Improve Internet Connection for Online Gaming

Improve Internet Connection for Online Gaming

How to Improve Internet Connection for Online Gaming?

In this article, I will explain in detail, How to Improve Internet Connection for Online Gaming? If you are into online gaming then you know how it feels if the internet speed is down during the session.

In this article, I have explained 10 different methods that you can use to Improve Internet Connection for Online Gaming at home or even at a gaming cafe.

Oh Gosh! Again lagging. Lagging is a problem which can ruin the gaming experience of a user and destroy his keenness to prove himself in gaming.  It means you are at a critical point of your game and suddenly it stops for a passionate gamer like me is a condition of pure fuss. Your whole gaming proceedings stop just because of it.

Aghh! I hate to be stopped at a single point of the game and then waiting for your enemy to kill you and at the end of the game, you realized that you lost the game.

It is a very taxing situation and I don’t want any gamer to be stuck at any point of the game as I know that it is disappointing and also depressing.

Improve Internet Connection for Online Gaming

Before going into details of today’s topic, let me explain a basic term that I will use here. Majority of the time you have heard that it is lagging in the game.

So let me explain this first:

What is lagging? : Lag is a delaying reaction from a computer. It can be applied to any computer that is responding slower than expected.

Online gaming should be a way to entertain yourself. But when you get yourself ready for playing your stroke, push the button, and then you find out your all source of entertainment has come to an end and you lost it. If this is your problem then this article can be quite useful for you.

10 Steps for Improving Internet Connection for Online Gaming

I will all the details here, I have divided it into 10 steps to Improve Internet Connection for Online Gaming.

Application of Ethernet

You can switch your internet connection from Wifi to Ethernet as you know that a lot of devices are connected to the wifi connection at a time and it is not possible to get a dedicated network in the presence of wifi for your gaming experiences so for this purpose the application of Ethernet can save you up from a lot of hustle.

Enhance your speeds

It is also helpful if you increase your speed of internet as it may help you to avoid lagging during your gaming experience. Always increasing the Mbps can help you a lot as 15-25 Mbps are enough for gaming. Google WiFi system is among the best for having high-speed connectivity, click here to read details at Amazon.

However, you should use the speed over 20mbps as it may help in getting a hurdle free streaming and thus the chances of lagging will be reduced to a great extent. Although you do not need a super fast network for gaming if you use it you will be surprised at the working abilities will be increased. Many people use their laptops as a router.

Close background programs

You know that there are certain applications and site which are very keen to use up a lot of bandwidth thus this will not only slow down your computer but also influence your gaming experience.

So for a stream less gaming experience, you net to close all the background applications and programs which are using your data desperately.

Keep your drivers up to date

Worn out drivers do not only sources of complicated security risks but can also have a ruin on your overall gaming experience. Keeping your drivers up-to-date can also make it updated and aware you with the new research and the impact on your overall gaming experience is very pleasant.

Check on your internet speed

You should keep in mind that your internet downloading speed should be greater than 10mps and if it is less than that then you will be going to face lagging. For this purpose, the speed of the internet should be kept in mind.

Upgrade your connectivity

If you are not dependent on fiber to connect to the internet, then there are a number of things you can do to upgrade connectivity:

  • Application of microfilters on the connection to your modem and phone. This will reduce unwanted disturbances on the phone line.
  • If you have a conservative sort of modem or router, you will not be able to get on the modern traffic on your internet connection thus you will face the hindrances.
  • Plug your modem into the switch closest to where the phone line enters your place.
  • To reduce disturbances in signals from other devices e.g. mobile chargers, move these devices away from your modem.
  • Check the ADSL light on your modem. If you see the light blink from time to time, then this could be the sign of an unstable connection. You should call your broadband provider to get this resolved.

Disconnect other devices

While enjoying your gaming experience try to disconnect other devices from your network as it may create a problem and limits the bandwidth.

Try to limit the usage of devices of network other than the gaming device thus your experience will be enhanced due to this and bandwidth also increases and sudden lagging and failure to accomplished your game will be reduced.

Application of VPN

VPNs not only provide you with a secured connection but also with the private connection and also it can be a source of enhancing your gaming experience by reducing lag and internet stoppage. ISP will no longer be able to watch and control your online work.

VPN services are offering protection against those filthy DDoS problems, which are a prevalent issue within the gaming. And VPNs allow users to change their virtual location, and in turn to play and buy games that are not locally available or haven’t been released yet in their area.

Reset the passwords for your routers

you can also set the passwords for the router and change it time to time thus it may reduce the lagging in your system as the load which is nothing but the burden can shed away and your gaming experience can be a lot of entertaining one.

Ping test

Run ping test to determine the quality of your connection and you can find its site on the internet easily.

These test results are important because:

  • A score of 1-30ms is awesome and would be the optimal connection for gaming.
  • A score 31-60ms are good. You will have a small amount of lag in the game, but it won’t be that much problematic.
  • A score of 60-100 is okay. You are going to have lag in every single game you play and thus spoil your experience.

Final Words 

Hope you guys find the article helpful and up to the point. It can reduce the headaches of many gamers and help them out to get out of the depression of lagging in the usage of the network during online gaming. Speed is the spice of life and the speedy internet is very useful to handle the lagging and speed regarding the use of the game.

Speed is the soul of online gaming. It is explained in this article to cope up with the problems regarding speed and lagging. Just follow these best methods and you will always find it easy to Improve Internet Connection for Online Gaming. 

Feel free to contact me if you have any question related to improving the internet gaming experience. 

Best of Luck.

Team- What Laptops

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