Why are HP Laptops so slow?

Why are HP Laptops so slow?

Today market is filled with HP laptops. Many people buy the hp laptops while most of them do not like the brand due to many reasons. Hp was started by Dave Packard and Bill Hewlett in 1939. Its first product in the market was an audio oscillator. Hp gained an entrance into the laptops market in 1966.  

Why are HP Laptops so slow? HP laptops are slow and come with a lot of manufacturing faults and their components are outdated. Processors are not up to the mark and the RAM has not enough memory to store the required data. The hard drive of the hp laptop is outdated. HP Laptops don’t have high clock speed and also they don’t have more processor cores.

This article will give you an idea that why HP laptop gets slow while working. There are a lot of reasons for that problem. So you can figure out the problem and go for the best possible solution with this brand. 

Why are HP Laptops so slow?

Hp creates good quality of laptops but with time they become slow. If an old hp laptop gets slower, normally, every laptop gets slow over time. But if a brand new hp laptops hang or freeze then there are some serious problems in its manufacturing.

Hp brand is compromised on quality. Its parts are outdated. It is software and drivers are of no use. Our editors have explained some reasons for this problem by careful analysis and experiments. Users can use our streamlined descriptions to explore the problems with their hp laptops about its slow working. 

HP LAptops are not good and up-to-date

Usually, HP laptops are not considered reliable. They are not speedy and up-to-dated. They don’t function properly. Users get exhausted by its slow speed and working. Everyone wants their work to get done speedily and in an appropriate time. In this fast technological era, HP laptops are so slow and not very efficient.

 This brand needs to upgrade the technology of its products in this fast-growing era. As technology is improving day by day and a lot of competitors in the market are there. hp brand also needs some serious improvements in their speed and functionality to make its user’s life more easier and faster. 

Insufficient space in Hard Drive

Hard drive is a very essential component of pc. It is a permanent storage device. It contains all the stored data of the laptop. In short, it is the center of data on the laptop. It is annoying when pc gets slower because its hard drive is full. Our pc have performance issues because of that insufficient storage. 

Hard drive of hp laptops is not very efficient and up to mark. It doesn’t have sufficient space in its hard drive. That’s why hp laptops are slower than their competitor products. When the hard drive of any computer is full they slow down. As hp laptops already have less space in their hard drive they get slower and can’t work properly. 

In other words, when the hard drive of pc is rich in space it will impact its speed and performance. hp needs to get help in this deficient area. And with very few improvements in its technology hp laptops can increase the working of its hard drive. This results that HP laptops becomes slower.

HP Laptops are slow because of the slow processor

A processor is a very crucial component of laptops. It is a tiny chip in laptops. Its basic function is to get input and give the required output. It can be found in CPU which is usually considered as the most important component of the computer. 

Slower processor means incompetent speed. Customers give a lot of importance to processors while choosing between which laptop brands to buy users compare processors of different computers. They give more attention to laptops that have fast-moving processors. 

Hp does not use extremely good quality processors. Its processor usually creates problems which impact its speed. Hp processor technology needs huge improvements to make its laptops fast in working for users. In other words, competent and latest technology processors give high value and satisfaction to customers. 

Processor becomes hot

Overheating of a processor slow down the workability of a laptop. Overheating becomes dangerous while using the laptops. It is needed to cool all the components of the laptop to make it function properly and these components should be of higher quality. To get rid of the overheating laptop needs a high-quality fan to make its processor cool and make it work faster and easier. 

The cooling technology of the hp laptop is not efficient and up to the mark to deliver higher value. The cooling fan of the hp laptop makes a lot of noise and gives out a lot of heat when heavy applications are running in the system. 

Users find it difficult to use heavy applications on hp laptop. Also, users have to wait for a long time to let the system cool down and start working again. In other words, HP cooling technology is outdated and incompatible. Its competitors are using a more effective cooling process. However, you can easily use Google Classroom on the laptop.

Low Powered RAM

It is the computer memory that stores short term data. RAM is the working data of users. It saves data temporarily to access data at any time. As the number of running programs increases, more ram is required to run the programs fluently. Customers prefer to buy laptops with big RAMs.

There is a shortage of RAM in HP laptops as compared to other competitor brands. When users try to run several programs at a time on an HP laptop, it freezes or slows down because of its insufficient RAM. It affects the multiple programs that users are working on.

Users find it difficult to do effective multi-tasking on HP laptops. There is a need to have sufficient RAM to enhance the working of a laptop that makes HP laptops so slow.

Device driver problems

Device driver control different types of hardware components. A lot of hardware devices need specific drivers to function properly. If the laptop hardware installed in the computer does not function duly it is usually due to a problem in the driver.  

The operating system aromatically finds nascent hardware parts. It then installs relevant drivers. It installs these drivers from common drivers in the library. It can also download these drivers online. This process is done automatically with the upgraded technology in the competitive brands. But in HP, this technology is not much upgraded that impacts its working. 

Hp laptops have device driver problems. They lack in latest technology regarding drivers. Their drivers didn’t function appropriately. These device drive problems ultimately impact the working of laptop performance. That’s the reason the working of applications in most systems usually slows down. 

Hardware failing 

There are two types of failures in the hard drive. These are logical and physical failures. When the moving component of drive or electric motor fails it is called physical failures. This failure can also occur due to the huge head crash. It is caused when your laptop is jostled or dropped while it was running.

Logical failures occur when the file system of your laptop gets corrupt. If a crucial registry entry is deleted unknowingly, or laptop has a virus, or drive is formatted inaccurately, the hard drive may have problems. The drive will be recognized by BIOS but the system will not boot. 

Less processor cores and lower clock speed

Processor cores, as well as clock speed both, are necessary for operating computers. High clock speed helps the computer to load the solo application speedily. HP brand is not using upgraded technology to increase the clock speed. That is the main reason for the very slow opening of applications and files. Few users have also reported that their laptops had processor errors.

And additional processor cores can allow your computer to run more apps at the same time. If the laptop has more processor cores and higher clock speed then it can work more effectively. HP brand is also lacking the collective use of processor cores and clock speed. And it results in the ineffectiveness of HP laptops. 

HP laptops don’t have good processors. So it becomes difficult to perform various tasks simultaneously. Furthermore, HP laptops also have a lower clock speed. That is why HP laptops cannot run applications speedily. Many brands are using more processor core and high clock speed collectively to increase the efficiency of their laptops. These laptops are so slow that you can not even watch Netflix on it.

Software issues

Malware infections are generated to damage the target computer, to rob someone’s private information. It is also generated to spy on someone computer without the permission of the laptop’s owner. All these things are unlawful. Many famous brands are using upgraded technology in their laptops to deal with these types of infections. In this way users   

If all of these infections do not receive considerable attention from the manufacturing brand, then they can do a lot of damage to the laptop. This damage will also have an ultimate impact on the speed of a computer. It will disturb the normal working of your computer. HP laptops can’t deal with these infections causing in slow speed of laptops.

Adware infections are created by downloading applications. It refers to gaining infection with persistent ads by the use of adware apps. These apps are installed usually on a laptop or a phone. Adware infections have different forms. HP brand is not upgraded to resolve adware infections that result in a slower speed of its laptops.

HP Laptops freeze and slow down

When we try to open a lot of apps at a time while lying in bed it makes HP laptop freeze and slow down. There are many other unfit using behavior of customers to consider for the manufacturing brand. These include playing heavy video games, opening massive photos and video modifying applications.

HP brand has manufacturing faults in this aspect. They are not addressing this issue for the customers to make a laptop easier to operate for them. Hp technology is not that much good to tackle all these improper using behaviors of laptops. 

HP is unable to handle heavy games and applications while doing multitasking at the same time. All these things annoy users and they cannot enjoy their lavish lifestyle with this brand. Other brands in the market have upgraded their products considering all these aspects and improper customers using behavior. To flourish in the market, HP needs to pay special attention considering these behaviors.

Slow Fragmentation of hard drive

Fragmentation means a type of disc condition where files are distributed into tiny pieces. These pieces are dispersed around the hard drive disc. Users cant see these pieces. This fragmentation results in slow speed when the data is accessed by the users. This is because when the hard disc drive is searching through the various portions of the hard disc drive to keep together in one file. 

 This system of searching various parts of the file from the disc is very slow in HP laptops. That’s why working with different files at the same time at HP laptops is very slow. It takes a lot of time to download and open the files. HP brand needs a lot of up gradation in the fragmentation of the hard drive area. 

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