How to Use a Laptop in a Pool?

How to Use a Laptop in a Pool?

How to Use a Laptop in a Pool?

As we are growing in the 21st century, that is the century of technology. There is a solution to any problem in this century. So many people are fond of swimming, in their houses, indoor swimming pools are available in which they swim and get relaxed.

Some people have the habit of swimming to relax from their daily routine but they also require to do work on a laptop. Or teenagers love to play games in the pool on a laptop. For this one can use waterproof laptops.

Yes, you can use a laptop in a pool. Applying silicon cover, using a water-proof case, and using protective laptop sleeves are among the few methods that will help you safely use a laptop in a swimming pool.

How to Use a laptop in a pool?

I will explain all the best methods to use a laptop in a pool. You must be careful while using a laptop in a pool and only use after following all the precautions mentioned in this article.

Our editors have gone through all these methods and we have found these really helpful for using a laptop in a pool.

Pick a good workplace:

if you want to work on your laptop in the pool then, first of all, make a workplace near the pool where there is less amount of moisture. And make sure that the laptop should be used on the top floor of the pool where less moisture available.

Laptop stand:

Set the stand for a laptop on the top of the pool and fix it. Make sure that the stand you are using is fit for your laptop. In this way, you can use easily use a laptop in the pool near water.

There are different types of stands available in the market that can adjust the screen in any direction. You can buy it in your own choice.

Cover laptop with sheet:

Cover your laptop with the sheet of silicon. Cut it off your size of the laptop and then tape it. Make space for the ports for USB and for the fan if your laptop has a fan.

Do not cover the laptop holes or it’s opening that further cause trouble for you. Before taping makes sure that keyboard working properly.

Cover laptop with PVC liner:

You can get a PVC liner online at hardware stores. It is better to go for 40 mil PVC or thicker. This flip-up will make liquids to drain off from the sides of the laptop in case of a spill.

Use of tape to attach the pieces of PVC to attach the edges of your laptop. Tape them on top in this way that you can flip them up to expose ports.

Customized earplug putty:

You can buy online customized earplugs putty. Lubricate the parts of ports and the opening of a laptop with mineral oil by using a cotton ball. Then put the customized earplug putty in the openings and allow them to harden for about five minutes.

You now have custom watertight plugs. Mineral oil can also be available at your local pharmacy.

Neoprene sleeves:

You can also buy a neoprene sleeve or make it at home. Take a neoprene fabric and then cut it into two sheets longer than your laptop. Tape it with duct tape by leaving one side of the sheet.

You can also sew it if you do not want to use tape or you can also use zip to pack your laptop into the sleeve of neoprene fabric.

Cover charger cable:

If you are using a charger during using a laptop then you must cover your charger near the pool because it can cause a short circuit.

You can cover your laptop charger by apply tape on it or buy apply yarn on it to protect from any damage. In this way, you can use charge your laptop safely.

Air-filled mattress:

you can use a laptop in a swimming pool on your air-filled mattress carefully by taking precautions. Make sure that your hands are dry and clean.

You can use these easily with relaxation. But you should need to take care of the water damage that causes a short circuit.


You can use a laptop in a swimming pool by taking these precautions.

1) Don’t use your laptop inside the water either it is waterproof because they are waterproof in some limits. So it can cause short circuit or damage to the other components of the laptop.

2) If any spill occurs on your laptop then immediately remove its AC adapter because it can cause a short circuit to the whole electricity system of the pool.

3) Always use a laptop case for the protection of the laptop.

4) Use a laptop stand for the best use in the pool to avoid placing a laptop on the moist floor.

5) Do not use a laptop in a swimming pool without neoprene sleeves or case.

Should you use a laptop in a swimming pool?

The humidity level in the pool is 100 % so the chances of a short circuit are more in the swimming pool because humidity or vapors affect the circuit of a laptop, shortly killing the laptop.

Condensation rapidly forms inside of your laptop in a moist environment, water, electricity and moving parts are not good combinations.

Turn your laptop off before moving it, and wait a few minutes for it to adjust to new conditions before switching it back on again.

Best Waterproof laptops for Pool

If you are too much attracted to use a laptop in a swimming pool then you can buy waterproof laptops.
There are some high-quality waterproof laptops available:

1) Dell 14 Rugged Extreme. It is a very best laptop with a hard-wearing and waterproof laptop.

2) Dell Latitude 14 Rugged: it is also from dell and gives a hard-wearing, it is a very fantastic laptop.

3) Panasonic laptop CF-33: best quality waterproof laptop.

These laptops are waterproof but it does not mean that someone can use them into water. They resist laptop from water damage or spilling of the liquid on the board.

How to make your laptop waterproof?

If you cannot afford a waterproof laptop then you can make your laptop waterproof by applying these methods.

Applying silicone cover:

You can make your laptop waterproof by applying some silicone cover on it. So, first of all, take a silicone cover and then measure your laptop keyboard and then cut it and adjust it on your laptop.

It will help you in the spilling of liquid on your laptop. Because spiling of liquid can damage the circuit and machine or laptop. This water-resistant silicone covers the keyboard keys and prevents water damage.

You can also use personalized keyboard covers to make your laptop look cool. Different color laptops covers are available in the market.

Before buying any keyboard cover make sure that it is fit on your laptop keyboard if it shows the difficulty in typing then does not buy it.

Buy a cover that fits your laptop keyboard and only for your laptop model.

Waterproof case:

By using plastic case cover for your laptop to make it waterproof so choose a customized case right for your laptop that fits right over the top and bottom of your laptop. These cases are made up of plastic that is water-resistant and prevents water damage.

These cases have proper spaces for ports. Generally, only cases that are fit perfectly use that cases do not use extra-large case for your laptop.

Laptop carrier or sleeves waterproof:

put your laptop in sleeves that are made up of mostly Nylon. Nylon is an effective waterproof material. By using these types of sleeves one can save its laptop from water damage.

How to protect your laptop from a short circuit in a swimming pool?

it is very common to cause a short circuit in the laptop because you are using a laptop near the swimming pool it can cause spilling of liquid onto the keyboard that goes inside the circuit and causes a short circuit of the laptop.

It can be caused by any foreign object into the circuit it could b dry or liquid. If any liquid spill on your laptop then we can prevent your laptop by using these steps:

Step 1 – Turn your laptop off. Power down the laptop quickly.

Step 2 – Turn it down

Step 3 – eliminate the battery from your laptop.

Step 4 – Remove any secondary devices.

Step 5 – Soak up moisture completely from laptop

Step 6 – Remove other components connected to a laptop.

Step 7 – Dry your laptop for 6 hours without starting it.

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