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Laptops have gained a lot of importance in our daily tasks. Getting admission in high school is not cheap, you will thousands on admission fees, accommodation, and books. I have seen many students who are finding it difficult to get a decent laptop for their school.

Our editors have done all the research and we have found 4 laptops that are just perfect for high school students. Laptops can help with multiple tasks for students. With this guide, you do not need thousands of dollars to buy laptops that are perfect for students.

Here we go:

Best Laptops for High School Students 2020 

Laptops for high school students 2020 Features Screen Price
Microsoft Surface Pro 7th Generation Intel M processor,  12.3″ Check Price
Huawei Matebook 8th Intel Core i5 processor 13″ Check Price
Acer Swift 5 8th Generation Intel i5 processor 15.6″ Check Price
Dell Inspiron 7th Generation Intel Core i3 processor 15.6″ Check Price

Microsoft Surface Pro

The Surface Pro powered by Microsoft has a great look as well as it is powered by the pinnacle technology of portable devices. The new Microsoft Pro is a 5th generation computer and full of great features which help in improving the quality of technical improvements.

It has the ability to produce great technical help but it looks like its old version. It has the version of core i7 for the improved windows version. Microsoft Surface Pro is a very nice machine that is full of luxuries. Its design is very beautiful and made up of magnesium alloys with an angular shape and the screen is 12.3inches and has a touch screen.

Its ratio of screen differentiation is 3:2 and the body of this device is very strong and gives you the robust look.

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It is a fast and affordable device with lots of features and great strength. It is able to give you the ultimate ability to work on a good performance laptop.

It has a screen resolution of approximately 2736×1824 pixels resolution. It is a pretty beautiful screen full of great features and nice abilities to prove the best out of each available laptops.

Its touch screen has a great sensibility and the touch screen is highly sensitive and can be able to do multitasking easily in a good size. This is the best laptop for high school students.

Its touch screen is highly sensitive that your fingers will feel the pleasure of touch and you enjoy the feasibility of touch. Its hinges are strong and able to work properly without any trouble. It has an angle of 165 degrees and it can go narrow to studio mode.

This laptop is full of different types of connections. You can say that it has a vast availability of USB based ports and these ports are full of great features of improving them. It has one USB 3.0 port and also possesses a display port and it also has a charger input too. It is also composed of a microSD card available.

Although this laptop has a great laptop setup and it does not have USB type C port. It has an especial addition of the reversible connector port available for the transferring of data and volts in the laptop and this will surely help you in enhancing the connectivity to the maximum level and it is full of great connection ports.

The tablet version of this laptop is full of a lot of features and you surely love it. It has core i7-7660U powered Surface Pro. Its level of performance is very high and is full of great ability to show the capabilities of multitasking and also full of the great feature of storing data with enhanced abilities to show great features of computing and processing data.

It has the ability to work for 11 hours and this is great  I mean the best feature of this laptop is its battery. The  is great for working on the laptop and gives you the chance for working without charging for a longer duration of time.

It has an outstanding keyboard and the keys are very smooth to touch and typing is very fine. You can do speedy typing on this laptop without trouble with your hands.

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Its trackball is also very sensitive to work and you can move your fingers easily on this laptop. You can move your cursor easily with your fingers or you can say it is dancing on your fingers. This is a great laptop with great features.

It has windows 10 operating system and working on this laptop is very fine and you can do ultimate working on it. Its rear and front camera is very good and great. It has the ability to work at a good speed that is fun and easy.

It is a highly portable device with a strong body and great performance. This laptop has very nice functionality. The camera effects and screen resolution is also very good. This laptop has great working capacities and is a good choice for people in every field of work.

Huawei Mate book 13

It is a great lightweight laptop which is highly portable of course its lightweight has increased its portability and the size of the screen is also optimum. Huawei has a great class in producing laptops with high grade working capabilities.

You can see the smartphone technology of Huawei and it is mastered by them and you can view the great quality of imaging and pictures on it same best technology is implanted by the Huawei in their mate book.

The most amazing thing about this laptop is that it is available at a very affordable price. It has a Huawei logo on its top and we can say that it is shiny silver in its color and for sure you will love its appearance as it is a beautiful machine.

It is a mystic silver in color and this color is quite elegant as far as its looks are concerned. Click here to buy from Amazon.

It is a great device with lots of features which are it has dual USB ports which are type C. One port is for power supply. For the connection of the screen, it has Display Port technology for connecting screen.

It has a headphone jack too for the uninterrupted supply of music to your ear. It is a good machine for giving great views on the screen.

It is not carrying a Thunderbolt 3 port all the ports available are type C ports. It has also a hidden button for fingerprint reading and this is a great feature as far as security is concern.

As far as its picture quality is concerned this laptop is full of great features as the size of the screen is optimum. The resolution of colors and brightness of the screen is also awesome. You are definitely going to love this device with your full mind.

The keyboard of this laptop is very fast and accurate and you can do typing greatly on this laptop without any trouble. You can do typing at your best and thus presentation is very high.

The trackpad has a high level of sensitivity. The navigation of the cursor of the trackpad is very swift and great in producing an optimum effect of the cursor movements.

The sound quality of this laptop is very strong and gives you a great sound limit. It is very high in its sound effects. You will love to listen to the quality of music. This music quality is high and carries deep bass and it is a delight for your ears.

Its performance level is very high. You can do the typing highly. It is quite easy to do multitasking easily on this laptop and it has a high quality of converting the graphical signals. You can get a high resolution on the screen and the signals are very great.

It has a battery life of 6 hours and you can work it for a good period of time without charging it for a longer duration of time. Its features are too good that you can do working on this laptop for quite considerable time and its features overweigh its battery.

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It has a 0.9-pixel webcam which has a great ability to view images without unclarity. It has a color distortion slightly but the images are very clear on this laptop and you will get great video calling effects and thus the images get cleared.

It has a cooling ability too and it can work for hours without getting hot and you will love this Huawei laptop as its weight and it is every feature is great and also the price is low and it can beat any competitor easily as its features are of high quality and awesome in producing the great working environment.

You can do un stopple typing with multitasking and a louder sound without any interruption on this laptop and the graphical quality of this laptop is also great in producing the high quality enhanced images. It is a good choice I must say

Acer Swift 5

Acer swift 5 is a laptop which is claimed as a world thinnest laptop. It has set a new record for the development of data of different sorts and providing you a good size of 15.6 inches. It has made the portability highly great as it is unable to stop and quite easy for traveling.

Its chassis weighs only 2.2 pounds and it is a great machine which is able to be appreciated a lot. You take the name and it has the feature. It is full of great qualities like it has a cool and bright display of 1080Pixels and battery life is quite very long.

Its body is made up of magnesium-based alloy. It is a great piece of technology for people who likes larger display with a light body which makes it an easy device to carry. It has a great GPU setting and it can hold a lot of things inside very easily.

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Its design is very modern and upgraded as it has lots of features, the body is made up of lithium-based alloy and has great ability to give the looks which are too great and up to the mark.

The handling of this laptop is quite easy and you can take it anywhere you want without any trouble and the mobility of this laptop is very high and thus you will be able to get the maximum out of any product you want to work with. This laptop is full of great enhancing features with ultimate support.

It does not have the Thunderbolt 3 sorts of port and the ports are very much diverse although not as fast as the Thunderbolt 3 but it is a good combination for your working if you need a laptop at school I mean you can take it with you very swiftly as the name is also swift. 

It is composed of a USB type C port, It is also composed of two USB 3.0 input ports too. It is also composed of an HMDI port. There is also a small DC input jack available for charging too.

The laptop is powered by a headphone or mic set in combination and it is also good news for the audiophiles and sound lovers. The Led light indicators are also available to display charging and power slot.

As far as the security of laptop is concerned this is a great machine that provides you with the awesome ability to give you the ultimate power with which you can swipe your finger on the deck of laptop and enjoy your optimum working which is also personalized.

This laptop has a display of 15.6 inches and this is a wide display as you can do typing easily and viewing a wider screen. It has a resolution of approximately 1080 pixels which is also a great availability of screen size.

Its visual quality is great and colors are too vibrant that you can easily view the colors of your choice in a bright mode and the effect is surely enhanced.

The screen of this laptop is very sensitive and the finishing of this laptop touch-screen is very fine and optimum. It has a strong screen that makes your finger that the touch-screen is made up of rubber and overall it is good.

It has an ordinary sort of keyboard but if you are a school going kid what else you want from it you are definitely going to demand nothing but a good laptop and its keyboard is good enough to support school going kids easily without any trouble or problem.

You don’t need too much force for typing on these laptops and these keypads have the sharp pressing powers so what else I can say it is a good machine overall.

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It also has a touchpad which is very swift and sensitive and you can move your fingers easily on this laptop without any trouble and problem.

It has a battery life which can stay alive for up to 8 hours and it is good for the charge free working for a good considerable period of time and you will definitely love it.

Its audio effects are also good and so is the CPU performance. Overall a great lightweight machine with a good feature. It is a good decision if got selected.

Dell Inspiron 2020

I was thinking to buy a laptop for my son and I did a lot of market surveys in this regard because I want a perfect gadget for him so that he can work easily on it. I did a lot of research on it online and I have come across a number of laptops available online.

Then I have found out the best laptop for him which has got all the features I needed.  and am going to write a review on the laptop I choose and share my experience with you people. I have bought Dell Inspiron series 15.6 inches laptop.

Display: This laptop has a very unique feature. This feature distinguishes this laptop from other laptops in many ways it is a notebook computer. It has a size of 15.6 inches with a high-definition. Its resolution is 1366×768 pixels. It comes with a touchscreen and gets lit by touch. Its display size is 13.6cm

Processor:  It has a processor powered by Intel core and the processor is Pentium N3710. Its generation is i3. Its processor speed is 2000MHz. Well, its processor is pretty fast and working is quite considerable in its speed.  So I must say working is easy on it.

Keyboard and Touchpad: Its keyboard is ultra fast and keys placement is quite well that you can maintain your Words Per minutes speed easily on it and it is quite helpful in its working and Its touchpad is also very much is friendly and is supposed to be the best among all the laptops in windows 10 version present.

Audio: Sound levels are perfect in it when we use headphones and it provides maximum clarity of sound while working on it and it is quite efficient although the speakers are average.

Battery Life: well I can say that it is a device with very good battery life and is full of the best stability of battery and their manufacturer claims that it provides the battery life of up to 6 hours without charging but in my personal experience it can stay alive for more than 6 hours.

This is a helpful feature while you are traveling and away from the power socket for a long time. It is a feature which is an important feature of any laptop. It is the feature that enhances the mobility of your device.

Heat: Heat management of this laptop is quite good considering, it has the ability to cool down itself is quite remarkable. In this world of technical competence, it is a device that can beat many products while management of heat.

Connectivity: It is equipped with three USB ports. It is powered with one USB port of 2.0 while two ports are of3.0 It is also equipped with the One port consisting of HMDI connection.

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Well, this device is full of miracles from my point of view. It is available at quite a reasonable price which means it is a good thing comes in a very small budget. Its screen is glare-free and has a decent appearance. The resolution is optimal which provides best watching experience.

It is also a great feature that its processor is very fast and you can do a lot of multitasking on it. It can make up its speed up to the mark.

As I told earlier that it’s sound quality is awesome on headphones so it is great for video conferences, chatting, watching movies and listening to music according to your taste.

It is a laptop which provides the best internet connection. Its wifi is very much strong and thus browsing is easy on it. It also maintains good downloading speed.

Its hard disk is strong enough. It can store a huge amount of data in it and its such a lovely experience to face. It is able to work at a good speed if you have to store a heap of data on it. It is user-friendly also related to office work also. Its strong hard disk also makes it stand out. This feature also increases its demand among low budget laptops.

Its design is quite very cool and elegant also it comes in a very slim size and its touchpad sensors are also very much efficient and make it a remarkable product.  Its looks are deep in color and are very much sober in its look.

It is also very much handy due to long battery life. You can work on it everywhere you want with ease and comfort.

It also comes with the two-year warranty of dell which is also a positive approach by the owners of dell.


For me, the con of this wonderful box is very minimal but you know nothing is perfect.

  • It is deprived of the ability of an optical drive.
  • Well, sometimes it depicts the dim display features.
  • Its performance is not up to the mark in certain cases.
  • Its webcam does not give a sharp and clear image.
  • It has a keyboard whose reflexes are not very much crisp.


For me, the looks are worthless until and unless you are working on your device with ease and comfort so it’s my basic need from any laptop. I prefer this device because it fits in my all requirements from my device. I am sharing my personal views on this device. I tried to enlighten each and every aspect which find useable and worthy enough to be explained.

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I hope that I have explained my point completely and it is understandable. For me it is the best  15 inches laptop and if there is anything missing you can ask from me. Your questions will highly be appreciated as it is the source of my knowledge enlightenment.

Best of Luck.


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