laptop screen size comparison chart

Laptop Screen Size Comparison Chart

This is a detailed guide for Laptop Screen Size Comparison Chart. Laptops are available in different screen sizes. These laptops are full of great features but in my point of view, the screen is the most part of the laptop which is in our view. We should keep these things in mind that the selection of laptop screen is a very important feature.

The screen sizes of Laptops, of variable inches, are available but in my opinion, you should select the size which suits your usage. I guess you should select the size which is according to the feasibility of carrying and handling.

Laptop Screen Size Comparison Chart

In this article, I will explain in detail how to measure laptop screen size along with a variety of screen sizes of different laptops.

Laptop Screen size Laptop Brand Screen resolution Viewable Megapixels
12 inch Microsoft pro surface 800 x 600 0.48
13 inch Dell XP 1024 x 768 0.79
14 inch HP Stream 1280 x 800 1.02
15 inch Dell Inspiron 1280 x 1024 1.31
15.6 inch Lenovo IdeaPad 320 1400 x 1050 1.31
17.3 inch HP 2019 1920 x 1200 1.92
17 inch Dell Precision 1920 x 1200 2.30

Let us jump to the guide about the measurement of the size of laptops.

Measurement of the size of the laptops:

This is a step-by-step guide that explains Laptop Screen Size Comparison Chart:

Step1: Selection of proper size measuring tape:

If you are in the mood of personally measuring the size of the laptop then the properly sized measuring tape is very important and this measuring tape should be of ideal calibration. You can use a measuring tape to measure the size of a laptop screen. 

Step2: Checking of the screen:

Checking of the screen is an important part as you should check that which part of the screen is detected able and easily judge able and you should be noticed that the part of the casing is not the part of the laptop. You should take the screen only under consideration.

Step3: Measure the screen diagonally:

It is the best way to measure the screen as you have to measure it diagonally which means from one corner to another corner to get the size of the screen in inches.

Step4: Noting the measurements:

It is an important thing to notice that you should note the measurements clearly after getting the measurements done properly. This noting down makes your measurements recorded and you will consider your work done.

Comparison of Laptops Screen Sizes

There are lots of brands available in the market in different sizes of screen and you have a lot of options for the selection of screens according to your usage. These are explaining here:

Dell Precision:

It is the type of laptop which is considered as one of the best 17 inches laptop. Its RAM is 32 GB and has a supreme widescreen and you can judge the features easily by just viewing the screen and this makes this laptop super great for gaming and watching movies. It gives you the ultimate viewing experience.

Dell Inspiron 5000:

It is one of the best 15 inches laptop.  You can work on this to a maximum extent. This is the laptop which is full of features and most importantly the size of the screen. This size of the screen is too good to be focused on. This screen size is perfect for watching movies, Making the presentation, and working a lot.

Hp stream 14:

These are the laptops which are full of features. It is optimum as not too big or large for working on these laptops and you get a good screen size for laptops surely you are going to love these devices and these devices will help you out in solving problems effectively and the working on these laptops is quite efficient.

Dell XPS 13:

It is one of the best 13-inch laptops. It is full of a lot of features and you can work quite efficiently on these laptops as the size is not too big not too small. You can take these laptops anywhere you want and to any desired place of yours.  These laptops are surely the best among all the available sizes as they are able to work properly but also easy to carry.

Microsoft Pro surface:

These laptops are 12 inches in size and are able to produce the great quality of the display in easy to carry size and are very much handy. I mean what else you want from your devices in a situation like this. These things are majorly important to consider that you can use them for work purposes but these are not the choice for watching moving or for the gaming experience, in fact, they are not awesome for presentations too.


Well in my point of view the selection of screen is the perfect thing to consider but you should know that it’s totally up to you to select the size of the screen. It is basically the usage that is important to be focused on. If you are unable to carry heavy objects then a widescreen laptop is definitely hard to carry.

If you are a gamer then size is important for sure. I think you should keep these things in mind before doing anything further. Try to select a size that is good for movies and working too so that your investment will become fruitful.

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