Gaming Keyboard Brands List

Best Gaming Keyboard Brands List for 2022

Best Gaming Keyboard Brands List 2020

If you are here, that means you are looking for a perfect gaming keyboard for your laptop. There are so many computer accessories manufacturers in the market nowadays that people cannot even figure out what company is right for them.

Many companies are in the market, which manufactures electronic components that are used for personal computers. They manufacture accessories that are mostly demanded by office users, gamers, and home users.

Some users demand the best Display, while some demand the best cooling systems for their personal computers.

But when you are a gamer, you want the best accessories for your setup, whereas the keyboard is the essential part of your setup when you are a diehard gamer. But there is always confusion when you are buying the best accessories for your setup.

You may like a brand that is providing you the best mouse for your gaming setup, but you do not like the keyboard that they are offering.

The top brand’s gaming keyboard is priced between 50$ – 200$. You can choose according to your budget and requirements. With gaming keyboards, you can have an excellent experience on your laptop or PC.

In this guide, along with the names of top brands, but we have also explained their best products. 

Here is the comparison chart for Top-rated Gaming Keyboards for laptops:

Best Gaming Keyboard Brands Best Products Features
Corsair keyboards Corsair K95 Platinium Wrist rest, Backlit, unique volume control, super function keys
Razer gaming keyboards Razer Cynosa Lightening effects, Smooth, under glow, supported
Logitech Logitech G513 Wrist rest, Smooth operation, backlit multicolor, mechanical
Cooler Master Cooler Master MK850 Wrist rest, Precision wheels, mechanical functionality, Backlit
Roccat Roccat Vulkan 120 Volume control, Titan switches, Backlight Support, Premium quality
Steel Series Steel Series Apex M750 Mechanical switches, RGB lighting, aluminum base, Cloud syncing
Das Keyboard Das Keyboard X50 Multi-function support, backlit, shortcut keys, smooth function

Best Gaming Keyboard Brands List 2020

You must have seen many examples that when gamers build up a setup for their gaming experience, they always buy different brand accessories and not all attachments from a single manufacturer. The reason behind it is that some brands are useful in building a mouse, while some are better in building cooling systems.

But how can you know the best brands for a keyboard? That is a real challenge. You always need the best performance out of our keyboard because if your keyboard is not that good, that means your gaming is not that good. You always want your W|A|S|D to work as a weapon for you.

So, we have come with a list of best brands along with their best keyboards that will improve your gaming experience, and you will become a pro because of your investment and passion matters. 

Let us explain all these here:

Corsair Gaming Keyboards

Over the years, Corsair has introduced and developed some top-notch keyboards ranging from standard to mechanical gaming keyboards. Their products are a blessing to the gaming community due to their stability, innovative designs, and jaw-dropping RGB light schemes.

They have been the best keyboard manufacturers of all time. The smoothness, color scheme and feel of their keyboard are so impressive that if you start using them, you will not be able to shift to any other brand.

They provide function keys and many shortcut options, which makes it easy for you to control and personalize your settings no matter if you in the game or not. Some notable Corsair keyboard products that are above the charts are as follows:

Corsair K95 Platinum

If you are into an aesthetically good design and some top-notch aircraft-grade aluminum frame, then this keyboard is made for you.

Undoubtedly, one of the best gaming keyboards with its amazingly crafted keys that won’t cause unrest to your fingers. Now you can even buy gaming keyboards under 30 dollars.

Its dedicated media controls and an extra set of keys, metal volume wheel, and USB pass-through are some notable features of this keyboard. 

Talking about RGB lighting, 16.8 M option of colors and a 19 zone light bar is cherry on top.


  • Much expensive
  • Bigger (need more room)
  • No space for an audio jack

Corsair K70

If you are a hard gamer and you want a keyboard to be durable despite going through such rough gaming, then Corsair K70 will be the best choice. It is considered as one of the fastest mechanical boards, and its efficient responsiveness allows you to play with a great deal of precision and thunder-bolt speed.

It provides a blistering 1.2 mm actuation and a light 45g force. Its traditional aircraft-grade anodized aluminum design is still one of the best durable designs in the Corsair series. Adding to the features, it includes a USB pass-through, dedicated media keys along with a detachable wrist rest.

The keycaps are FPS/MOBA textured. Its multicolor RGB lights can be configured to create various light effects for the user using the CUE software.

Razer, Best Gaming Keyboard Brand in 2020

Razer was founded in 2005. It is one of the leading brands with a wide array of products for gamers. Razer has garnered some award-winning achievements in their gaming products. Talking about keyboards, Razer has some best quality mechanical membrane switches. Their efficiency has got no parallel.

Razer has been one of the best brands in manufacturing gaming accessories. The quality of the products is above the charts. Not only the keyboard, but they have also been manufacturing one of the best quality gaming accessories like gaming mouse or gaming headphones.

The keyboards that they offer for gaming are smooth functional, mechanical keyboard. They have tactile press and give an elegant feel while using it.

Some worth-mentioning Razer keyboards are:

Razer Huntsman Elite

When Speaking of design, it’s got a wrist rest (detachable), a set of function keys that allows you to handle lights and other basic functionalities.

Not to mention, the dedicated media controls and its very own control wheel. Adding to this, the vast array of 16.8 M colors add to its beauty.

Razer Cynosa Chroma

If you want a combination of a budget-friendly full membrane gaming experience, then this one is the best choice you get. With some of the best hybrid mesh switches and low profile membrane keys, this keyboard is one of the most affordable keyboards, especially for the new gamers.

It also provides an appealing RGB light that can be customized per key or per zone. Although, the only difference between those expensive keyboards and Razer Cynosa Chroma is the lack of the media keys, resting pad and controlling wheel, etc.

But the smooth functionality and RGB glow are tremendous. The keyboard comes with backlit keys and under glow option, and these are controlled by the driver that is automatically installed when plugged in.


Logitech was founded in 1981 in Switzerland. Logitech is known globally for its innovative peripherals such as IR mouse, specialized gaming keyboards, etc. Logitech has produced some unique and reliable keyboards. Romer-G Tactile, Romer-G Linear, and tactile switches are used in these boards.

A leading brand from the past few years, Logitech has been one of the best brands to manufacture gaming accessories. A bit expensive, but they provide devices that worth the money.

Being so reliable in the gaming world, besides offering gaming controllers, they have been good at manufacturing gaming keyboards that are required by every gamer.

One of the best keyboards that are recommended for better gaming experience is mentioned below:

Logitech G513

Despite being a full-size keyboard, the Logitech G513 still manages to provide a classy frameless design composed of thin sheet aircraft-grade aluminum topping the RGB keys. Its unique design makes us comfortable when using the keys. It is relatively quiet too.

A unique feature of this keyboard is that instead of lighting the whole keyboard in the backlight, it lights on the top of the keys, which makes it so aesthetically soothing.

It lacks the option of discrete media keys. Instead, it provides several customizable keys and has no dedicated media keys.

Cooler Master

Talking about gaming keyboards, from design to durability and longevity, it has them all. These keyboards use the famous Cherry MX switches. Cooler Master is known for building the best cases for personal computers. Almost every gamer who build up a new setup for gaming, buy cooler master cases.

Just like other brands, Cooler master has been trendy among all gamers for all gaming accessories that are essential for better gaming accessories. But in the category of keyboards, they have been able to build one of the best mechanical keyboards available.

The best example of Cooler master mechanical gaming keyboard is as follows:

Cooler Master MK850

If you want something to replace your gamepad, then this the Cooler Master 850 is the right choice for you.

The Aimpad technology mimics the functionality of a joystick and provides full analog control. It’s like pushing a button-up down or slightly backward etc. to control the game just like a joystick. Its keys (Q,W,E,R,A,S,D,F) are equipped with infrared sensors that can accurately measure how far a key is pressed up to a distance of 4mm.

Moreover, its additional features are way cool—two control wheels along with dedicated media channels and a resting wrist pad. USB pass-through is also included in the package. Talking about colors, it has a 16.7 million RGB color rainbow backlight to enhance its sleek aluminum design.


Roccat is known for developing some sleek and attractive gaming peripherals for the users. With its new Vulcan series, Roccat has introduced its Titan switch, which is considered to be the fastest and most accurate one; moreover, its AIMO lighting technology is something you would not want to miss.

Roccat does not only focus on technology or functional upgrades, but it also focuses on the durability of the keyboard. That is why Roccat has been developing its best keyboards by moving towards aluminum chassis for their keyboards.

Their keyboards are best for both official and gaming purposes. Sleek design and durable built are always included in their keyboards. The best keyboard by the Roccat brand is as follows.

Roccat Vulcan 120

This board is undoubted, one of the most unique and beautiful keyboards ever made. Rather than using the traditional MX switch, Roccat introduced its own Titan switch. Its popped-up keys on a magically lighted sheet of RGB colored titan switches is such a scene to watch.

Keycaps present only on the top, leaving the rest of the vital bare and glowing adds to its undimmed glow. Its keys are extremely noise-less, providing a rapid input recognition with high actuation. It’s anodized aluminum body totally compliments the vivid range of colors.

It also includes a detachable magnetic wrist rest, dedicated media keys, and an astonishing volume dial.


Since 2001, Steel Series has engineered some best mechanical keyboards. The material used in every product of theirs is durable, robust, and long-lasting. From per-key RGB illumination to Omni-point adjustable switches, they have some great things in the store for you.

SteelSeries create many accessories other than keyboards, and the brand is specialized in manufacturing gaming accessories. This brand has been known for the design and quality of their accessories, but when it comes to keyboards, the build quality, design, and RGB glow worth the money.

They also have special discounts on special occasions so you can keep yourself updated with the sales and discounts. They also offer a return policy in which if you do not like the product, then you can return it within 30-days, and they will not ask any question from you. And if you are a member of SteelSeries, then you can earn so many benefits from it.

 Some of them are:

Steel Series Apex M750

It is considered one of the fastest mechanical keyboard, with a durable tank-like 5000 series aluminum alloy, it is indeed a gaming beast. Its RGB lights are individually controllable on the keys, or it can transit on the whole of the keyboard. It provides a vivid range of complex transitions according to your desired situation.

A vital feature of this board is the smooth linear operations. A 2mm actuation point with a 45cN force is undoubtedly a blessing for gamers. The one major drawback is that it can be productive in gaming; typing is not fun using this keyboard. 

Das keyboard

Das keyboard has earned its name in the list of best keyboards in 2020. Das keyboard took the initiative to introduce the smart keyboards for the very first time. Adding to this, they have featured cloud-connected keyboards on the go. Their innovations and speed have earned them immense success among gamers.

The keyboards of das keyboard are very simple in design, and they contain those function which is not easy to find in any other keyboard brand. Das keyboard provides an interface in which you can configure all the function keys according to your own choice.

Das keyboard X50 RGB

A finely engineered long-lasting peripheral is what this keyboard is offering. It is also called the New Generation Smart Keyboard 2020.

In addition to that, the X50 comes with a series of media keys and volume controls, WASD textured keycaps, and wrist rest is topping upon its well-crafted anodized aluminum panel.

The keyboard features an ultimate smart RGB set of colors that can be customized. 


Despite being smaller in size, it still manages to home all the features of a full-sized keyboard. Its undeniably good design and comprehensive control key is a bounty for gamers, especially the FPS ones. Talking about the design, it features a matte-black touch coating with dark aluminum corners. Simple yet attractive!

Its range of RGB colors adds to its glory, giving per key customizing option for the gamers. All transitions can be customized on the Aura sync software. This keyboard lacks a wrist rest and dedicated keys, but it does let you customize the function keys with a set of extra WASD keys. Plus, you also have a variety of MX switches to choose from.

So these are the gaming keyboards that are considered to be the ultimate gaming champions. We hope that you find the best keyboard according to your needs.

Happy Gaming!

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