Best Laptop for Clinical Psychology Students

Best Laptop for Clinical Psychology Students

Best Laptop for Clinical Psychology Students

As a clinical psychology student, I am fully aware of the importance of laptops in my academic life. In fact, not only in school but also during internship and research, it is almost impossible to work without the laptop. And, if you are a clinical psychology student too, most likely you are as you are reading this article right now. Then, you are fully aware of the importance of the laptop in your life.

But if you are a first-year student or freshly out of high school and planning to opt clinical psychology field. And, you are wondering whether you need or not need the laptop for your academic life. You need it for your academic life but also your professional life. 

5 Best Laptop for Clinical Psychology Students in 2020 are:

  • HP Chromebook – 14-inch screen with 64GB Storage
  • HP 15.6 Laptop – Touchscreen with a dual-core processor.
  • Lenovo N-23 Laptop – Solid drive of 128GB, Ideal for Psychology Students.
  • Lenovo IdeaPad S145 – Features Bluetooth, Wifi and super-fast speed.
  • Lenovo 2020 – The latest laptop with the best features.

Why Clinical Psychology students need laptops?

After understanding the importance of laptops, the question arises why clinical psychology students need laptops. Or what is the essence of laptops in the life of the clinical psychology students? To make sure you understand it and get your answer, I have noted down all the main reasons for how helpful laptops are. 

 So that when your parent or guardian about why do you need a laptop. You can give them all these reasons as to why you would need a laptop for your clinical psychology studies as well as a career.


As a college student, you are going to get several assignments that are going to be completely different from the homework you got in high school. You would need to use the internet, and for that, you would need a laptop. Also, most of these assignments, you need to send them in a soft copy to your professor.


Like assignments, you will get presentations too, which will contain points that will be included in your final exams. For preparing these presentations as well as emailing them, you will need a laptop. 

Especially when presenting in front of the class, it is best to take your laptop to prevent any kind of mishap. I have seen several students who lose points just because their file isn’t opening or working. That’s why l always take my laptop on presentation day, with me.


You will get several group projects in your clinical psychology class. These projects would vary depending on the class as well as a teacher. But there would be one common thing, and that would be you need a laptop with you. So, that you can show work to your group mates. Also, when working in a group, it is easier when you have your laptop with you.


eBooks are way cheaper than printed books. Last semester, I spent only fifty dollars for three books, just because I got eBooks.

Moreover, some books aren’t even available or too expensive to get in printed form. So, if you have a laptop, you can just get an eBook on your laptop—no need to carry the heavy bag. 


You can just write all your notes on the laptop too. It could be Microsoft Word or Notes, as it has all the helpful icons to make headings, subheadings, etc. I also no longer buy register, pen, etc. as it just saves me a lot of money. And I can carry all the data on my laptop without worrying that I am going to lose it.

Online exams:

Most of the schools take online exams now. I remember taking an online exam for my Health Psychology class. I was so glad that I had my laptop. As several mishaps occur, as one of my friends missed the exam. Just because all the computers were busy in the library as well as a computer lab. So, its best to have your laptop.


As a Clinical psychology student, it is a must to do an internship. Though, in most of the schools, the student did their internship last year. But, honestly, it is better to do as soon as you can. As hospitals can take the first years too. And, while in hospital, you can not carry all the books with you. So, it is better to carry all the information on the laptop.


Even as a professional, when you become a Clinical Psychologist. You would need your laptop to have all the data of your clients. And save it in one place without worrying about losing it or someone accessing it without your permission. As in the field of clinical psychology, confidentiality is the main key.

Importance of laptops for Clinical Psychology Students:

To further understand the importance of laptop for clinical psychology students. You can take a look at the following points. As a clinical psychology student myself, I have never gone anywhere without my laptop in the last three years. Whether it is a hospital, school, or home.

Report writing

In research, as a clinical psychology student, the most important thing is to write a report. During your internship, you record data regularly on your laptop. And, after the completion of the internship, you sit down and write a complete report. Or you can start writing it while doing your internship too. The second option is even better. That way, you would be done by the time you complete your internship.

Research purposes

As a clinical psychology student, the importance of research can never be neglected. And for every step in research, the laptop is a must. I have never seen a researcher without a laptop. There is no way to do data analysis without it. And, with a laptop, it is a lot easier to do research now. 


The best thing about a laptop is portability. You can take it to school, hospital or your group meetings. You don’t have to worry about leaving your homework home now. I mean, you can not even make that excuse because you have your laptop with you all the time. Too bad, I guess.

Save the data

You can save all the essential information in your laptop. Whether it is your research data or your schoolwork. You no longer have to worry about missing it. As even after the completion of your degree, you would have all your notes with you in one place. That is specifically helpful when you are trying to prepare for tests like GRE.

Use it anywhere and anytime

As a clinical psychology student, all your time is spent in school, hospital, or at home. I can completely relate to that. So, I love going to parks on a sunny evening or to my favorite coffee place. Sitting there with my laptop and doing my assignments. Especially working on cases during my internship. I completed almost all of my reports in a coffee shop with a hot chocolate.

Best 5 Laptops for Clinical Psychology Students

After understanding the importance of laptops for clinical psychology students, you must be wondering which laptop you should buy. As a student, you are most probably on a budget, but you want the best one too. No worries, I completely understand you, no amount is small amount is my motto. And, if you are spending, you should get something good. 

Keeping that in mind, I have listed down some of the best laptops for Clinical Psychology students. So, without any worry, you can take a look and choose the one which looks best for you. 

HP Chromebook 14 inch Laptop

HP Chromebook is the 14-inch laptop at a very affordable price, which is also available online. It has RAM of 4 GB and eMMC storage of 16 GB. Also, the Intel Celeron N3350 Processor. What else are you looking for in a laptop? This is a perfect laptop for a Clinical Psychology Student. 

HP 15.6 Laptop

Another HP laptop with 15.6” is the laptop with a touchscreen option. It has high performance and Intel i3 – 700 u and dual-core Processor. Memory of 8 GB while webcam, WIFI, and Bluetooth are available. Keep in mind that it is a Windows laptop. Perfect and affordable for clinical psychology students.

Lenovo N-23 Laptop

Another excellent laptop for clinical psychology students is Lenovo N – 23, with an 11.6-inch screen. It has amazing IPS anti-glare screen. RAM of 4 GB and Intel Celeron of N3060. Plus, it has a solid drive of 128 GB and professional Windows 10. It is a fantastic choice for you as a clinical psychology student, especially if you are on a budget. 

Lenovo IdeaPad S145 Laptop for Psychology Students

This sleek and stylish laptop, Lenovo IdeaPad S145, has amazing functions, and its fun to use. It had an HD Display of 15.6 and RAM of 4 GB. SSD of 128 GB and Intel Celeron 4205U. Also, it has the functions of WIFI, Bluetooth, and Windows 10 Home. As a clinical psychology student, it is comfortable to use as well as carry. You can also use a docking station with this laptop.

2020 Lenovo IdeaPad Laptop

Most recent and stylish, 2020 Lenovo IdeaPad has 14” HD Display. It has RAM of 4 GB and eMMC of 64 GB. Plus, 32 GB SSD card and Microsoft Office 365. 2020 Lenovo IdeaPad is quite popular among clinical psychology students as well as business students. Because of its sleek design and 14” HD display.

How to choose a laptop for Psychology Students?

While looking for a laptop, keep these things in mind. Because you are looking for a laptop which you can use for a long duration. And, as a clinical psychology student, you would be needing your laptop, literally, every single day. Hence, before buying, make sure the following things:

Battery life: Look for a laptop, which has a good battery timing. You can find online reviews for laptops and check which one has the best battery timing. As you often won’t get time to charge your laptop. Life of a clinical psychology student is, no doubt, pretty hectic.

Storage: Make sure that the laptop has sufficient storage space. You need to store all the data for research, your projects, and even data of clients for internship reports too. So, it is better to look for storage space before you buy the laptop. 

Warranty: Be clear of all the conditions of your laptop warranty. No matter how bored you are, you should not skip this part while buying the laptop. Especially when you are buying it online, keep in mind all the warranty conditions of your laptop. And make use of it when the need arises.

Light in weight: The laptop, lighter in weight to carry, would be helpful for clinical psychology students. You have to carry them to the classroom, hospital, and various other locations. So, lighter in weight means easier t carry around with you, all the time, without worrying about hurting your back. 

Small size: Try to look for a laptop, which is a suitable size for you to carry anywhere. Not to small that you can’t read words easily or not too big to have difficulty carrying it. Keep in mind that as a clinical psychology student, you would have to carry it to the hospital often. Small laptops are always a better choice.


I hope by now, you are clear that clinical psychology students need laptops and the importance of laptops in clinical psychology students’ life. And, you should take benefit of your laptop, as a clinical psychology student. But if you still have any questions or worries, feel free to write down your questions in the comment section below. I will try to reach you as soon as possible.

Lastly, good luck with your new laptop and clinical psychology career! I wish you the best!

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