Best Laptops with Number Pad

Best Laptops with Number Pad 2022

The numeric keyboard has many benefits, whether you are writing an email or doing some sort of data entry tasks. Having a laptop with a number pad is always good, I love to use it while working.

With every passing day, laptops are getting small, but I always recommend buying a laptop with a full keyboard. I am a blogger, and I can not work with my laptop, which has a number pad.

Best Laptops with Number Pad 2020 Reviews

Laptops with Number Pad Features Numeric Keyboard Price
Lenovo Y700 Intel Core 7th generation, i7 Yes Check Price
HP 2020 Premium Intel Core i5 processor, backlit keyboard Yes Check Price
Lenovo Flagship 8th generation Intel Quad-core i5 Yes Check Price
ASUS TUF Laptop 8th generation Intel Core i7 Yes Check Price
MSI Stealth Intel Core i7, super fast  Yes Check Price

Most of the laptops, these days, are without the numeric keyboard. It’s mostly to free up space as laptops are coming thinner than ever. But, this numeric keyboard is actually really important, and I would say necessary for people like me who have to do a lot with the numbers.

Even for, common people, who are not the businessman, economist or professionals, you need a laptop with a number padfor entering phone numbers, dates or the passwords on your laptops. Though, there are people who are just satisfied with the numeric key rows above the alphabetic keyboard.

But, this numeric key row makes the work quite difficult for you if you are a professional and all your work is with the numbers.

As the work does not just end with mentioning a single date and when you have to write a lot of numbers.

You need a separate space for numbers. That’s being the case, I decided to list down the importance and benefits of a numeric keyboard on a laptop.

As you must have seen in the traditional keyboards, which had separate space, usually right side, just for the numeric keyboard.

It actually allowed the proximity of the related numerals. You will always appreciate your decision of buying a laptop with a number pad.

Plus, it provides a shorter distance to your fingers and made it quite easy to type, even when you had to type the alphabets.

And this is one of the reasons I love old computers. They were especially convenient and were designed in a way that provides you comfort instead of style.

Enough with my old generation love and coming back to the topic. I would tell you (or write in this case) that having a numeric keyboard literally makes your life easier.

As you can enter a large amount of numerical data with ease when using a numeric keyboard and another wonderful thing is that you can even use the laptop and enter all the numeric data with the single hand, when numeric keys are located separately on the right side.

Laptops with the numeric keys are best as they are really convenient to use when you are entering a large amount of data, in numbers.

It, no doubt, increases your efficiency because you are doing work faster and better, without making any mistakes or taking breaks.

That is the reason that the numeric keyboards are the most preferred ones for most of the business data input procedures.

There are many laptops available, even today, with the numeric keyboards. As the importance of numeric keyboard is renowned and accepted all over the world.

Especially, in the professional field, it is still preferred to use laptops that have the numeric keys available in it. As they increase the work efficiency as well as the work productivity of the employees.

If you are looking for a laptop with the numeric keys, you can find it on the Amazon, the site I preferred the most, or you can take a look at the keyboard reviews to see which one is suitable for you. Keep in mind doing work comfortably is cooler than a thin uncomfortable laptop.

Best Laptops with Number Pad 2020 Reviews

Here are the detailed reviews of these amazing laptops with a number pad. We have selected 5 of the high-quality laptops for this article.

Lenovo Y700

This 15-inch laptop is fine in producing the ultimate working companions for the game lovers. This laptop is made up of great chassis and the display of this laptop is very vivid and bright. Its audio performance is also very good. It is overall a fine machine I must say.

The performance of this laptop is very good and it has a 2.6 GHz Intel-powered processor. It is also occupied with the Intel core processor.

Its processor has a version of i7 and it has a super-fast CPU. Its body is strong and the working capabilities of this laptop are fine.

It is considered a gaming laptop and it has beautiful ports. It has a black colored aluminum casing. This laptop also carries the highlights of red color and these highlights give it an aggressive appearance.

This device is prepared with the thought that you should feel comfortable while using this laptop. The major part which needs comfort is the keyboard.

Its keyboard is very swift in typing and you can do your work quite nicely on this laptop. It also possesses a number pad which is a smart addition.

For me, it is very tough to do typing on a narrow keyboard. I want complete freedom for my fingers while typing. 

Its laptop also carries a backlit which means you can work on this laptop in dark too. As I told you, people, earlier that this laptop carries an extreme comfort level for this purpose it is also covered with soft rubber covering and you can rest your hands while typing on this keyboard easily.

It has the keyboard of a very stylish design. It has a fancy red and black honeycomb-like appearance which gives this laptop a pure gaming look. It is a very strong and attractive looking laptop. Its design is a love I must say.

The audio level of this laptop is also great. You can enjoy great sound levels on this laptop as it is equipped with subwoofers and great sound quality too.

You find deep bass, great trance, and optimum loudness on this laptop what else you demand from an audio system of a laptop.

It is quite a cool machine whether you talk about looks or temperature. In both cases, this machine is amazing and great.

It does not get hot too fast and its cooling system cools down the processor within a few minutes and your device will not get hot easily.

Webcam of this laptop has a resolution of 720p and you can view the great quality of picture during a video chat and have a good video conference experience.

There is a diverse division of ports on this laptop. It has two ports of version 3.0 and also it has an HMDI port and one Ethernet port. There is also a port that gets a lock at its spot and produces a secured area too.

It also carries a USB 2.0 port and this laptop is composed of a 4 in 1 card reader slot. As we know that the number of ports is very diverse in this laptop there is a headphone and microphone jack too. It’s port section also carries a charger port too.

The battery life of this laptop is more than 4 hours. This battery life is too good and optimum for this laptop. You are going to love this laptop without any trouble and have a complete enjoying experience with this laptop.

I personally love the presence of a numeric pad on this laptop. This numeric keypad helps a person typing on the laptop with ease as the fingers have to travel less distance while clicking a stroke.

It is a source of compact presentation of the typing device. You can do typing with one hand if you have such a laptop.

HP Premium, Best laptop with a Number Pad

It is a laptop powered by Hp and I can say that it is a handsome machine indeed for the improvement of working.

It is a good machine if you are playing any video, watching television programs and doing multitasking. It is a 17 inches laptop which has a widescreen. Its screen has too good color differentiation and the image on this laptop is very clear.

People use to dislike this laptop because of its too big screen but this machine is an ultimate displaying unit that provides you optimum viewing experience.

Although its size has increased its weight this machine is a great combination of wonderful features and great picture quality. Some time people exaggerate about its weight although its weight is the same as a 15 inches laptop.

Its screen is 17.3 inches in size and has a high definition view which is very bright and you are going to love it when you watch any kind of movie or video on this laptop.

It has a backlit which gives a bright view. It is also equipped with a high-quality bright view powered by Intel. It has a DTS studio surround sound action.

This laptop with a number pad has a screen resolution of approximately 1600× 900 and this is great. It also comes with a CD/ DVD burner. So you can say that it is a movie lover’s delight which surely you guys sure love to enjoy.

You have a wide choice for the selection of colors on this laptop. It is fun to have this laptop as it is a colorful device with lots of great features I must say.

You can select the color which suits your personality easily. You can get freedom from the dull and boring gray and black laptops.

The most interesting thing is that you can select the CPU of your choice on this laptop. You can opt for the Intel-powered processor which is 7200U and also of 8250U.

You can select the one which you need for processing. The cache availability also varies between 3,4,6 up to 8 MB.

As I told you, people, earlier that you have a broad option for the selection of storage devices for this laptop. Its storage devices range from 8 GB to 16 GB. You can select the size of the storage device according to your data quantity.

The ports division for this laptop is also very wide and diverse and you can select from a variety of ports easily. It has one USB port of version 3.1 and two USB ports of version 2.0 along with one HMDI port are available.

It also carries one Ethernet port and one headphone and microphone jack. The number of ports is quite optimum in this laptop.

Its keyboard has great typing features and it is a smooth typing machine. Its most wonderful feature is the presence of numeric keypad which becomes a source of easiness for the typing personal.

It also has backlit and non-backlit editions. Backlit comes in the laptop of the high processing unit.

It comes with the Windows 10 editions and this version of the window has the ability to cooperate with every processing unit and software available in the market. 

Overall it is a wonderful machine. Webcam of this laptop is also very sharp and has a good resolution. You can use this laptop in offices easily.

I personally love the laptops which come in the form of 10 numeric pads as they are quite user-friendly and typing is easy on these laptops.

You are not only going to love typing on this laptop but your fingers will be easy on it too. It creates a firm typing environment for you.

I highly recommend this laptop for approximate people of every profession. As it has a widescreen, clear display and the ability to personalize it is the best.

Its keyboard comes with awesome typing options and this thing is also great to consider. Hope you like it too.

Lenovo laptop with numeric keypad

A  laptop with a number pad is one of the basic necessities of a person’s life and for some people you can say it is a lifetime investment.

The idea pad is a strong and robust device with a protective finish to protect it from accidental effects.

It has rubber protection in the bottom which helps in the ventilation and enhances the life of the components.

Idea pad 330 serves as a laptop of the future which provides you with a great specification that is optimum for your proper working as this laptop is a great machine.

The processing of this laptop is very high and provides you with great power of computing.

Its processing power is too high as it has a processor of 8th generation powered by Intel and it is an i7 processor.

With the help of this powerful processor we can do computing, play games, watch theatre-style movies and do a lot of tasking on this laptop.

It is customizable as far as the storage is concerned. Its  RAM and the hard drive can extend up to 20 GB and also to the level of 1 TB solid-state drive for improved performance. If you have a lot of data for storage then this is the right choice for you.

Its processor is quad-core and the version of the processor is i5-8250U and the speed of the processor is varied from 1.6GHz to 3.4 GHz. It can also store the cache of 8MB. 

It has the wireless connection powered by Intel and it is a wireless AC WLAN connection. It has a Bluetooth connection of version 4.1 and the Ethernet connection of RJ-45 connectors.

Its connectivity is too vast as it has a USB port of version 3.0 and of type C. It also comes with two USB 3.0 ports and one HMDI port is also available on this laptop.

It also comes with one media card reader. It has an amazing combination of audio jack and microphone.

It has a battery life of more than 6 hours. It is a great feature indeed. I mean you got to do your work without the headache of charging again and again. You can work for long durations easily on this laptop.

This laptop comes with the Windows operating system of 10 versions. You know it is a compatible operating system and it is compatible with lots of devices. It also can download lots of applications on the Windows operating system.

This laptop also comes with great audio features. You can listen to music a great deal. You can get a surround effect by listening to the music on it.

It is such a laptop that is charged easily and fast. In the charging time of 15 minutes, 2 hours battery can be created. So you can work for longer durations on this laptop with fast charging and high battery life.

You are going to enjoy movies, listening to music, playing games and having lots of fun on this laptop.

You have great updated software with which you are able to improve your working standards and as far as gaming is concerned you are also going to have fun.

Although the camera of this laptop is not up to the mark it is quite optimum to have a good quality of video conference with great audio effects and comfortable video chatting experience. I have been using this laptop for live streaming.

A laptop with a numeric keypad is always a true companion as your fingers tend to open on it clearly and you are going to enjoy it totally. This laptop is a worker’s heaven who wants to type with complete freedom.

You are definitely going to love this laptop for its perfect keyboard as it is a distinguishing feature of this laptop.


Asus can never disappoint its users as it is a device full of advantages and wonders. This laptop is full of miracles like there is an availability of dual fans and these fans make the laptop dust free. If you are a game lover you are going to enjoy this laptop completely.

This is an affordable machine with great features that you might get in an expensive machine.

Its gaming software is robust enough that they can manage to cope with the problems occur due to playing heavy games on the laptop.

It is a sturdy looking laptop made up of black plastic and it carries an aluminum luster and at the angles of this laptop, there is a presence of red paint. It also carries an ASUS logo on the lid of this laptop. This laptop is very unique as far as its design is concerned.

Its screen has a size of approximately 15.6 inches which has bezel which is quite very chunky. Its deck is made up of plastic with the red lines featuring over it.

Red is the major color of its distinction. In fact, the keyboard also carries the backlit which is red in color. This is a high-rated laptop with a number pad.

This laptop has the power jacks which provide the chance for charging. It also carries an Ethernet jack for the internet, It also carries a USB 2.0 port and also a pair of USB 3.0 ports.

This port division has indicated the chance of a great diversity of ports on the laptop and these ports are a fine combination to enhance inter and intra-device connections.

This laptop has a sharp screen with good brightness. As with the help of this machine, you can view the best quality of images without any trouble and the brightness level of the images is also good. It has a screen resolution of 1080p.

I personally love the videos on this laptop. As colors of the screen are very sharp and it is truly a 15.6 inches display.

The numeric keyboard of this laptop is of great quality as it helps in typing a lot and you can do error-free work on this laptop.

The strokes of keys are very quick and your level of pressing is great on these laptops. It has a backlit too. With this feature, you can do typing in dark too.

The sound quality of this laptop is very clear and loud. You will be able to listen to music in a very loud sound. The whole room will be filled with the surround sound action of the music produced by this laptop.

It is also equipped with Nvidia gaming software for graphics. So you can say that you are going to get the best gaming graphics with optimum gaming facilities and up the mark actions of the gaming characters on this laptop. It truly is a gaming software carrying gaming laptop.

The performance level of these laptops is very high. It has got a fast rebooting and on this laptop, you will be able to perform multitasking at your best. It carries the CPU of high efficiency and is able to compute and process data t maximum speed.

Its battery life is not too much as it only consists of three hours but I guess with lots of other features this thing can be ignored.

I think this is quite enough time for working without charging as after three hours you can charge it again without any trouble.

This laptop carries the ability to get cooled down fast as the cooling fans are also available on these laptops and the machine of these laptops cool very fast as you are going to enjoy a great screen time without getting hot.

Its webcam is also fine enough to give you great viewership for the video conferences.

It has a great numeric keypad on which you can do calculative tasks without any problem. Your hands can do wide typing on this laptop.

It gives you complete freedom of typing and definitely enjoy the typing on such a luxurious keyboard. I highly recommend this wonderful machine. I love it.

MSI GS75 Stealth

MSI stealth is a sleek slim and smart gaming laptop. It has an amazing design and optimum ability to perform multitasking in the best possible way. It has the best features you could ever imagine and these features provide you with the best gaming abilities.

This laptop with a numeric keypad has a screen of 17.3 inches and this laptop has a high definition resolution of 1920×1080 pixels.

This display is of the IPS level. This laptop is composed of the best of its design. Its body is made up of aluminum and the hinges are made up of gold color. It looks like a true dragon-like laptop.

It has graphics of NVIDIA Geforce  RTX2080 which shows the great graphics effects of every game. This laptop provides the best quality of playing games experiences.

This laptop has a huge collection of ports for giving the best of all-time connectivity. It is composed of one power jack. There is also one USB port 3.1 and there is one microSD card slot.

It is also equipped with two ports one for headphone and one microphone port. It also carries one HMDI port and there is one security slot too. It is equipped with one Thunderbolt 3 port too. There is also one USB type C port.

This laptop has a processor which is of high speed. The version of this laptop with a number pad has a processor powered by Intel.

It has the i7 8750 processor and you can do a lot of processing on it for a longer period of time. This is among the Best Laptops with Number Pad in 2020.

Its memory is also very strong. As it has a memory of 32GB and the memory type present is  DDR4. This is quite sufficient memory size and it can store a lot of information at a time.

The audio quality of this laptop is very great and it has high-performance sound quality. The bass of this laptop is deep and the level of loudness of sound is perfect in this laptop as you can say that it will give you the maximum gaming experience.

Its keyboard has a high quality of key placement and the typing is very comfortable on this laptop. It has a numeric keypad too.

You can say that this laptop has an easy typing experience with a helpful armrest available.

Its touchpad is very sensitive and you can do easy finger movement on this laptop and you will enjoy working on this laptop.

It has a battery life of approximately 2 hours. You have to do charging again and again on this laptop.

You will enjoy working on this laptop for not too long without charging but its other features overshadow its charging capacities.

Its webcam is also available with optimum resolution and you can view the great quality of images with the help of a webcam. You do great quality of webcam-based video chat.

This laptop with a number pad is quite a cool device not only in its look but it also has very fast fans which can cool down the temperature of the laptop.

The software on this laptop can easily be installed and working on this software is super fast on this laptop. You are going to love this laptop.

It has enhanced the quality of display and great quality of audio features. You take the name and it has the feature. You are going to love this machine.

You are going to love this laptop if you want to do typing a numeric keypad. It has a great advantage in entering data in spreadsheets.

You will be happy as the width of the keyboard increases and you got enough room for typing.

A numeric keypad is always a delight to work with. You will enjoy working on it. Your fingers will get lesser tired on such a laptop. If you do not want to use it you can lock it. I hope you will also love it as it is a highly recommended machine for everyone.

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