How can I protect myself from laptop radiation?

How can I protect myself from laptop radiation?

The radiation emitted by the laptops are often electromagnetic radiation. Most laptops also emit nuclear radiation. The radiation emitted by your laptop is too low frequency and too low intensity to be harmful to humans. These radiations usually affect your eyes. Every laptop emits a different kind of radiation.

How can I protect myself from laptop radiation? To protect yourself from laptop radiation, first, you have to keep your laptop at a moderate temperature, i.e. you should not keep it at low room temperature. You should use salt lamps, plants, screen protector and buying laptops with low radiation.

10 to 100 THz electromagnetic radiation is infrared radiation which is produced from all the parts of the laptop due to their temperature. It can also be due to excessive use of laptops which results in emitting such radiation from all the parts of the laptop. 2.4 GHz electromagnetic radiation are the radio waves which are produced by the laptop’s Bluetooth antenna.

400 to 800 THz electromagnetic radiation produces the green light on the display screen, which makes it difficult to view an image on the screen. Low-frequency electromagnetic radiation are the radio waves that are produced from the electronic circuitry inside the laptop.

How can I protect myself from laptop radiation?

These radiations can be reduced by keeping such plants in your house that help in absorbing those harmful radiations. You must use screen protectors to protect your eyes from such radiation. The people with weak eyesight must use anti-glare glasses to view a more precise image and protect their eyes from these radiations.

All these radiations are not harmful to humans because these are not high-energy radiation. The high energy radiation is typically harmful to humans such as ultraviolet rays, X-rays, alpha rays, beta rays, proton radiation, etc. These radiations can cause cancer, mutation, radiation sickness, pain in eyes, color blindness, etc.

Use a Screen Protector

To protect yourself from such radiation, you must use a screen protector. A screen protector is simply a monitor shield that reduces the emission of harmful radiation and does not even affect the resolution of the images. It is mainly used to protect your eyes from such harmful radiation.

The screen protectors can also be used to keep your laptop screen safe from scratches or any other type of damage. Screen protectors not only protect your laptop’s screen but also protect your eyes. There are two types of screen protectors,i.e., plastic and tempered glass. The plastic ones are cheaper than the tempered glass ones. You should maintain a good screen resolution on your laptop.

The people with weak eyesight and the ones who wear glasses must use an anti-glare glass protector which keeps the glare away from the surface of the glasses. Anti-glare computer glasses reduce eye strain. The primary benefit of anti-glare glasses is more precise vision. The primary purpose of using anti-glare glasses is to eliminate the reflections that fall on the surface of the eyeglass lenses.

Limit your schedule

As we know, excess of everything is terrible. Excess use of laptops also results in negative consequences due to the radiation produced by the laptop. You must make a schedule for using your laptop. You must not continuously use the laptop. You must also take a break while using the laptop. It prevents your eyes from getting affected by the harmful radiation produced by the laptop.

These radiations mostly cause itching in your eyes and also cause redness in your eyes. It may also result in color blindness and might also be the cause of headaches. So, you must limit your time for using the laptop so that it could not cause any harm to your health. You must keep an eye on your children using the laptops.

Keep a Safe Distance from the Laptop

You must maintain a distance from the laptop’s screen while using the laptop. Some people keep the laptop on their lap while using it, but it is harmful to them because it can harm your reproductive organs. It can also result in pain in your back and neck. It might also be the cause of sleeping problems and can also cause cancer. 

Your skin can also be burnt from the radiation by the laptop. So, it is necessary to maintain a distance from the laptop while using it. Do not place it on your lap and maintain a 1-meter distance between your eyes and the laptop’s screen to protect your eyes as well as your skin.

Use Different EMF Reducing Devices

The devices which are used to reduce the harmful effects of the electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, computers, tablets, laptops, etc. are known as EMF reducing devices. An EMF refers to an invisible cloud of electricity that surrounds electrically charged particles. These particles produce magnetic fields when they are moving.

Laptops are also a source of EMFs and can be harmful to your brain and nerves. The brain cells can be damaged from these emissions. These radiations can also tamper with your DNA and genes. To protect yourself from such rays, you must use EMF reducing gadgets. Such devices help to reduce the electromagnetic radiation produced by the laptop.

Say no to WiFi and go Wired

Some people are not aware of this fact that WiFi also does emit RF radiation, the radiation which is very harmful to us. Every laptop has a built-in option of WiFi. To protect yourself from such radiation, you must say no to the wireless internet because wireless internet produces harmful radiation from the laptop. You must shift to a wired internet to protect yourself from laptop radiation.

To get a wired internet connection, first, you have to purchase an appropriate ethernet cable then plug it into the back of your router. Then plug the other end of the cable into your laptop. Now that you have hardwired internet to your laptop, you have to disable your WiFi on your laptop.

Keep Plants near the laptop

Plants can be used to absorb and dissolve the EMF radiation produced by the laptops. Plants such as aloe vera, cactus, sansevieria and stone lotus flower can be used for this purpose. Aloe vera is a healing plant, and it absorbs EMF radiation through its meaty leaves. You must keep an aloe vera plant near your laptop.

Sansevieria plant is also known as a snake plant and is a small tree whose leaves helps to absorb the harmful radiation by the laptop. Stone lotus flower is a small beautiful and adorable plant that can be placed on the top of the desk. It also helps in absorbing the EMF radiation. There are plenty of other plants that help in absorbing the EMF radiations from the laptop.

Take Breaks

Some people do not take rest while using a laptop. It is because they are too busy working or playing games, but it is not suitable for human health. While using a laptop, you do not care about your health, and you just focus on the work being done on the laptop. You must avoid this action to protect yourself from harmful radiation.

These radiations can affect your eyes when you continuously use a laptop without any break. It also hurts your back and also results in a headache. You must take a break for some time to rest your eyes; otherwise, it will result in itching and redness in your eyes. 

You must also give some rest to your laptop to cool it down for some time so that when you use it again, it does not emit harmful radiation. In short, you must give some rest to yourself as well as to the laptop to let it work properly and keep yourself safe from the radiation produced by it.

Buy a Laptop With low energy consumption

The most crucial point of protecting yourself from laptop harmful radiation is to buy a laptop which consumes low energy. The laptops which consume high energy are most likely to produce a high rate of radiation. 70 to 80% of the laptop’s power consumption is due to the CPU, and the rest is because of the components which consume very little electricity.

A typical laptop consumes 20 to 50 Watts of electricity which can also be trimmed down in power saving modes. You should not buy a laptop which consumes more energy than this given range of energy consumption of a typical laptop.

Use Salt Lamps to protect yourself from laptop radiation

As we know that negative ions work to maintain the ionic balance in our houses. So, the lamps can be used to reduce the EMF radiation from your house. For this purpose, Himalayan Salt lamps are used so that the EMF radiation could be reduced.

You must keep Himalayan Salt Lamps to reduce the EMF radiations from your laptop. This lamp produces negative ions which result in the reduction of those harmful radiations which are produced from the different parts of the laptop and keeps you safe from it.

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