How to watch Netflix on my laptop?

How to watch Netflix on my laptop?

Here are the 9 best methods for watching Netflix on your laptop. It is becoming a go-to option for everyone nowadays. You can watch a film, a TV show, and web series on it.

How to watch Netflix on my laptop? You can watch Netflix on your laptop by downloading the app, create an account, purchase a subscription, and start watching. You will need a high-speed internet for this app.

It can help you to know if your device is compatible to watch Netflix or not. Our editors have found out all the ways to watch Netflix on a laptop. 

How to watch Netflix on my laptop?

Streaming movies and TV shows on Netflix is becoming a new trend these days. You can also save the videos and TV shows for a later watch. We identified appropriate steps to run Netflix on a laptop.

Not all the TV shows and movies will be available to you for download purposes. There is a limit to its accessibility. So now it is possible to enjoy the content offline as well from your laptop other than tablet or phone.

Netflix account creation

If you do not have an account on Netflix you can get a free trial of 30-days to sign up. You will give your contact information, a correct credit card, and a valid email address to set an account on Netflix. 

To watch Netflix on the computer there are different options for users like live streaming services, Blu-ray mailings, and DVDs. There are different price ranges for the Blu-ray mailings, streaming services, and DVD. It all depends upon the resolution and type of screens.  

These plans vary in terms of stream quality of content. It also depends on the number of people watching this service at a time and their separate devices. To download the content the number of internet devices matters a lot to view it offline.

If you want to see and download a similar episode or content of a television show to watch later like your roommate then you will need a higher plan or standard. In this way, you can watch and save the content to watch offline.

Downloading the Netflix application for laptop

If you want to see Netflix on your computer you simply have to sign in to the Netflix account from any internet browser. This browser can be Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. But if you want to download a movie or a web series for later watch, you must install the Netflix app first.

This app is compatible with Windows 8 and later versions. We can download the free Netflix app from the app store. First, you will get a 30-days free trial and then to have to pay for further subscription.

You can’t watch Netflix on your mac computer. But Netflix app is available to download and watch for iPads. It is also available for iPhones. You can find this app in the apple store. 

Make sure the Netflix app you have downloaded is up to date and you have downloaded the recent version of the app.

  • Click on the start menu
  • Click on the icon of the Netflix app
  • Select updates or Downloads

Your device will automatically start updating the Netflix app if any updates will be available.

Set the quality preferences from the menu 

Set the quality of playback according to your preference.

  • Click on the icon of the menu that is available on the left side of the screen of programs.
  • Go to the application setting at the downside.

After that select the option of Video Quality present under the menu of downloads. 

There are two options to select from High or Standard

If you are planning to get a basic plan of service, your gadget will download tv shows and movies in the SD quality.

To get high and good quality services you have to select your preferred quality to download content and shows.

if you have limited data plans you can select a lower quality. But if your data plan is excessive you can choose the best resolution and high definition files.

One other benefit to select the option of standard resolution is its small file size. To download more content in a short time for a long trip you will select a lower resolution. It will help to download the content on your computer more quickly and easily.

If you have time you can conduct a test between two episodes. They must belong to a similar show. So you can see how these episodes look on your computer. You can also use NOW TV on your device.

If your laptop has a huge screen, the episodes with the lower quality look blurry and unclear. Download one episode with high resolution and the other one with low resolution and observe which one is suitable for you.

Search the movie or show you need to download or save

Because of some streaming rights, all the content on Netflix is not accessible for download. But there is a lot of content that you can easily download and enjoy.

If you want to know which content is allowed for downloading click on Menu which is located at the upper left corner.

Choose the Available for Download button. The arrow which is pointing downwards represents the content that is available for download. 

If you cannot download the content that is considered to be available for download. It is important to ensure that you are not trying to get the show or content that anyone else on the plan to download for offline viewing. 

Save the content for later watch

If you want to save the content or shows push the download option. It should save the content in the indicated quality.

You have already set the quality in user settings. Therefore make sure that you have set the required quality accurately before you start downloading.

Downloading content from Netflix can take a couple of minutes or even more than an hour. It all depends on the speed of the internet connection. It also depends upon how long the content is plus the playback quality.

A standard ninety minutes of a movie or a show has a five hundred MB file size. Therefore make sure that your hard drive has enough for the content you are saving or downloading.

The Netflix application demands that you should save the downloaded shows in a similar hard drive in which the application is stored. Unluckily this will not allow you to download the shows on SD cards or USB drives.

Watch Netflix content offline

The offline option of viewing Netflix is the best choice for users. Once you have saved the content it becomes convenient to see the shows or movies from the section of “My Downloads”. You can also delete or remove a show or movie after watching it.

Keep that in your mind the television show which is not accessible for streaming purpose will also not available for download. Watching the saved content of the Netflix app on a computer is the best idea in the time when Wi-Fi is not available to you.

When you finish downloading the program, you can enjoy the worldwide content over it both offline and online.

You can benefit from it in the case when-Fi is not available sometime or somewhere or. You can also enjoy the saved content if someday your flight gets delayed. And it will serve you as your time pass.

Having Netflix is a lot of enjoyment if compared to a mobile phone or tablet. Its resolution is better than mobile phones and laptops have a big screen than other devices. Normally Netflix app makes available all the series and content at all times. 

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