How to Check if Laptop is VR Ready?

How to Check if Laptop is VR Ready?

It is easy to check that your laptop is compatible with the streaming of virtual reality or not. You have to do the complete process that makes your device compatible with VR. 

How to Check if Laptop is VR Ready? You can check if your laptop is VR ready by its processor speed, USB ports, minimum 4GB RAM, and a graphics card with video output. Tools used for Virtual Reality includes Oculus, HTC tool, Vive Cosmos, and Primax.

Recommended and Minimum Requirements for a VR Ready Laptop:

Components Recommended requirements Minimum requirements
Processors Intel Core i5-9400 Intel Core i5-4590
USB ports 3 ports of 3.0 USB

1 port of 2.0 USB

2 ports of 3.0 USB
RAM 8 GB or greater Minimum 4 GB
Operating system Linux or

Windows 8.1

Windows 7
Graphics card NVIDIA GTX 1060 NVIDIA GTX 970
Video output HDMI 1.4 HDMI 1.4

Virtual reality provides you a different type of unusual feature that changes your sense of vision. You will feel the new features and enjoy your favorite shows. You have to note that the use of this particular device with all these compatibility options can do complete work for you.

You will get different features, such as you will be able to give feedback to the developer. You will feel like all things are happening in front of you. The different devices provide you the different levels of the streaming. The quality of the streaming will depend on the quality of the device you are using. I am using MSI GP65 Laptop (Amazon) and it has all the required features.

You can play video games, perform interactive sessions, and it will introduce you to the virtual world. You will get the three-dimensional image quality that makes you feel enjoyable and better. You must improve the system by adding the latest hardware in it. You can also use Oculus Quest VR Gaming Headset (Amazon) with your set up.

You have to get a proper idea about the three dimensions images. It will provide you the different types of real scenarios. You will get a better quality of the safer environment there. You will reveal different innovative ideas that will make the curiosity in your mind to learn more about the technology. You can view the features that will vary by seeing the type of product that you are using.

How to Check if Laptop is VR Ready?

In this article, we have added 5 best methods along with a chart to access if your laptop is VR ready. You must get a firm idea to develop better experience by seeing the better quality of the advertisement of your favorite brands besides your entertainment. You must try to use a better quality of the appliances because poor quality products will affect you a lot.

Note the compatibility of the device

The compatibility of the device must be noted by checking the different hardware specifications. You must try to verify that you are using the same parts that are required by that device. You have to go into the details of the user manual if you are crazing to know the exact specifications of the data. You have to reconsider your opinion after reading the complete user guide.

You have to adopt different methods for making the exact estimate of the specifications of the device. This will quickly scan your system and tell that which things are good and which are lacking. You must try to reconsider the products that you are using in your home. The different techniques that you are widely used are as follows:

Oculus Tool

You have to go into the small details that may lead you to a better quality of vision and sound. It will quickly tell you the complete idea of a product. You have to follow the simple procedure and you will get the required results.

First of all, you have to download a particular application on the device. The app that you are using in your device should be capable enough as the requirements of a specific device. This application is available with different names in different operating systems. You have to look for an official app that has enriched with all types of features. You may try to note the small details of the product and make its connection the same.

After downloading the application, you have to start running the system with its full functions. You have to go for its different techniques that provide you an estimate about the hardware of different devices.

You have to wait for a few minutes without touching any navigation bar while the application is scanning different hardware parts. You have to make the best use of this application by following all the set procedures and guidelines.

If your device is compatible with starting the virtual reality, then you will get a positive message on the screen. If your device is lagging from the availability of different components, then you will get the complete details of the required hardware. Some updated applications also show the various options to purchase that hardware for better use. You will see the green or red marks that will show the availability of components in the device.

If nothing matches the system requirement, then you will only see a message that your device is not suitable for the streaming. After purchase, you will be lost the huge money if their compatibility is not matching.

The basic specifications of the device that this gadget will recommend to the system is at least the device should have the process of i5 technology. If your process is not equal or latest to this technology, then your device is not compatible.

You must use the Intel Company for purchasing the processor because they have a major share in the processor market and trying to provide the products at a lesser cost to their customers.

The other significant recommendations for your device by this tool will be of the operating system, permanent memory, and temporary memory. You have to fulfill these requirements by purchasing the products of good quality. It recommends that the random access memory should be higher than the eight Gigabytes. Your device will not be compatible if the RAM is lesser than that range. You should always buy a laptop with a number pad.

HTC tool

It is also one of the necessary checks to note the requirements for the hardware of the devices to check whether it is compatible with virtual reality streaming or not. It will also use the technology of scanning to note the minimum specifications. You will get the minimum requirements in a short time. 

You will no need to wait for a longer time. The different specifications will show on the screen after the process of scanning will finish. You have to pay complete attention when you are checking for the scanning should be reliable and give you the best and latest information without any type of problems.

You will get the details of every step that how much hard disk is required and the model of the graphics card. You will see the red, yellow, and green signals that may explain how much your device is compatible with the latest streaming. If there is a red sign that shows that your device is not compatible with the product that you are using. You have to add a certain type of hardware in it to make it compatible.

You can get different types of explanations by seeing which brand name products will suit you most. You can arrange these products from all kinds of online stores or any official outlets of the brands. You can use its other functions also to check the speed of your device and any other thing. The basic needs of virtual streaming are the latest operating system that is correctly updated. This will also help to fix a laptop that is playing random music.

The USB ports should be of good quality that makes it suitable for connecting with different types of connections. You have to take good care of the small things that make your device compatible with the latest technology. The motherboard should develop according to the latest standards of technology.

The process of scanning can be done in the same way as in the previous step. You have to install the application in your store and try to follow it. You can get a tutorial to use this application on the internet. 

This will recommend that your device must have the three USB ports of the quality 3.0 and one USB port of 2.0. It will add diversity in your system, and your device can connect to multiple inputs. You have to take care of these things that implementation on all the recommendations is not possible, but you have to implement on the things which are easy and simple to work.

The operating system is recommended that it should be windows or Linux. If you are using Windows as your operating system, then it should be 7 or greater than that. You should try your best to improve the connectivity options of a device. The graphic card that you are using should be of the latest technology. A cheap laptop costs less but it is not suitable for this purpose.

Vive cosmos

The recommendations for this application are nearly the same as the previous one. This application recommends that your device can work with the 4 gigabytes of the random access memory. You have to use more than these recommendations because they are providing the minimum specifications to you. You have to use the latest technology as much as you can.

The operating system is also the same as the previous methods. You can use windows 7, 8.1, or 10 for the connections. This technology is not widely used to check the compatibility of the devices. The graphic card that you can use for this device can be of NVIDIA Company that is the best among all other companies of the graphic cards.

You have to attain the minimum specifications of the products to stream the virtual reality on the screen. It is better that you buy the insurance for your device.


You have to note that the use of these things may give you multiple purchase options also. The premium features of these products will allow you to take the opinions of the experts. 

There is one benefit of using this method that provides you different specifications for various quality of the video. You have to consider this tool if you want to purchase any specific type of streaming. You have to find mechanisms by looking at the purchasing options to view different kinds of streaming.