What Laptops Last the Longest

What Laptops Last the Longest

What Laptops Last the Longest

Specifications and brand do not matter if it does not perform the desired function. With the advancements in the technology and addition of new features, the battery life of the laptops is becoming less with every passing day. 

Today’s topic is very interesting, my best friend just bought a new laptop and now he is complaining about battery life. Many fellows who are planning to buy new laptops are asking the same question, “What Laptops Last the Longest”. 

Normally a standard mid-priced laptop will last around 3-5 years depending upon the usage. Now, remember that I have mentioned a time period that varies between 3 years to a 5 years period. However, your laptop may last longer from this duration depending upon how you use it. 

Now, when I decided to write this article, I visited my friend James who is the owner of a franchise shop in the city center to discuss. I observed that many people who were there in his shop were looking for the laptops that last the longest.

We had a good discussion and I will share all the important points of that meeting that will help me to answer today’s question about laptops lasting for hours.

What Laptops Last the Longest?

In this article, I will discuss in detail the functional life of laptops along with the details about laptops battery. Now before I go into the details about this, let us discuss what causes laptops battery to die in a short time.

Laptops performance is mainly dependent on the number of hours its battery is running. Gaming laptops will have more wear tear as compared to a standard laptop. Things are a bit aggressive in nature when we talk about gaming laptops. 

How Long Laptops Battery Last?

As I said, laptops performance is mainly tested by the performance of its battery. Now there are many factors that are responsible for early shutting down of the battery. 

Typically speaking an average laptop battery lasts for about 1000 full charges that may cover a span of 2-3 years depending on the user. Similarly, gaming laptops will need a better version of the battery in order to perform at their peak.

The battery is used typically when you are performing any functions or using apps or games. More aggressive nature of the user will lead to early depletion of the battery.

How to Make Laptop Battery Last Longer?

In this part of the article, I will share a few methods which you can use and enjoy long lasting laptop battery. 

Let s start:

Many times while using a laptop, we start using multiple applications and that too simultaneously. Now, this makes a significant impact on laptop battery life. If you want to use the battery for a longer duration then stick to one application or maximum two at a time.

Many fellows think that if they minimize the applications it will save the battery, but in reality, these apps will keep sucking your laptop battery.

Adjust the laptop screen brightness, this will cause a major impact on the laptops battery performance. You can easily adjust this screen brightness by pressing the short key at the keyboard or from the main settings.

Turn off the applications and also the devices that are not being used. This may include wifi and any external device that can be attached to the laptop.  External devices are printers, digital cameras, scanners or any latest gadget that gets its power source from the laptop battery.

The total lifespan of the laptop battery depends on the following factors:

Properly Charging the Battery

If you are planning to charge your laptop, then charge it till it is 90 percent charged. I have sene many fellows who just charge it for 10-15 minutes, do their task and then forget it. You should keep your laptop charge on a regular basis and with proper technique.

If you keep your laptop without charging it, this will be the beginning of the end for your laptop battery 🙂

You can buy a quality laptop charger from the Amazon.

Keeping Temperature at Optimum Levels

Again this is a must, while we perform different functions at the laptop, things get hot. Now by this, I mean about the internal structure of the machine. Normally good quality laptops come ready with internal fans that keep the laptop temperature in optimum levels.

I have just posted an article on, Why is my Laptop Getting Hot, this explains in detail what measures you should take when the laptop gets hot.

Also, you should take measures to prevent the laptop from getting hot. All these detailed are mentioned in that article. Now that also means that you should not use your laptop for hours without taking a break. These machines just like humans need some rest. Really? 🙂   YES.

You can also use laptop cooling pads, these will keep the laptop temperature within desired limits. Click here to buy from Amazon.

Regularly Updating the Operating System

Now, this is important, by default, the operating system of the laptop will try to keep the machine running on optimum levels. For this purpose, the creators of the system will keep sending updates for the purpose of improving overall performance. It is recommended that you update your system regularly.

Buying the Genuine Operating System

Again, a must. You can never have the important updates that keep your laptop running for years without the genuine operating system. Never go for a pirated version of the operating system, it will just destroy your experience for the best laptop.

There are many reasons for this and the most important of all is that your files and important data will be at risk with the fake operating system. You should always go for the best operating system for your laptop.

How Can Your Laptops Last the Longest?

Here I will write a few suggestions that will help you in running your laptop for years to come. 

These are a few tips:

Maintain a regular charging schedule for your laptop even if you are not using it on a daily basis. Still, it needs to be charged occasionally and its battery should never get below 20 percent of the charging limit.

Do not overuse the charging cable. When you charge your laptop, heat gets transferred from the cable which can damage the cable if used for years. 

Update whenever possible, you can update the software, operating fan, cables, etc. Keep things maintained and you will never have to worry again.

Keep Foods and eating stuff away. This is common for all, we always eat while using the device or sitting near to it. Remember foods and drinks are not friends for this machine. Eating while using should be avoided at all times, if you are hungry then finish your food first. 

Keep the laptop clean and tidy. This included cleaning the device screen and maintaining a decent keyboard. I have just posted an article on, How to Clean Laptop Touch Screen, give it a read. I have explained different methods that you can use on a daily basis at home and maintain a decent laptop that will last for years to come.

Keep the laptop cool. By this, I mean that try to avoid overheating and check that fan is running properly. All these products come with an internal fan, if you think your laptop is getting hot, check the fan and close applications.

Final Words

I have given all the details that are necessary and are closely related to these products in functional life. I have found Lenovo products to last the longest while testing many at Whatlaptops.com Head Quarters.

There are a couple of versions of Lenovo that are just awesome, but again things are different from one user to another. Also the buying price and buying capacity is different for different people.

Few of my fellows are using the ASUS brand and they are also satisfied with the performance of their lappy as I call them :). If you are planning to buy for gaming, then this article on Best Gaming Laptops 2019, is just for you. I have detailed all the giants that are in the competition for this.

Team- WhatLaptops.com

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