how to stop laptop fan from running all the time

How to Stop Laptop Fan From Running All The Time

How to Stop Laptop Fan From Running All The Time?

Hi, my name is John Barnes. By profession, I’m an IT expert in a channel, which means in the main guy behind the scenes, from breaking news to bulletins to current affairs talk to live coverage, etc.,

I am responsible to keep all the necessary computers and laptops intact and up to date to avoid any sort of interruptions and delay. I received this question recently about maintaining your laptop fan.

And its tech industry, despite having so many advancements and claims of building an errorless digital world, bugs do arrive and when they arrive, they do leave an impact. Functional laptop fan is a must for any laptop, laptop fan avoids over-heating o laptops. 

How to Stop Laptop Fan From Running All The Time?

So, today we going to talk about an issue, we all face a lot even when we are not on job. It is related to laptops as now nearly everyone is having personal laptops.

And as we all know that the new generation of laptops providing greater computing power plus portability and compatibility, Laptops are undoubtedly becoming the first choice over PCs. People are getting more into laptops and even in organizations, it is becoming a preferred option to keep things rolling in better ways.

But alongside the pros, there are cons too. Laptops despite being super are not invincible. Problems do occur in them and there is a huge list of problems like overheating, power draining, LED issues and limited space to add hardware upgrade, etc. are commonly most known issues, coming on the surface.

So, today we will talk about one the most common and serious issues we all facing, is about malfunctioning of laptop fans. Either they don’t work efficiently and alongside, they work so much that it is required to regulate or stop them from overclocking.

Both issues are major and need serious fixing as both of these are related to the power supply of laptop and there efficient state of working is the only way to control the temperature and heat of laptop. The fan of the laptop should work properly, if it is not running, it will lead to over-heating.

So, either overclocking or underclocking, it is alarming. And unfortunately, the solutions vary in application and result, because of different manufacturers, different operating systems and different scenarios.

Also, I have realized that overclocking or continuous run of laptop fan is quite a bit ignored or neglected issue. People are more concerned and worried if laptop fans are not exhausting properly, and on various occasions, people tend to not even realize that their laptop fan is overclocking automatically. I have just posted this detailed guide on the performance of laptop fans.

So, today we will try to find and discuss multiple solutions to accommodate this problem in all manufactured brands and operating systems. But first of all, we need to take a look at its basic concept before we start to address the main theme of today.

There are three problems usually we face with laptop fans:

  • They got broken and cause enough damage to the other components around.
  • They stop functioning or unable to produce enough function to push out all the heat out of laptop components.
  • They run all the time without stopping causing a lot of battery drain and eventually battery health comes under danger.

So, either your computer has a physical error or by operating system error that is keeping your laptop running at all times. Now we will first discuss the troubleshooting this issue by the help of general settings and software as follow:

Stop Laptop Fan in Windows

In Microsoft Windows, we have access to some related options to see and manage these issues. First of all, we will try this solution:

Open Task Manager or press Ctrl+Shift+Esc as a shortcut to having quick access.

Get into the tab of Processes

In this Processes tab, there will be CPU Column and that’s from where we can see the programs which are consuming so much of capacity and due to which the fan is in continuous running form.

Programs with high CPU percentage or closer to the value of 100% are the one you should ponder about. The normal values should be around 25% or more. But if they are above 50% then you should consider them.

Simply eliminate or repair such programs to maintain the balance of laptop fan back towards normal.

Tip: Use google to find a shortlist of software which is popular for being the abuser in terms of CPU Usage. Meanwhile, the information in the above task manager tabs is enough to clear to make you understand and decide better my own.

Also, these are top 3 software to help you more in terms of getting a better image over the CPU usage by programs and to eliminate them, as their elimination will definitely help your fan to stay in peace and work only as per needed.

The small descriptions of these 3 magic pills alike software are as follows:

  1. Professional High CPU Usage Fixer Utility

Just within 3 steps, you can clear out your CPU usage. This software is designed to simply to perform the required task as per defined. It comprehensively speeds up your Laptop and also fixes various registry issues.

It diagnoses all the problems and also help in terms of internet security and significantly improves the internet speed as well. This also helps to stop laptop fan running all the time.

  1. Spark Trust PC Cleaner Plus

This software is one of the most underrated product till date I have ever seen. This software is a perfect solution to all of the problems caused by High CPU usage.

From unexpected shutdowns to the program crashing to data loss and everything else, this software plays a vital role in tackling all of these problems single-handedly. It just requires 3 simple steps to perform a complete diagnosis and a fix.

Just start the program, scan and click the Fix All tab and enjoy the peace. Your laptop fan will not run all the time, once you configure his app.

  1. Smart High CPU Usage Fixer Pro 4.3.2

This program is basically designed for beginners to make sure they can also fix the issues as soon as possible without any Hustle. Despite having the simplest design, this software explores the depth of the problem and significate resolves the problems.

Stop Laptop from Running all the time in Mac

In Mac book and operating system, things are pretty different from Windows, so we need to address it properly too. MacBook Fan misbehavior is a rare problem but if it happens and may be happening with any of you guys, you can rely on me as I know how to troubleshoot it.

So, first of all, we will shut down it first and will press SHIFT+CONTROL+OPTION and Power Button all together (like really together) for about less than 2 sec and release. The system will not boot up but will you notice a change of light color on the power adapter. The secret behind this is not a wizard.

You just reset the SMC of your MAC. SMC is the thing which controls your Mac’s battery, sensors, fans, etc.

Another thing we can do the PRAM Reset. PRAM stands for Parameter Random Access Memory which keeps the data regarding the configuration of your Mac, like date, volume, etc. So, resetting them can be very useful. And it can be done as follows:

Shut down your Mac and press the Command, P and R keys, your Mac will make a restart and you have to hold these keys till then. And as it makes the second restart, release the keys (eventually).

Also, you can install a software name “Macs Fan Control”, highly recommended controlling all the operations of you Macs fan speed and temperature, amazingly solves the noise and always working on problems like a charm.

Check Laptop Hardware Settings

Now we will discuss some troubleshooting of this continuous laptop fan working in terms of hardware of different brands of laptops and the possible solution of them.

Now if we look into the hardware of the laptop, usually all laptops of Dell, Acer, hp, Asus etc. contain more than one fan and again because of excess of CPU usage or blockage of air vents, lack of ventilation space, outdated Bios, older device drivers can be the main causes behind this.

You can tackle these by updating BIOS, by cleaning air vents, making room for ventilation below and around the laptop, by installing windows update, limiting the startup programs list and a deep scan of your laptop for malware.

Malware viruses like Trojans, Spyware can cause overload and keep your CPU rocking, which directly effects the fan performance. Chances of malware running in the background are really high. So scan deeply with Antiviruses of Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky, etc. to keep it clean or make it clean. Also selecting a power save option can reduce the problem a lot.

Like I mentioned above about limiting the startup programs, it can be done easily in Windows 10 by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+ESC together and by getting into Startup Tab we can disable any application, out of favor, from starting at startup. In the end, just restart your Laptop and feel the difference.

In Windows 7, you need to search and type msconfig in Start button’s search box and select it to Run as Administrator. Under System Configuration Window, click Startup Tab and uncheck all unwanted programs and click OK and then Restart.

So, in the End, if despite doing all these troubleshooting techniques, your laptop fan seems to act like a Jumbo Jet Engine, you better show it to an expert. It will be usually a problem with your Laptop’s motherboard then and changing it is not the best advice, to be honest. Instead, I will advise you to brace yourself and but a new Laptop


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