Best Toy Laptop for 2 Year Old 2019

Best Toy Laptop for 2 Year Old 2022

Best Toy Laptop for 2-Year-Old 2019 Reviews

Toy laptops are becoming the latest trend now a day. Babies love to play with toy laptops. Actually, they see their parents working on their laptops. So they also urge a desire to use one. But you know it is not safe to handle an original technology laptop to a 2-year-old baby.  So, laptop manufacturers made toy laptops for babies which are safe and make them happy too.

Actually, babies copy what others do. So, it’s a pleasure for them to use a laptop. Parents can also handle the toy laptop to them with great ease, comfort, and fearlessness. Kids can play and use the toy laptop in a lot of ways. They can learn a lot from it. They can safely pass their time with this user-friendly toy laptop for kids.

My Story, How I Bought the Toy Laptop for my 2-year-old Son?

The purpose why I am writing this article is my 2-year-old baby boy. Children are everything for a parent. So, each parent tries to take care of them in every aspect. Providing the thing to your children which they love is also a part of expressing your love for them. But parents take care of their children with that thing too.

When I work on my laptop, my kid is always watching me and he always tries to play with my laptop. I know that leaving my kid with this laptop is not quite safe for him. So I always tell him to stay away from my laptop. Once he touched my laptop keyboard.

He tapped all the keys at the same time very badly with his both hands. When I put my laptop away from him, he began to weep. I am a single mother and I try to bring all the happiness in the world for my son.

So, that’s when I thought that what can I do now. This problem is definitely faced by every parent. And of course, parents don’t want their kids to weep. So, I was searching on Google that is there any laptop that 2-year-old babies can use with complete safety. And that’s when; I found the perfect thing, the toy laptops for babies.

I think that every parent has to face this. As parenting is great art, and every parent must know how to deal with their baby with great care. So, I decided to share this information with all of you people to help you guys also.

This site is great, I took permission to What laptops owner to write this article.  I want to share this helpful information with the world. And finally, I am writing it to you guys. So, read it thoroughly with full attention. You will definitely love to read it.

As you see the big smile of your baby face when you bought him his/her toy laptop. You will be enjoying more than them seeing this scene.

I searched a lot about the best toy laptops on Google. I found good ones. But I took guidance from this laptop’s professional team and I bought one of the best toy laptops for my kid. Now, I will tell you about those best top picks that are sold in the market and online on a large scale.

These toy laptops are popular because of their features. They are child-friendly laptops. So, you are going to read all about these products. Get ready to have one for your 2-year-old baby.

What are the Benefits of Toy Laptops?

Here I will share the kid laptops advantages. You will be surprised to know that how a baby can get benefit from this laptop.

  • 2-year-old babies when using the toy laptops, they learn object permanence with cause and effect relationships.
  • Toy laptops help kids to build their motor skills very well.
  • Kids gain self-confidence using such type of toys.
  • A good hand and eyes coordination is developed in babies using toy laptops.
  • Kids feel proud to have their own laptop.
  • Kids are completely safe to use toy laptop.

Comparison Chart for Best Toy Laptop for 2-Year-Old 2019 Reviews

Here I will share all those best toy laptops for which I am talking about. Are you guys ready to know about them? Sit at some relaxing place with your laptop and get ready to read all about these products.  After reading all, you can make a quick selection about which toy laptop you are going to buy for your 2-year-old baby.

Here we go;

Toy Laptop for2-year old Features Recommended age Price
LeapFrog Big screen, 4 modes, portable 2-4 years Check Price
Discovery Kids Seems realistic, built-in games 2-6 years Check Price
Fisher Toy Laptop Sleek design, Smart stages technology 6 months-2 years Check Price


This is the first laptop for a 2-year-old baby which is cute looking and is just amazing.


Read all about this laptop here;

Large screen

LeapFrog is having a big and good looking screen that your child will definitely love to use. This safe display features 26 fun critter animations. This will help your baby to learn a lot. Leaptop actually pretends to play even bigger.

Learn and play

You can tap it away in four learning modes. Your kid can learn and play with these following four modes;

  • ABC’s messages
  • Games
  • Music
  • Bop

It comes with 16 rhyming songs, poem songs and melodies by which your kid can learn a lot. Besides learning all the things your kid will be definitely enjoying all this for sure.

By using ABC mode, your kid can hear and learn alphabets. While in the gaming mode your kid can play letter games. This will make the kid’s mind sharper and help him to understand more. Besides this game, kids can play the fun game and animal trivia. These types of games can reinforce great learning.


By messaging and email option, your baby can pretend to send emails. He/she can also receive emails with a scout. Your kid can have much more with this feature and learn also. Kids will gain confidence with this too.

They will have an idea how to message someone. At least your baby will develop laptop literacy very earlier than other kids not using kid’s laptop.

Keep personal

Customize your LeapFrog Laptop to help your kid to spell his or her name and to learn and remember it as well.


It has an extremely lightweight that a 2-year-old baby can easily handle it. It has a handle area to hold it firmly. Your kid will grab it easily. It has a light weight of only 1.3 pounds.


This toy laptop is easily recyclable. Just because of its corrugated material, it is able to be recycled.


It comes it is a beautiful light green color. Keyboard and laptop casing comes in various colors. Your kid is going it love this colorful laptop.

Traditional packaging

It comes with the traditional packaging and its functionality may vary. It is teamed up with Amazon. It comes in traditional packaging during shipping. It is packed in such a way that there is no need to use a knife or a cutter. You can just open it with your hands.

This will protect your product further. It is a completely Frustration-Free Package. It gets shipped in its own box. So, there is no need for an additional shipping box.

Click here to buy from Amazon.

Specs of LeapFrog Leaptop

  • Product dimensions = 2 x 9.5 x 5.6 inches.
  • 3 AA batteries are used in it.
  • It has got 4.2 out of 5 stars by parent reviews.
  • Recommended age for this laptop is 2 years to 4 years.

Final words  

This toy laptop is just amazing. You can choose it for your 2-year-old baby. It will be available to you just in 20 Dollars. Buy it for your lovely kid right now and make him happy.

Discovery Kids Laptop

This is another kid’s safe and friendly laptop. Get ready to know about it.


It has got the features like;

Realistic laptop

It amazingly looks like a realistic laptop with its full screen. It looks great actually.

Do fun

Using this toy laptop, your bay can have much more fun.  It provides 60 games and other fun activities to your kid. These activities involve math, geography, brain teasers, music, spelling and much more. So, you can guess yourself how much this product will be beneficial for the kid.

Built-in games

This toy laptop for 2 year old, offers built-in games. That’s why it does not require any of the additional software to be purchased.


It offers a standard keyboard. It is completely like an adult style keyboard. It comes with multi-directional buttons. Along with this, it has an attached mouse with it for slight movements.


This is obvious that kids need a portable product for easy handling. So, this laptop has such a nice weight to be easily carried. It is just 2.45 pounds.

It is extremely convenient and portable to carry on a plane ride. Even it can be fitted in each and every bag pack.


Discovery Kids Laptop is wireless. So there will be no disturbance of any wire. The only wire it has is the mouse wire attached with the laptop completely.


This toy laptop uses 4AA batteries. But these batteries are sold separately.

Colors available

Discovery laptop is available in a blue and a pink color. Most commonly blue color is liked by all baby boys. And the pink color is just love for the baby girls.

Click here to buy from Amazon.


This product is just a full package for fun. It provides a hassle-free and no mess entertainment. It will be just at your kid’s fingertips all the time.

Recommended age

The manufacturers have recommended this laptop for babies aged 2-6 years.

Final words

It is the finest laptop for your baby. The choice is all yours that either you want to buy it or go with the other one.

Fisher Laptop

Another best laptop kids that I am going to share with you people is the Fisher laptop.


This item has got the features like;

LED screen

It has got the LED screen daily. It shows exciting images and patterns which your baby will love to see.

Sleek design

This laptop is having a great sleek and beautiful design. This looks very elegant.

Develop and grow

The songs, phrases, and sounds are introduced in this laptop already. These introduce letters, numbers, shapes colors and many more.


This kid laptop is equipped with colorful keys. Typing on these keys and toggling the space bar helps your kid to get strengthened his/her hands and eyes coordination. This will increase your kid motor skills as well.

Your baby can press and toggle the key to activate any song and phrase on his own. Either he taps on right keys at first or not, but he will be introduced with the cause and effect very well. In short, learning comes to life with this interactive laptop.

Smart stages technology

The laptop has smart stages technology available in it. This latest technology is an exciting new way to change the learning content as the baby grew up.

Level 1- Explore- 6M+

Your baby can explore and hear the new words like a triangle, blue; round, etc. They will be introduced with new words earlier. It will help the kids to learn and speak earlier. It will also help them to communicate in the way they understand things.

All songs and phrases in this laptop include such kind of words for shapes, colors, letters, etc.

Level 2-Encourage- 12M+

Baby can press the key to hear the prompts like; ‘’Help me find one’’. By pressing this key, kids will be encouraged to learn vaunting, letters, shapes, opposites and further like this.

Level 3-Pretend -18M+

A little bit older baby will learn to send pretending messages. They can be more imaginative by sending texts on emails. They can do chatting too in their own learned words.

You can manually switch to any of these phases.

Colors availability

It is available in blue, white and grey color. Child love to use colorful things.

Songs play

The manufacturers introduced the 30+ to sing along songs in this laptop. Baby can learn these poem and rhyming songs. This will help them to speak well as well. Besides this, there is also an amazing feature included with this. It is that, when these sing-along songs are played and the baby gives a response, it rewards the baby actions by cheering sound.

Portable and affordable

The laptop is quite portable and affordable too. It is having a slim handle for on the go play. You can carry it in any of your bags. Take it with you even when traveling any faraway place.

Click here to buy from Amazon.

All the laptops that are reviewed here are baby laptops. These are not only affordable but you can call it extra cheap laptops. It is quite difficult to find out the right baby laptop, so that’s why I shared some top picks with your people.

Final words

This laptop is ideal for 6 months to a 2-year baby. You can select any one of these user-friendly products for your baby.  Believe me, it will be a great pleasure for you people to watch your babies working and playing on their toy laptops.

So, read this whole guide carefully and get your baby any of these outclass laptops. Be ready to see the smile on their faces with these toy laptops. 

Best of Luck.


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