Can You Use Google Classroom on a Laptop

Can You Use Google Classroom on a Laptop?

Here are 9 best methods for using Google Classroom on your laptop. We have explained all the detail in a step-by-step manner.

Can You Use Google Classroom on a Laptop? You can use Google Classroom on your laptop by enabling VT technology, update graphics drivers, install LD player, download the software, make an account, and sign in. 

We have also added methods for both students and teachers to use this fantastic service.

Can You Use Google Classroom on a Laptop?

Google Classroom is a free web of Google for making online education easy and fast. You can use it on a laptop after following some simple steps.

First, you need to know the minimum requirements which your device must have to use this service.

The minimum requirement to use Google classroom

The hardware should have all the following features to operate the web.

  • Processor 1 GHz 32 bit or 64 bit
  • RAM 2 GB
  • The hard disk 16 GB available hard disk space for course application and files
  • Web camera Require
  • Speakers Required
  • Network connectivity Strong wifi signals
  • Monitor 1024× 768 screen resolution

Enable VT technology

Virtualization technology is an essential feature of using this service on your device. It is a software-based or virtual representation of anything.

It has multiple benefits in operating the Google classroom in your device. It can reduce the expense of computers and increase performance.

When you enable such technology in your gadget, it helps the operating system of it open multiple programs simultaneously.

It also increases the production efficiency and responsiveness of LD players. This player is a critical factor in installing and downloading the web on the computer.

Update graphics driver

A Graphics driver is necessary for the utilization of graphics hardware of the device. You can use a free driver booster to update your graphics driver.

LD player should have a dedicated media player. Updating graphics drivers will give better results and you will not feel any lag while using it.

You can use it in different programs and in making assignments presentations. You can update your graphics driver by using windows built in a tool called windows update.

These window updates come with Windows 7, 8, and 10. You can easily upgrade the graphics driver by selecting the setting menu and then clicking on the update. With these settings, you can use the Depop app on your laptop.

Install LD player

To use this web first, you should install a suitable android emulator in your device. LD player is the best emulator to run the web in your gadget.

To install it open any browser you have in a gadget. After opening the search LD installer in the search browser.

After completing the search, install it, then run the installer and complete the setup. When the installation and setup process is complete, you can use it for further downloading different apps and webs.

Download Google Classroom

You can download the web easily from an LD player. Just open the player and search for this.

You will see different suggestions, choose the top results, and click on the download button to download it.

The downloading will take 10 to 20 minutes. When the download and installation completes, you can use it by signing in to the web.

You can also download it from Memu. It is another emulator, and it helps in fast downloading of it with multiple features. First, download Memu then downloads the web from it in your gadget.

Sign in

Click on the web icon, which shows on the screen. Then click on the go to the classroom.

After clicking on the go to the classroom, provide your email address and password and click next.

You will see a review message click on accept. When you are using a G suit account, click on the student or teacher accordingly. Keep all the settings secure, or the laptop webcam can be hacked.

How to use Google classroom as a teacher?

When you are a teacher and want to use this, first create a classroom on the web. Then create a code for joining the class. All the students will use that code to join the class.

Open the browser and sign in with the account. After opening, press the plus sign on the front page of the web.

You will create the class by pressing it. After that, the license agreement pops up on the screen.

Accept the license agreement by pressing continue on the top right bottom of the screen. On create, a classroom room provides all the information related to the class.

Click on the create new, on the right of the screen. Then wait for the completion of the process. Class code will appear on-screen copy and send it to all the students.

You can set up all the class derails by clicking on the class detail icon. To add people to click on the class menu and then on people. Here you can add people as a teacher by clicking on as a teacher. You can use the laptop outside without glare if you follow the guideline.

How to use Google Classroom as a student?

When a student is using the web, he will enter the code to join the class. The teacher usually sends the code to all the students.

Open the web on your device and click on the + sign on the screen. After this, click on join the class and enter the code that is sent by the teacher. Finally, click on join to join the class. 

After joining, you can check all the classwork assignments and tasks. Just open then and click on classwork.

It will show you all the classwork and duties assigned to you. Using this web, students can also share information.

Open the menu and click on share information with the class. Then enter information and attach any file with it. Then send it to all the class members. If you add the best gaming keyboard from a good brand, you will see better results.


It has made education and learning a great experience and activity for us. Here is a brief discussion of its pros in our life.

Easily accessible

It is very easily accessible by all of us. You need a device strong wifi connection, and here you go for all the learning experiences.

You can also use it on mobile phones, tablets, and Ipads. Its use is not tricky, and you have to follow some simple steps to use it.

You can also access all the information and data within minutes. Signing into this is simple, and you can have all the assignment learning notes and your marks sheets at your home. It is user friendly, and people feel at ease with this web.

No need of stationery

In my opinion, you need not collect a bundle of notes, books, and assignments. No need for messy pens and inks.

In the past, a part of learning people has to collect and save all the paper form documents. All these things are no summarized on our pocket-size gadget.

You can avail of it anywhere you like. Just open your device and learn or join any class you want. It has freed all the students from the burden of books and paper.

Effective communication and collaboration

This web allows you to communicate and collaborate with limitless members. Google docs are a unique feature of this web, and you can create and save all the documents on this web.

You can share it with all the class members, and students can get all the notes and assignments from Google drive.

It has made communication and sharing if the information a speedy process. It also gives you a chance to take and give feedback on many things. Students can share ideas in a group, and you can also give feedback about their academic records.


It has its flaws also. The following are some problems that we encounter during its use.

Limited integration

It still has not integrated with online calendar, and it causes a problem in organizing things.

You can not update the deadline for the exam or assignment submission. Lectures date and timing update are still unavailable on this web. It also possesses a risk of cheating during exam time and results in unfair grade distribution.

No automated updates

Each time you have to refresh the news feed to get new information or any other messages. It also does not provide any automated quizzes and tests for learners.

Editing problems

This web has made sharing if documents very speedy, but this ability is causing some trouble also.

When you share any document with group members, they can easily edit it. They can delete or add anything they like in any document or assignment.

The copying in assignments is widespread, and this behavior is making students lose their creativity.

It is somehow difficult for a person who is using it for the first time. There are a lot of buttons and icons that are confusing for them. It takes some time to learn it and to have complete command of it.