How to Install Software on a Laptop Without CD Drive

How to Install Software on a Laptop Without CD Drive

Installing software with the CD or DVD in very easy and just takes a couple of minutes. The problem arises when your laptop or notebook is without a CD drive. In this article, I will explain in detail, How to Install Software on a Laptop Without CD Drive?

I bought Ultrabook last year and this is a small-sized decent notebook that does not feature a CD drive. I wanted to install some software, at that moment I realized that my laptop does not have a CD drive. 

Now what?

I decided to research this and after looking into different forums and contacting few friends, I got the answer, to the hot question, How to Install Software on a Laptop Without CD Drive? 

How to Install Software on a Laptop Without CD Drive?

With the advancements in the technology, many new manufacturers are now going for a version of laptops without a CD drive. There are many reasons for this and the main reason is the reduction in the weight and size of the machine. With this technology, many fellows are finding it difficult to install software on their laptops as they do not have a CD drive attached.

Now how to solve this issue?

Buy external CD drive, this is one of the easiest solutions for this. However, not everyone is willing to buy an external device and then attach it with their laptop for installing software. You can also use different other ways like USB Data Flash, having access to a Disk Drive on a Network.

Since this topic is about installing software without a CD drive, so I will share more details below.

Here, I will explain different ways you can use to install software on a laptop without a CD drive.

Use External USB Drive:

This is one of the easiest ways to install any software on your laptop. Just attach the external device and use it as a proper CD drive. Now without a built-in CD drive, you can still install any software to your laptop and that too from any CD. Click here to buy an external USB drive from Amazon.

Just follow the instructions manual that normally comes with the external USB drive. Follow the step by step guide of installing the drive and that’s it. Simply insert any CD into the USB external device and BOOM 🙂

Use USB Data Flash:

Another easy way of installing any software to your laptop if it does not have a CD Drive. If you on any other laptop or even a desktop version, simply go there. First, you need to buy a USB data flash that will help you to install any software. Now attach the data flash to your laptop with a CD drive and copy anything you want to install on a laptop that does not have a CD drive.

Click here to buy USB data flash from Amazon.

Transfer the data, start the setup and complete your installation without any trouble. With this method, you can almost install anything to your laptop. I use USB data flash to copy movies to my laptop. For this, simply create a new folder in your data flash. Select the setup of the software that you choose to install. Shift it to the drive. Safely remove the drive. 

Now, go to your laptop and attach the USB Data Flash and copy that folder containing your desired software. Start the procedure and enjoy working on your laptop. 

Use Shared Folder on a Network:

This is one of my favorite methods that I use. At, What Laptops main office, we have many laptops that are without a CD drive, so what I do is to share everything on our Office Cloud Drive. All staff members have access to their required folders that contain all of their working stuff. 

So, even without a CD drive, everyone can install any software they like to their laptops within minutes. 

Final Words About Installing a Software on Laptop Without a CD Drive

I have explained four different ways that you can use easily it for installing Softwares without a CD drive. I personally like to have a small notebook that is easy to carry and work on. Now that installing almost anything is possible without the CD drive, why pay extra and carry more weight. 

Thanks to the technology, I can now easily take my laptop with me without worrying about the size and weight of the laptop

Feel free to contact me for any question about laptops. I will not only answer you but also, I will post a detailed article on that very question and post it here on my blog.

Best of Luck.


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