How to clean a laptop bag?

How to clean a laptop bag?

We use laptops in almost every task we perform in our office school shops and even at our home. Due to its importance in our everyday life, it is necessary to protect laptops. For this reason, laptop bags are used to carry laptops from one place to another place. Laptop bags could vary in their size shape color and stuff.

Laptop bags protect our bags from dust dirt germs and any damage which can be caused by any external hard objects. As laptop bags protect our laptops from damage, but they are continuously exposed to external dust pollution and bacteria, which can cause damage.

How to clean a laptop bag? To clean a laptop bag at home, first, remove all the contents from the bag, clean the inner and external surfaces with a duster, apply mild shampoo and remove dark stains with a brush and let it dry. It is recommended that you gently clean your laptop bag.

Things required to clean incudes, a shampoo, duster, gloves, brush, warm water, tub, and detergent. The cleaning and maintenance of the laptop bag are also very essential to make them work for a long time. Laptop bags should be cleaned on a regular basis to protect them from damage.

Here in this article, I will discuss a step by step process of cleaning a laptop bags. This will help you to keep your laptop bags clean and safe.

How to clean a laptop bag?

The procedure for cleaning laptop bag cleaning consists of some simple steps. This procedure won’t take you so much time. The steps are easy to follow, and you can do it at your place. You need not go outside and search for some expert to do this for you. This procedure also requires some essential ingredient which will be present in your washroom cabinet.

As we all know that laptop bags are used to protect and carry our laptops from one place to another place, .laptops are continuously facing dust and pollution while protecting our laptops. This pollution can cause the color and fabric of the laptop to become dull and worn out.

This dust and bacteria not only damage the bag but can also cause irreparable damage to laptops if they got entry into laptops. They can hinder the performance of laptops. The spots on the surface of laptop bags can affect their beauty.

Therefore laptop bags should be cleaned on a regular basis to avoid this damage. This cleaning will protect the beauty and increase the life of bags. Furthermore, it will also protect our laptop from destruction, and its performance will not be compromised.

Remove all content from laptop bag

The first step in cleaning your laptop bag is removing all the contents present in your laptop bags. The first most important thing to withdraw is obviously your laptop. Keep your computer on the safe side to protect it from any harm. After this, remove all the other devices in your laptop bags like USB Aandwifidevice.

After this, not to forget about the laptop charger your phone charger, which we usually keep in our laptop bags. You should also remove other wires present in laptop bags. You should also remove pen pencils’ papers and any other important documents which might be there in the bag. Remove the detachable part of the bag carefully before cleaning the laptop. Clean all these parts of your rolling laptop bag.

Clean both external and internal surfaces

After removing all contents from the bag, the second step is to wipe out all dust and any other object present on the surface of the bag. To do this, you need an old toothbrush, which is no longer in use. Take this brush and remove all dust and dirt from the surface of the bag.

Thoroughly brush the surface so that there won’t remain any particle of dirt. Remove any thread which is stuck to the surface of the bag. Use a small piece of cloth to remove any dirt and dust from inside the bag. Wipeout all dust from inside by thoroughly rubbing the cloth inside.

You can also remove dust from the bag by giving it a jerk with hands. But for dust, which is in the corners of the bag, you need to use some tools. Beware that the toothbrush or piece of cloth should be neat and clean.

Remove spots and stains from laptop bag

Removing spots and stains from a laptop bag can be a difficult task. The spots can be different in nature. These stains can be of tea coffee and of some ink, which is used for writing purposes. The spots can be of pens and pencils.

To remove these stains and spots, you will need a brush, a water pot, and detergent. Firstly mix the detergent in an adequate amount of water. Then wet the brush with this detergent water. Rub this brush separately on all stains and spots.

After brushing the spot and stain for some time, leave it for some time so that all the spots should be removed completely. After this, dip a cloth in lukewarm water and remove excess detergent from the bag. The presence of this detergent might cause any harm to bag fabric or leather.

Soaking laptop bag in detergent to clean it

When the stains are removed, it is time to soak the bag in detergent water. To make this solution, add detergent or some soap in water and make a solution. After making this, soak the bag in this solution. Keep in mind that the bag should be permissible to soak in water.

The leather bag should not be soaked in water. The bag contains precautionary tags like keep away from water. See the bag for such tags. After you are certain that you can put it in water, put the bag in a detergent solution for thirty minutes. Scrub the bag with some scrubber both from inside and outside. When all the stains are removed from the bag, bring it out. Try not to over wash the bag that could harm your bag.

Rinsing the laptop bag

To wash out all the residual detergent and soap from the bag, put a bag in a basin full of water. This will remove all the detergent and soap from the bag. Carefully wash the whole bag with water so that detergent is completely removed from the bag.

Try to use lukewarm water that effectively drains all the detergent from water. Wrap the bag in a big towel to drain excess water from the bag.

Let it dry in the air

When the cleaning step is over, its time to dry the bag. Always dry your bag in the air. Do not dry it with some artificial heat or air that might damage the bag. Hang the bag outside in the sunlight. Hang the bag in a downward condition. This will drain all the water from bg. Let it dry appropriately unless you start using it again. Drying the bag might take some time, but it is good for the integrity of your bag.

Precautions for cleaning the laptop bag

Carefully follow these precautions while you clean your laptop bag.

Always use a conditioner to clean. Apply this conditioner after every wash.

Use some mild detergent to wash the bag harsh chemical present in detergent may affect the color and life of the bag.

Do not over-wash the bag and gently scrub the bag while cleaning the spots and stains.

Clean your bag once in a month to keep it neat and clean.

Leather laptop bags should not be put directly into the water; this can cause them severe damage

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