How to Adjust Computer Screen Size on TV?

How to Adjust Computer Screen Size on TV?

In this article, we will discuss the methods to adjust the computer screen or laptop screen on the TV. The question arises why there is a need of adjusting the computer screen on the TV.

It is used in many purposes like to give a lecture to the class or to watch a movie on your TV and for video gaming. Kids love to watch cartoons on TV screens and you can attach your laptop for this purpose. I love to play live streaming games after connecting my computer with the TV.

Before going into the details of adjusting the computer screen or laptop screen on TV, you must connect it with a TV. I have explained proven methods that will help you connect your laptop with a TV.

How to Adjust Computer Screen Size on TV?

It is always fun to connect your laptop computer with the TV. Once you have connected the computer, you should adjust the computer screen size on the TV. This may look difficult but it is a very easy process. I will explain all the details here:

Change display of the laptop

First of all, change your display of the laptop that you can make sure that the laptop is connected to the TV. You can start the process of adjusting your laptop computer screen once it is connected with the TV.

Control panel

Now click on the start and go to the control panel. You have to go to Contro Panel to adjust the computer screen on a TV.

Appearance and Personalization

Appearance and Personalization will be open Click on the “Personalization”.

Display Settings

Then go to the Display Settings. From “New Display Detected” menu, select  “Mirrored.”

Screen duplication

This will duplicate the screen from your laptop to your TV.

Save your setting

Click “OK” and save your settings. Your computer is now connected to your TV.

Right direction

Put the laptop in the right place that it can give a proper picture.

Tips for Adjusting Computer Screen Size on TV

  • For the connection of laptop to a TV screen, one must have the best quality of the cable, so buy high quality of the cable.
  • Connect into the port of TV screen carefully .switch off the power button and then connect it with TV.
  • Use safety gloves to protect from the current on TV.
  • Make sure that your hands are free from humidity because it can cause electric shock.
  • Make sure that the laptop is fully charged and it will not switch off during the connection.
  • Put your laptop on charging during the connection.
  • If you are connecting a laptop to TV with cable wire then it should be out of the reach of children.
  • Make sure that cable does not damage from any side because it can cause a short circuit.
  • Do not place the wires on the floor.

If you are using a wireless connection then:

1) WI-Fi connection should be strong
2) Power of a laptop should be full.
3) Wi-Fi reliability
4) Wi-Fi should be taken from a reliable source.

I mostly use this technique at my home because there are my nephews and niece in my home; they are fond of watching cartoons. I hope, I have answered today’s question, How to Adjust Computer Screen Size on TV?

As we all know that laptop screen affects on eyes, so I mostly connect the laptop to a TV screen that they can easily watch cartoon and enjoy them from distance.

In this way, kids can stay away from the weakness of the eyes and brain. We can also connect the laptop to a TV screen for video gaming purposes.

How to Connect Laptop to TV?

First of all, we have to know the ways to connect a laptop or computer to the TV screen. There are different ways to connect a laptop to the TV:

Connection of laptop to TV by HDMI Cable

It is the cheapest way to connect a laptop to the TV screen by HDMI cable. Because it gives you the best picture and audio quality. An HDMI cable manages audio as well whenever you connect a laptop to the screen of a TV.

To connect a laptop to a screen you need to plug an HDMI cable plugged into a laptop and another side plug into the TV screen. It will connect automatically if you are using a new version of a window and you don’t need to set it connects automatically. Just switched on your laptop and it will show it on the screen.

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If it does not connect automatically then click on the start button and go to the Control Panel > Display > Adjust Resolution, there you have to select the option TV. 

 1– Turn your laptop and TV on.

 2-Connect your HDMI cable to both your TV and laptop.

 3-Select the HDMI input on TV by pressing the AV button.

Connection of laptop to TV by using VGA cable

The second way to connect your laptop to TV is by using the VGA port on both devices. This method implies on those are having an old computer. One should know that a VGA cable only gives video output it does not give you an audio output.

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So you should connect another 3.5 Metter cable to connect with it from headphone socket of the laptop to TV audio port to give audio output. 

 If it is not working automatically then go to Control Panel > Display > Adjust Resolutions.

  1. Turn ON laptop and TV on.
  2. Connect VGA cable to both your TV and Laptop.
  3. Now connect 3.5mm audio jack to the headphone out port on the laptop and audio in TV.

Connection of laptop to a TV using USB

In this connection, the USB port of laptop is connected with the USB port of the TV. But it does not give you proper results. Some adapters are available that convert USB port into HDMI cable. 

If you have that adapter then you must install adapter software in your laptop for better results. Connects the cable on both sides of the port and the laptop screen will show up on the TV screen.

Connection of laptop to TV using external hard drive

New TV or LED contains the USB port. It is a very easy way to watch the contents that are saved on your laptop, you can easily watch it on the big screen of the TV. You can watch the videos or any content by transferring the data into the USB and then connects it with the USB port of the TV screen.

Data can also be saved in other hard drives like floppy and then plugging into the port and it can be watched on a TV screen.

  1. File format should be compatible with the TV.
  2. Copy file to a hard drive.
  3. Plug USB to TV.
  4. Select the USB channel on TV.
  5. Play the desired video.

Wirelessly connection of laptop to TV

It is an advanced form of the laptop that connects to TV wirelessly, all expensive laptops have this feature. It is a very beneficial method that one can connect a laptop without the tensions of cables. Advanced laptops have this feature built in it.

They contain wireless system in them. They also require the receiver of their choice. If your TV contains that feature you can easily connect wirelessly your laptop with TV.

There are also some techniques in which wireless device is connected into the HDMI port of the TV and also to the laptop for the connection. And one can easily connect a laptop to the TV but it is not a cheap method it costs more than another method of connections but it gives high quality of the picture.

There are some wireless techniques to connect a laptop to a TV screen:

Chrome cast display

In this, one can also cast the browse page or any application on the TV screen. It is used on a big scale, for example in gaming bars.

Mira cast Display

It is basically to cast the Android laptop or windows on the TV screen. In this type, the software already built in the laptop. But it has some drawbacks like sometimes it works properly sometimes it does not work.

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