How do you get fingerprints off a laptop case?

How do you get fingerprints off a laptop case?

A laptop case is a cover outside the laptop and it tightly fits and covers the laptop from outside. The laptop case plays an important role in the protection of laptops. Laptop cases are available in multiple designs and are made of various materials like plastic or nylon.

Laptop cases are very essential for the laptop as they protect against dust dirt and various pollutants that might ruin the performance and elegance of your laptops. Dust particles threads or any kind of debris affect not only affect the appearance of your laptop but also hinder the performance of your laptops.

How do you get fingerprints off a laptop case? Yes, you can remove fingerprints from your laptop case by using a microfiber cloth, alcohol, chemical solution, and a wet sponge. It is recommended that you must wear gloves when cleaning the laptop case.

Laptop cases protect your laptops from damaging while it’s accidental falls on the floor while handling it or withdrawing it from your laptop bag. The laptop case also protects the sensitive part of the laptop like CPU Hardware-software and keyboards. All these parts are very sensitive and they might suffer from damage when not protected properly.

The laptop case also gives you an easy to carry laptop and enhance the beauty and elegance of your laptops. But despite all the benefits we get from laptop cases this too needs some care to make it long-lasting. During holding the laptop case or when handling it when we are carrying it from one place to another place our fingerprints get printed on it.

How do you get fingerprints off a laptop case?

These fingerprints on a laptop case can give it a messy and untidy look. These fingerprints need to be removed. So in this article, I will discuss in detail some of the most reliable and easy methods to get off these fingerprints from the laptop case. So if you are looking for some easy methods to get rid of these nasty fingerprints this article will help you to choose a one.

There are different methods you can use to remove these fingerprints from the laptop case. All the ingredients used to clean these fingerprints are available in your kitchen cabinets. You need not buy any specific ingredient or tool to remove these fingerprints. The following are some of the methods you can use to get rid of these fingerprints off the laptop case.

Use a soft cloth or microfiber

The best and most easy way to get rid of these fingerprints from laptop case is by using a soft piece of cloth. Take a soft piece of cloth and that cloth should be neat and clean. This cloth should not make scratches and leave threads and fibers on the laptop case. If possible try to use a microfiber cloth. This cloth is ultra-soft and made of fine synthetic fibers. They prevent any type of scratches.

To clean fingerprints wet the cloth in freshwater. Now rub this cloth carefully on all the fingerprints present on the laptop case. Rub it until all the fingerprints are removed. Now take a dry cloth to remove any water drops present on the laptop case.

You can use a newspaper or any soft paper for this purpose. Just take a newspaper and make it damp only not to wet it with water and rub it where fingerprints are present on the laptop case.

Use a cotton swab to get fingerprints off a laptop case

Cotton swab is another very effective tool for removing fingerprints from the laptop case. They are also easily available and you can make it by yourself at home. Take a plug of cotton and dip it in water. Squeeze it to drain all excess water from cotton.

Then rub it gently on all areas of laptop case to get rid of all the fingerprints on a laptop case. You can use cotton buds to remove these fingerprints that prevent the contact of your hand with a laptop case. This will help in reducing the risk of any fingerprinting during this process.

You can use a medical-grade cotton swab which is truly aseptic. This also prevents scratches on the laptop case surface. When you are done with rubbing a cotton swab on a laptop case and see no fingerprints on the case take a dry piece of a cotton swab. Then remove the remaining smudges of water with this dry cotton swab. Be careful that these cotton swabs don’t leave any cotton fiber in the laptop case surface that might damage its appearance.

Use a wet sponge

Sponge that effectively scrub all the fingerprints from the laptop case. Take a soft sponge which we usually use to remove dirt and fiber from any smooth surface. Damp this sponge with water. Keep in mind that you need to damp the sponge. Excessive wetting sponge cause damage to the case.

Rub this damp sponge on all fingerprints. This scrubbing will wash off all the fingerprints. After you have removed all the fingerprints remove the remaining water with a dry paper towel or a piece of cloth. Gently scrub the sponge so that it will not cause scratches on the laptop case. You can use this method for cleaning a rolling laptop bag.

Use cleaning solution for removing fingerprints

Cleaning detergent or shampoo is the best way to get rid of all the fingerprints from the laptop case. To use this method you can use any mild detergent or any soap or shampoo. For solutions take an equal amount of water and detergent to make a solution. Now carefully remove the laptop case from the laptop.

Then take a brush or sponge and dip it in detergent solutions. Rub this solution on fingerprints present on the laptop case. This will effectively remove fingerprints from the laptop case. When you have wiped all the laptop cases properly to soak excess water present on the laptop case.

Try to keep a laptop and other electronics at a safe distance so that they are away from any danger. Carefully soak all the water from the case that prevents damage to the laptop case and laptop.

Use alcohol swab

Alcohol is an excellent antiseptic and stain removal. Alcohol is also very efficient in removing fingerprints from a laptop case. The most commonly used alcohol for this purpose id isopropyl alcohol. Isopropyl alcohol is also available easily in the market.

To use this for removing fingerprints dip an earbud or cotton swab in alcohol. Now rub this cotton swab on fingerprints. Rubbing this on fingerprints removes all the fingerprints from the case. When all fingerprints are removed then sop the excess alcohol on the laptop case with a cloth or some dry cotton swab.

Alcohol not only removes fingerprints but also kills all the germs and give your laptop case a shiny glaze. Alcohol strips of medical-grade are easily available and are easy to use. They do not create any mess during cleaning.

Tips to consider while removing fingerprints from your laptop case

  Here are some tips which you should follow while removing fingerprints from the laptop case. These tips will not only help you to easily get rid of all fingerprints and prevent any damage to your case and laptop.

Firstly remove your laptop from the case and place it a safe place to protect it from any damage.

Then read the booklet of instruction regarding the handling of cases and laptops that contain all the precautions to take while dealing with them.

Always wear gloves while removing fingerprints from laptop cases this will minimize the risk of further printing on laptop cases.

Use a plain and neat surface to do this cleaning never do this on carpets or mates. This will further complicate the problem.

Always keep the laptop and other electronics away from the detergent solution or damp sponge.

Never spray cleaning detergent directly on the laptop case.

Avoid using harsh chemicals containing detergent or soap that will damage the beauty of your laptop case.

Use cloth made of microfiber or lint-free cloth.

Gently rub cloth or sponge on laptop case. Too much rubbing can harm the color of a laptop case.

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