Why are Asus laptops so bad?

Why are Asus laptops so bad?

The Asus laptops were established in 1989, in Taipei. The Asus products were manufactured in the multinational company of Taiwan. This multinational company of Taiwan builds laptops, mobile phones, desktops, monitors, motherboards, tablet PCs, multimedia products, etc. The headquarters of Asus is in Taiwan, Beitou District, and Taipei.

Why are Asus laptops so bad? According to the latest survey, Asus laptops are among the bad and cheap laptops in the market nowadays. The Asus company is not producing the right products now, and people are facing difficulties while using the Asus laptops.

One of the problems is that these laptops do not boot up fast. Sometimes, these laptops do not turn on and off and sometimes stuck while using. We will explain all the problems that will help you in choosing a good laptop for you.

Why are Asus laptops so bad?

The creators of Asus were Ted Hsu, T.H. Tung, Wayne Hsieh, and M.T. Liao. The network of Asus is among 32 countries, and it is working in around 50 service spots. The company was famous due to the number 1 manufacturing of motherboards.

Asus company has been well known all over the world, but now it is not famous in the laptop industry due to many problems. Every company makes some problems while manufacturing a device.

The details of all these problems are as follows:

Asus laptops are not good for gaming

A laptop needs to have excellent gaming quality. If you are fond of playing big games, then you should not buy this brand.

There are not any right gaming components and advance gaming systems. If you play massive games on laptops, then your laptop will stop working, or it may heat up. The processor, RAM, memory speed, GPU of the laptop is not good.

For instance, Asus FX504 specifies 8GB RAM, 128GB NVMe, wireless AC 48Wh battery, and Intel Core i7 8750H. The body and specification of this brand look tremendous but its gaming system is not good.

The cooling system is also not supported as if someone plays massive games on it, and the laptop may overheat. The lifespan will decrease if you play massive games on it.

Asus laptops are bad because of cheap sound

Asus company builds the speaker of their laptops, and they do not add advance qualities of the audio system in their speakers. Due to this, the sound quality of Asus laptops is not good.

But the other companies that make the speaker and sound systems of laptops have moved towards the advanced sound systems on the laptops. The company has not modified the sound system of laptops; that’s why there is a cheap sound system for these laptops.

This company is manufacturing its speakers and sound systems; they are not introducing advance sound systems. They is almost equal to the volume of mobile phones

The crackling sound in the speakers also starts, and after this, the sound of the Asus laptop completely stops working. The sound does not come from the audio jack or speakers. The low buzzing sound comes from the headphones if the volume turns to 100.

Asus laptops have sleep mode issues

This is the most common issue is that these laptops do not go to sleep properly. For instance, when someone presses the power button, the power light stays ON, and the laptop screen turns OFF. If the power button is pressed, then nothing happens, and the laptop suddenly shuts down.

If someone closes the lid of the laptop to turn it in the sleep mode, then it does not turn in the sleep mode and stays. This results in the heating up of the laptop, and then it stops working. These laptops often stuck in sleep mode and gave no response.

This sleep mode problem occurs due to mechanical issues. It also causes due to frozen operating system. When someone presses the keys on the laptop to turn ON the laptop, but they even don’t work. The power light stays on, but the screen of the laptop stays black.

The function of this feature is to save the power of the laptop. It also conserves energy. The issue may be caused due to battery issues. If the battery of the laptop is running low, then the laptop may not turn in the sleep mode.

Wi-Fi connectivity issues

People face Wi-Fi connectivity issues because the Wi-Fi connection suddenly keeps on disconnecting. This company does not use high-quality hardware and this results in Wi-Fi connectivity issues. An example of this issue can be explained this way; if you are using a laptop of another brand in the same area, and if there is a more reliable connection of Wi-Fi.

Then, still, the laptop does not connect to the Wi-Fi. The company is not manufacturing excellent quality products, and that’s why these laptops keep disconnecting from Wi-Fi. This brand is not introducing the modern functioning of hardware like other companies. The Wi-Fi connectivity issues may arise due to the corrupt files of windows.

These laptops often do not support the window files, and then this results in the Wi-Fi connectivity problem. When the users restart it, then Wi-Fi connects to the laptop. But after some time, the laptop again disconnects from the Wi-Fi connection. It is recommended that you should not buy this because this Wi-Fi connectivity issue will frustrate you.

In a few versions, the slot for the internet cable may be broken, and this also results in the Wi-Fi connectivity issues. You should complain about the broken slots and the subject of the Wi-Fi connection.

Low-quality Webcam

The Asus laptop does not have high-quality webcam due to the low quality of the hardware. The company does not use high-quality equipment like other companies. The webcam does not work in darkness. It does not show anything during the video call.

The laptop does not give a good picture in a tube light. The webcam is only 0.3 megapixels. The pixels of the webcam are burst and does not give a good picture. This provides blurry photographs and videos during a video call.

The webcam is very dark, and it does not maintain the brightness of the image. There should be an excellent camera on laptops, and there should be high resolution and quality of the webcam. People often use laptops for video blogging and video conferencing, but there is a negative impact of low-quality images on people.

Asus company should introduce a high resolution of the webcam as webcams are available in various sizes and shapes. The other problem is that when people take pictures on their cell phones, they look bright and clear.

But when they transfer these pictures on the laptop, the pictures do not look bright, and the pictures look dark and dull with weak colors. The driver issues may cause the black screen, and the images also don’t show on the laptop.

Asus laptops have poor quality keyboard and touchpad

The major problem is the keyboard and touchpad issue. The keyboard does not work correctly. For instance, when someone is typing on the keyboard, then users face that the keyboard is not typing in the right way. Some keys of the keyboard stop working suddenly.

When the button on the keyboard is pressed, it does not show anything on the laptop. The keys of keyboards are not even clicked, and these keys often break easily. There should be a good quality of hardware like other companies.

The keyboard is an essential part of a laptop, and a laptop is useless without a keyboard. The touchpad does not work, and it causes due to problems in the operating system. When a user gives commands to the laptop, then it does not respond to the controls, and the touchpad also does not work correctly.

The companies do not manufacture advance touchpads like other companies. When a user inserts USB into the laptop, the touchpad and keyboard do not work correctly. The companies should solve the issue of touchpads and keyboards.

The cursor of the touchpad sometimes jumps from one point to the other end during typing. It is recommended that you should contact the Asus company about the defective keyboard and touchpad.

Difficult to claim the warranty

The service centers of the Asus company are not available everywhere. It is challenging for customers to request a warranty claim. If customers contact the company to complain about the laptop, then they don’t respond quickly. It does not mean that they do not give a warranty claim; the warranty for Asus laptops is 1 or 2 years.

They also provide international warranty to its customers, and they guarantee to claim it. But the problem is that they do not have several service centers in most places. Suppose, if you are in a standard city, and you are using this brand, you will not be able to claim your warranty because you may not have an Asus service center in your city.

You will have to travel to the big city to find their service center, and there you will be entertained by their employees. Another example of their service is that, for instance, if the key of the laptop breaks under warranty, then Asus company suggests the customers buy a new key at their own expense. The contact information of the CEO of Asus company is also not available.

So, the customers face a lot of trouble if they ever need to claim the warranty of their laptop. The service of the Asus company is prolonged as compared to other companies. The performance of the Asus company is not perfect. Therefore, it is recommended that there should be a quick service for the Asus company.

Bad battery life

The battery life of Asus laptops is terrible. Asus company mentions about 7 to 8 hours of battery timing, but it runs for only 2 to 3 hours. People also face the battery problem, for instance, the notification, No Battery is Detected often pops up.

The users also complain that the laptops do not charge properly and keep on disconnecting. The motherboard is often defective. The battery usually stops after 95%, and this is the fundamental flaw of the Asus products.

The charging stops suddenly before the full charging. The charging suddenly runs low without any working. It is recommended that if you face a battery problem, then you should replace your computer with the company.

The battery suddenly heats up, and the laptop stops working. The laptops often hang due to problems with the hard drive and battery. The users also face disruptions in the power source of the battery.

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