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With everyday, many new accessories for laptops hit the market. I am a blogger and a Youtuber, I need better connectivity for my work. With the best-docking stations 2020, you can easily have better connectivity with your laptop as LAN ports and USB ports, etc.

If you are also searching for the latest docking stations for your laptop, you have reached the right place. In this article, our editors have selected these top-rated docking stations. We have added detailed product reviews along with a buying guide for docking stations for laptops.

Best Laptops with Docking Stations 2020 Reviews

Laptops Docking Stations 2029 Features USB 3.0 Price
Amazon Basics Compatible with Windows 7, 8.1, 10 Yes Check Price
Kensington Compatible with Windows 7, 10, Mac  Yes Check Price
StarTech Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10 Yes Check Price
Targus Universal Compatible with Windows 7, 10, Mac Yes Check Price
Plugable 3.0 Compatible with Windows 7, 10 Yes Check Price

Amazon Basics

This is a strong Amazon docking station. It is full of supporting gadgets, it has a USB 3.0 Universal laptop docking station. The most amazing factor of this docking station as it may get connected to the laptop, desktop or tablet and it can add up to two additional monitors.

It also has an extra feature that can get connected to the Ethernet network. And the most wonderful thing is that it can get connected to the nine sorts of accessories quite easily.

These are keyboards, gaming mouse, speakers, headphones, and printers and all these things get connected to single USB cable. This is one of the best docking stations in 2020.

Amazon Basics universal laptop docking station is very easy to install and working on this docking station is fun to do. Just you need to install its drivers firstly and this is a very important thing to do and once you are done with the installation then it is ready to get connected with the monitors and your laptops.

It requires a Display Link driver for its working and this driver can easily be downloaded from the internet without any problem. It also has a user manual that provides useful instructions for great handling of this docking station.

It is equipped with the USB port only and this USB port is universal and you cannot charge your devices with this docking station. Click here to check the latest price.

It has an ability that it can get easily connected to two monitors and that is of the external source.  The Amazon Basics docking station comprises of two graphics ports. It also has an HMDI port and it is also equipped with the DVI-I port and there is also a VGA adapter for mirroring and also makes you able to extend the windows desktop.

It has a DVI/VGA port that is able to give you the resolution up to 1920×1200 and thus the adapter is able to convert the DVI to VGA graphics mode adapter. If you are desiring a 2560×1440 output and this is available at this resolution when only one HMDI display present at the docking station.

It is available at the 1920×1200 if two monitors are connected to it. It is a great device with absolutely awesome features as this is able to the maximum resolution effect. It has a high-speed internet cable and the viewership is also great.

In addition to the DVI and HMDI port, there is also the availability of Ethernet port and this Ethernet port has the potency of RJ45 Gbits. It is a great Ethernet port that gives you the great connectivity to the internet and this connection is super fast in its working.

This device is equipped with the input and output port which is able to get connected to the headphones and also to the microphones. This is also a docking station that has great audio connectivity.

The Amazon Basics has two USB ports which are of 3.0 version and it will give you great connectivity and diverse portability. It has the ability to have extra hard drive connectivity and it is also available with the extra USB graphics adapter.

It is also composed of four USB 2.0ports and it is able to transfer data at a high speed of 480 Mbps. You can get different accessories connected to it easily without any trouble and problem.

This powered docking station is compatible with windows10, 8.1, 7 and the problem with this docking station is that it is unable to get connected with the Linux Mac and other operating system and it is connected to windows and get easily connected with the windows and drives are able to install readily.

Its USB graphics require the dual-core 2.0GHz and a CPU and the powerful RAM for its proper functioning. Click here to buy from Amazon.

This docking station powered by Amazon has great working abilities and able to get connected to two monitors at a time without any problem and this can work without any trouble as you can install its drivers on your laptop without any effort and this laptop gets connected to the monitor easily.

This set of Amazon Basics docking stations has a very nice sort of compilation of ports for connection of accessories and also the internet. This is surely a wonderful device which is strong and sturdy too.

Kensington USB 3.0 Dual Display

Many convertibles offer good productivity. They may be helpful in many instances. However, sometimes they do not prove useful especially when your workload requires more computing. When you work more on computers and your PC lakes necessary convertibles you get tired from plugging in and plugging out of peripherals.

Sometimes these ports also come short on connectivity ports. The only solution to overcome this problem is this USB 3.0 dual docking station. It is supported by many operating systems like Windows, Mac OS and Surface Pro (K 33972US). Now you have the option to enhance your productivity and you can deal better with your workload.

Kensington offers a universal USB type A dock. This docking station is supported by many operating systems. If you are using Microsoft Windows it’s completely fine. It supports Windows 10, 8 and 7.

Now you can also get benefit from this very useful dock station. If you are running Mac Os 10.4 and later it works with that perfectly. It is also supported by Surface Pro.

This dock station offers to you two frontally attached ports. If you are not already familiar with the benefits of ports; let me demonstrate it a little bit.  When you are given a huge data and asked to transfer it from flash or into your laptop. Many laptops or PCs lakes 3.0 USB slots or has a single one.

Click here to buy from Amazon.

Now two things matter here. First how fast you can transfer data and second how many ports you have. This dock doubles the second thing, and gives you multiple ports and transfer your data up to 5Gbps speed.

So both of your problems can be solved with this dock station. Now transfer things at fast speed and you have multiple options to plug in.

This docking station offers you four USB 2.0 ports. Here is the deal, if you are the one working online, writing articles and doing multiple things.

Now you will be facilitated by this magnificent device. It will offer you to attach many peripherals at the same time. You will be provided with multiple options.

USB 2.0 ports can be beneficial by providing you access to plugin common peripherals such as Keyboard, mouse, etc. the other main function of the USB 2.0 port is to give you a power option. Now you can charge your cell phones and other devices from these ports.  It doesn’t matter your PC is off, you can charge by this device.

This dock system is provided with multiple video output options. It is fitted with one HDMI port. Now you can connect to multiple monitors through this HDMI. You will have a 1080p full HD display on the other side.

This flexibility option works great when your work requires more than one display. So you have this option to work at more than one display.

This docking station also comes along with two extra video adaptors. Well, this is fascinating because with these adaptors you can also turn your DVI port into an HDMI. This adaptor will convert the DVI port into HDMI. So you will have two HDMI connections at the same time.

Another problem does appear especially when you have older monitors. Because the DVI port available on this dock does not support the older monitors.

The solution to this problem has been given in this device. This device comes along with a VGA adaptor. Now you can also connect VGA adaptor at DVI to output to the older monitors.

Kensington is also fitted with a Gigabit Ethernet slot. It will provide you the option to connect the Ethernet through wire network. Now through this facility, you can establish more network connectivity. You can establish reliable networks through this Ethernet connector. You will have access to the internet all the time. This device brings you closer to the online community.

This device also provides you two audio connections on the front. The microphone connection will allow you to connect your device to the microphone. Now you will be more productive with this option to boost your listening.

This docking station can also be used to attach woofers. So make a louder voice with your PC using this option. Now hook up with a single cable by headphone adaptor. You can enjoy the music for a long time using your headphones.

Another surprising feature of this device is USB A cable which is also included in this offer. It provides connectivity from your laptop to any other device. Now connect with another device through the dock and just move on. It benefits you at the home and offices. Simply attach the USB A cable and you are running.

Click here to check the latest price.

SD 3500V USB docking station proposes a better solution. It can be turned into two different modes. First, you can use this device in Extended Mode. What extended mode going to give is that it will allow you to share your desktop across multiple screens? It will allow you to work on multiple displays at the same time. You can run multiple applications on the two or more monitors at the same time.

The second which is the clone mode allows you to replicate the same on the secondary display.

This device can do many things for you. It works great with your particular PCs. This device will supplement you with the power to work at greater efficiency. Now just plug in a single cable and your laptop will be connected with many displays. You will have more added functionality to keep you benefiting.

StarTech Thunderbolt 3 Docking Station 2020

This thin and slim dock could be the best thing for you. This thunderbolt 3 4k dual docking stations will actually get you at more advancement. This device is very low in weight. It has aluminum design over the cover and ports on both sides for utilities. This simple and compact docking station apart from its beautiful design gives you more productivity.

The important thing you must have to know if you have decided to get this device; this dock station is supported only to the Windows. If you are running any other operating system, sadly but this device is not for you, you should try another StarTech model then. But if you are running Windows OS then take a look at its magic.

This device comes along the thunderbolt 3.0 connector. It has three USB 3.0 ports. All you have to do is just connect a USB 3.0 connector cable and make it works. You can also connect these ports to your laptop to enhance its functionality.

Click here to buy from Amazon.

These ports also supplement your laptop with the power for easy and fast share. It will double your USB 3.0 ports and definitely will give you an extra option to connect. Thunderbolt 3 USB 3.0 cable can also be connected at USB 3.0 port to give you a 4K display at your secondary monitor.

This latest 2020 docking station has an Ethernet port on the back. This port is just in case your laptop does not have an Ethernet port. Mostly the thinner and slimmer laptop lacks Ethernet port and now this problem is solved. Through this port, you can connect your laptop with the data network connections. This port is for the wire connections.

At the front of this docking station is Type C USB 3.1 port. Here is good news for you. This port is multifunctional. The major purpose of this port is to keep your devices charged. Now keep your mobile devices ready by using this dock convenient port. It delivers fast USB charging and supports USB battery charging.

This dock is also provided with audio and microphone input options. The microphone port will let you record music and other voices. It can be used as an output for your woofers. Now you can fill your room with loud music. If you want to listen to lectures and videos on youtube this device will fill your desire. It has one headphone jack.

This compact thunderbolt 3 docking station has two options for you to connect with monitors. Now you can easily connect to two 4K ultra HD displays. This feature is specially designed for creative professionals. Here is the deal, if you are the one who works at high-resolution power display this dock is then designed for you.

As I mentioned above this dock has one display port. Through this port, you can achieve the 3840x2160p or 4096x2160p resolution on your monitor. Now you can watch videos on bigger display without being made any compromise on the quality.

You can optimize your workflow by using Thunderbolt 3 USB-C port to give a display at the second monitor.

Now you can turn this docking station into your workspace. You can boost your productivity with this compact docking station. It offers you up to 40Gbps of throughput. You can add more display to your PC to get fast access to your files. Now you can accomplish more at the same time without wasting your time. It reduces waiting.

This device is designed to empower your workflow. With its single cable docking, it delivers up to 40Gbps Bandwidth. Let me remind you that this speed is twice the speed of Thunderbolt 2. Thunderbolt 2 delivers only 20Gbps bandwidth. This docking station is also eight times faster than USB 3.0(Gbps). Now you will accomplish great achievement at your work.

Another surprising thing about this docking station is that it runs very easily. It is very easy to set up this device and make your dream come true. You need no extra adaptor for this device to work.

Also, this device has easy to run policy which means you need no driver installation. Now just plug in and the docking station is ready to smash. You are free from time-wasting driver installation.

Click here to check the latest price.

This is the perfect docking station for Windows. This simple and subtle thing plays a multitude of roles. This dock with rugged aluminum casing and with Startech warranty is amazing. It provides you a handsome approach to the multiple applications.

This docking station is recommended for video procedure. If you are an engineer, architect or a web designer, this device is for you. It enables you to edit 4K videos on one display and at the same time full sized preview on the second.

This docking station can be a vital accessory for your thunderbolt 3 equipped laptops. Now keep it simple and keep it work for you. You can dock and undock quickly with a single cable.

Universal Docking Station for PC, MAC, and Android

It is the docking station that provides you with great connectivity. It is a fact that most of the docking station which can connect two monitors at a time but the pixel which Targus Universal has some extra effect. It can give you a display of 4K and the resolution of the screen is also very high at the rate of 2048×1152 resolution.

It has more power for the multi-monitor users and you can enjoy the ultimate viewership. The design of this docking station is great and makes this device unique and helps it to stand out among the great variety of brands available. It has an upper part that is black in color and has a rippled texture on top of it.

Its plastic is very soft to touch which means you can even easily place your laptop over the docking station without any trouble. The base of this docking station is silver in color. It is easily adjusted to the table that it is not easy to fall away from the table.

It is also furnished with the Targus logo on its top and it is also powered with the Display Link technology and it is also imprinted on the docking station. Click here to check the latest price.

There is a different type of Targus docking station which has two monitor connections. It has the ability to connect two monitors at a single time and this docking station has two DVI ports and also equipped with a full-sized display functionality with a port.

There are a wide number of ports available to this device to give you great connectivity. It is also equipped with the USB port of version 3.0 its backside and also available at the right and left side.

This docking station does not carry any sort of adapter so if you want to connect any monitor with it which needs an HMDI or VGA card then you have to buy an adapter.

Its Ethernet is also very strong and gives you a great optimum and powerful internet connectivity. It has the ability to connect the devices easily with no interruption.

This docking station has a high resolution of approximately 4K and this resolution is provided if it is connected to only one monitor and if it is connected to two monitors then it has a resolution that is as high as 2048×1152pixels. It has a very smooth picture quality and the streaming on this docking station is also very fine.

Click here to buy from Amazon.

You can say that it is one of the best laptop docking stations. It is the sure shot way with which you can enhance the functioning of the laptop. It is the right choice for the joining of the monitors to the laptop.

Its connectivity is super strong as the Ethernet port and connection ports are very much strong and high. This device has increased the portability of your laptop as it is a lightweight with a lot of connection functions with which multiple monitors can be connected.

It has the USB port of 3.0 which is super fast and is able to generate a strong linkage with fast picture resolution easily as this device is quite strong to work with.

It is also equipped with the charging port with which you can charge your devices too without any trouble and you can greatly produce an optimum set of working capabilities.

It is also equipped with a port lock too as you can lock the ports too thus security point of view is also cleared and you are going to give a great viewership.

It has a wide range of compatibility as it can connect with the Mac Operating system and it is also able to connect with the Linux operating system and also has connectivity to the Windows operating system. This makes it a user-friendly docking station that can join with a huge range of laptops. Click here to buy from Amazon.

It is a great device for games lover and the people who love the multiscreen streaming of videos. It is the docking station that is easy to connect to a  huge range of laptops without any trouble and the ports are also limited thus you are not into the trouble of confusion.

Plugable Docking Station

You know that the laptop is an important thing that is used for the connection of the monitors to the laptop if you are a screen lover and loves multiple screens.

It is high definition monitors screen connector and it loves to connect the screen to the laptop easily without any trouble. It is a device of course that comes with certain limitations. It is an affordable docking station with a lot of advantages that are very much easily connectable.

This is a great looking monolith sort of docking station which is available on your desk and you are able to do the connections easily without any trouble. It is made up of black colored plastic body and has the ability to stand vertically without any trouble. Click here to buy from Amazon.

Its base is very strong and it is able to stand without any trouble and it has a pluggable logo imprinted on it and also carries a DisplayLink symbol which is available at both sides of this docking a station and gives this device beautiful great looks.

The docking station has a height of 7.5inches from the bottom to the top and as we know that it stands vertically. It is able to secure a lot of space without any trouble and problem. This pleasure is not available for the horizontal device.

Its ports are also very diverse and great in its working and also very much great in its action without any trouble. The most important task of a docking station is to have a multiple monitors connection and it can join to periphery easily.

It is also equipped with an HMDI port and DVI port. It also possesses approximately 4 USB 2.0 ports, It also has an Ethernet jack obviously which is available for the internet connection, It has a USB Type B port to connect the docking station to a laptop, and this docking station is also equipped with the power port.

Click here to buy from Amazon.

It is also available with the ports on the front side of the docking station. It has two USB ports of version 3.0 and moreover it also available with a microphone jack and a headphone jack.

It also comes with a DVI to VGA adapter which is very useful for the people who carry the old and conservative sort of VGA oriented monitor. It also carries the HMDI port but it is not available with  HMDI to DVI adapter.

So you have to buy it to prove your DVI connectivity. Sometimes this thing is not budget friendly but as its price is not too much so its fine to have it.

This thing helps to get a great viewership. As far as its performance is concerned it has a great and optimum processor for the connection of the external monitors.

Its resolution is also very much great and gives you a resolution of approximately 2560 ×1440 which is I can say is maximum and great and always keep you up to the mark. Its great display provides a great view with optimum clearance and the great availability of the viewership as I know that this is the maximum resolution power and you can see an excellent monitor effect with it.

 Whenever you open the program manager and the windows task manager shows that the RAM of this docking station is also very good to operate. The pluggable Docking station does not work with the Mac and Linux operating systems.

The system of this docking station is highly compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 7, XP. The most wonderful thing about this device is that you do not need any kind of great installation for this docking station. It comes with just plug and plays setup which is easy to get the great connectivity.

It also comes with the CD with a play-play setup and you do not need to get the software downloaded from other drivers and software. It does not go under the effect of tripping as the cables are fully connected with this device and no problem is available there.

Click here to buy from Amazon.

This device is highly recommended for web surfing and internet connectivity as the Ethernet port gives great connectivity. This device s great for internet surfing and playing games on multiple screens.

It is also a great device that is composed of the great connectivity for the Thunderbolt 3 and has a wide range of connectivity which gives you the optimum availability of the connections.

Overall it is a budget-friendly great device with which you can work easily without any trouble with multiple connectivities and this thing is great and awesome for a game lover.

Benefits of Docking Stations for a laptop

When the question about mobile productivity comes at the surface, the first thing that comes in our mind is the docking station. Today many companies such as Dell, Kensington, etc manufacture a variety of dock stations. The purpose of this device is to enhance your productivity at your PC.

The fundamental aim behind any docking device is to bestow extra portability. So you can connect to your laptop with secondary displays and access to other common peripherals such as mouse keyboard and other devices.

A docking station is also offered with extra ports so even if you do not have so many ports on your laptop you can use these ports to compensate.

In computing, a docking station has a very important role. The most pronounced benefit any docking system provides is to give you options. It provides you extra functionality.

Through a dock, you can plug in your laptop with common peripherals. This technology has gained much popularity. Many companies manufacture a variety of docking system.

When you are working at your Laptop and you need also the assistance of your desktop PC. Is there any solution to share things between both? Certainly, the technology that helps you to share things between your laptop PC and your desktop is dock station. This is the solution to your problems.

Through a docking station, you can enhance the functionality of your system. Especially when professional work requires more productivity, the docking station provides flexibility. So you can work at the same time on many devices.

Like the HDMI port available and a major component of any docking station. It enhances your functionality by giving you access to multiple displays.

Now suppose you have a single PC and your workload is great. You will certainly need assistance to enhance your functionality. This device will work here for your assistance. It provides you a simplified and easy way to plug in your PC to common peripherals.

If your laptop does not have enough ports to meet your workload that is completely fine. The dock stations are offered with many extra ports. Now you can connect your laptop with as many things as you are provided with extra ports. You will have easy and better access to many devices.

This device also benefits you by providing you access to a secure wired network. In this way, a docking station provides you a way to establish a reliable connection. Now you can surf more time at web browsing provided with multiple connections.

So if your PC has a problem with a built-in networking slot, you need not be worried. This device will get you out of this issue.

Many docking stations are provided with extra multimedia and power access ports like headphones or microphone access. So you can also enjoy more time with this option. Some devices are also provided with extra power option so you can charge your cell phones from docking device.

Dock stations also provide better sharing options. Through USB ports fitted with many docks, stations provide you fast sharing into and out of your PC. Some docks also give SD card options so you can benefits from this technology as well.

In the end, we can say these docking stations provide you extra flexibility by giving your Laptop or PC access to multiple PCs at the same time.


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