and I work as an IT in charge of an IT company. yeah, it’s a tough job I know but the toughest job is to cope up with a stubborn daughter.

I am a single mom of a 10 years old daughter. As she is my only child and I am a single mother so I have to admit that I have spoiled her a lot and it’s all because of me but what else can I do. I mean I am her mother and father too.

You know that being an IT expert my laptop is a must for my work and I have to keep my laptop up to date and in a working condition all the time if I want to be updated about my work. My laptop is with me all the time and I am unable to work if there is a slight problem with it. But it is hard to tell someone of 10 years of age that it is good or it is bad for you.

Well, I have an Apple Mac book pro. It is a smart laptop and also an expensive one and I use it with great care and efficiency.

One day I can back from office and saw that all of my previous data vanished away I was worried that what is the problem with my device then I came to know that my daughter entered wrong passwords in my laptop many times.

Now, everyone knows that Apple has a security feature, with a built-in mechanism that if some tries to intervene in the device and enter password wrong many times, your laptop will be locked and somehow all the data was deleted and I had to face the music.

I was terribly angry but I could not do anything about it, as I asked her what were you doing she said I was trying to open it to play a game. I was a lot annoyed and decided to buy a new small laptop for her which is a cheap one.

So, I started my journey to look for the best laptop for my 10-year-old daughter. The target is to find the best-suited laptop for kids with the best price tag. I am not a rich woman, for me, all these expenses mean a lot. However, there are times when you have to compromise for your kids. I decided that I will buy some decent laptop for my 10-year-old daughter.

I am just concerned about the price tag, I wanted something that can be used by her and also not expensive for me. she passes the high school I have to buy a new updated one for her as you know that the five grader does not require a much-updated version of the laptop.

I am also concerned about the online security of my daughter. She mostly uses the laptops for fun purposes as she is very fond of dancing so she watches dance videos and music, She plays girly games on the laptop and watches kid series and cartoons. 

I want her laptop to full fill all of her requirements regarding the laptop and also the one which is not much heavy on my pocket. I think I should go for a laptop which is highly durable too as she is very much careless about the handling of the device and she is not good with the handling of cables too. She never uses the shut down option for turning off the laptop and always use to turn off the device directly. I literally her habit of her. So after all the discussion, I think I should go for a durable one.

As I told earlier that she is not good with wires she doesn’t like to charge the laptop on a regular basis. So, I think she should go for a laptop having a long battery life as if it is uncharged and turned off then it is surely the turn of my laptop and the whole goal of the separate laptop will die.

I need a laptop with long battery life with at least the life of 12 hours. But I have a problem that this must be a tough job because the battery life of this strength can enhance the cost of the device and I don’t like things to get heavy on my budget.

She loves to watch cartoons and animation films on laptop but she is very much conscious about the picture quality she wants to watch videos in High definition and I want a laptop for her which have a good picture quality and is good to look at so she may like it and start focusing on to charge it on time and taking care of it.

The next thing she is much interested in is the music and sound of the laptop as she cannot afford to have speakers on the laptop and my Apple has a great sound quality she must be interested in mine.

I don’t want her to be interested in my laptop as if she got caught into the interest then it will be a huge trouble for me. She needs to get a laptop with clear sound effects with no requirement of extra speakers and wires to be adjoined with the device and creating a mess for my princess.

Her laptop should be lightweight and it should be easy for her to carry it and roam about and she does not need to carry heavy weights with her and she can easily carry it in her backpack and take it with her on her bike. I want it also be easily connected to the wifi easily so that she can move it swiftly anywhere she wants.

HP Premium, Laptop for my 10-year-old daughter

After so much haunting on the internet, I reached a point where I think I should buy an HP notebook 15, This is the best laptop for my 10-year-old daughter, it comes with a surround sound with an HD screen and strong battery life and it is also a cool device for multitasking.

Although at this stage, she does not want these features, these can be helpful in the coming future. The battery life is also very strong and she will surely like as it is a strong and durable machine fill fulling all the requirement s which I described earlier.

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It fits in my budget too and with all other features, it is very much helpful in education too although she has computers in her computer lab at school it will definitely broaden her point of view and her abilities regarding learning and attaining a good placed in school.

Final Words About Laptops for 10-Year-Old Daughter

Personally, I don’t like laptops for school going as there may be a chance of theft for it but I guess it is not that much expensive that it may create a problem for me. I hope my choice make her more responsible and dedicated towards her work and she will leave my laptop alone thank God.

She will like it as it got everything a laptop must have and parents should consider this laptop for her kids as it is a great choice indeed. I love it a lot as it speared my machine.

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