What is the Best Rolling Laptop Bag?

What is the Best Rolling Laptop Bag?

Laptops are important and if they are important then surely their security is important. If you have a laptop then you must possess its bag too. There is a variety of bags for laptop available in the market and these laptop bags are important to consider as they not only carry your laptop but they also have the ability to carry many accessories of yours.

You should keep in mind that your laptop bag has a bundle of qualities but you should consider only which you like. You should keep in mind that your laptop bag should be easy to carry and has enough space to store the items you desired to secure in it.

It is also very easy to use. You should also be conscious of the laptop design price and mobility. Solo Bryant is the Best Rolling Laptop Bag for 2019.

What is the Best Rolling Laptop Bag?

Our editors have selected the best rolling laptop bag for this review. Nowadays the rolling laptop bags are important and in trend but you should be conscious of the size and design selection of the laptop. Laptop bags are important to consider as they carry your data and laptops. So it is important to consider that the laptop bag should be according to your laptop specifications.

Solo Bryant 17.3″ Rolling Laptop Case

Solo Bryant 17.3″ Rolling Laptop Case, Black is a pure traveling laptop. You can fly and travel with this laptop a lot easily anywhere you want. This laptop bag is quite a stylish one.

Some important features of the laptop are as follow:

  1. Protection:

This laptop bag is fully padded and thus can be the cause of the protection of your laptop. It is a perfect device to protect your device from the shocks and jerks.

  1. Size:

This laptop bag is of 17.3 inches and as the size indicates that it has the ability to store the laptop of 17.3 inches and also the laptops of size less than 17.3 inches.

  1. Pocketing:

It has a front pocket with zipping for those items to which you can reach easily. It also has a front down pocket which has an ability to save the pens, pencils and other stationery items.

  1. Design:

It is the sort of laptop which is of universal black in color. It is of unisex design. This bag is made up of 100% polyester made. It has strong and tough urethane wheels and the telescoping handle is present in this laptop bag. This laptop bag is quite nice in its design and is easy to carry.

  1. Warranty:

This laptop bag comes with the 5 years warranty. As it can be with you for a good five years.


  • This laptop bag can easily fit under the airplane seat.
  • You can easily hide its handle if you want to.
  • You can easily put your documents and papers in this bag.
  • It has a beautifully designed zip.
  • It is very much durable and soft bag.
  • It is a very mobile laptop bag as it can move easily.


  • It does not open flat.
  • It has an average sort of handle.


This is a very different thing to select from the huge choice of laptop bags from a large number. It will definitely make you confused. But in my opinion, you should select the bag from the huge list of available brands the one which primarily protects your laptop.

Save you from the trouble of weight. It should have to be easy to handle. Its material should also have to be up to the mark. Click here to check the latest price.

You will be quite satisfied if your laptop bag is lightweight sleek and easy in its handling. You will surely be in love with it. If you are trouble-free while carrying a bag that has your laptop then your whole work is on the go with you. You are going to love your choice as it will definitely make you happy and carefree.

Try to select that bag in which all your laptop related stuff fits in properly and you will enjoy the availability of your stuff easily. Your laptop bag makes your laptop on the wheels and you will have the hustle free movement of your laptop. You should keep this thing in mind that an easy to carry bag will definitely make you happy.

My Story, Rolling Laptop Bag

I have a rock band and love to do lots of traveling with my stuff. You know how important a laptop for anybody is nowadays. My laptop is important for me too but I cannot use the cross over or hand handling bags with me as my guitar is also an important gadget for me.

So on my birthday which was on Sunday, my mom gave me a rolling laptop bag. It was such a beautiful bag. I was previously discussing to her about this stuff but I didn’t know that she can buy one for me. It is a great gift indeed. Click here to read the detailed review of the bag.

My mother has done a lot of research on this. She also shares this experience with me as I was very much surprised to see that her choice for the gift was so much accurate. She told me that she searched the internet for hours to find out the best rolling laptops bag collection.

Here are some feature which she thinks are important and a rolling laptop bag must possess:

  1. Size:

You guys surely know that size is very much important for the perfect selection of a laptop bag. The size of your laptop must coincide with the size of your rolling laptop bag. This is also an important thing to notice that you should also be aware of the fact that which other things you want to carry with your laptop bag. These things are quite very important for anyone who is deciding to buy one.

  1. Stuff:

You are independent to select the quality of your laptop bag. It is all up to you. There are different types of people in the world. Everyone has their own preferences. I love the leather bag personally as it is very much stylish and gives you a rich look. But if you want to be a protective and durable one then a nylon or polyester bags are not a bad choice.

  1. Straps:

Although rolling laptops do not concern much with the straps and handle very much sometimes you want to hang the laptop at your back or around your shoulder. In such circumstances, the strap is an important thing to deal with. So you should select a bag with soft and comfortable straps.

  1. Wheels:

The wheels of the laptop should be dense and have the perfect ability to move on without any trouble with ease and smoothly. They should not carry any kind of friction that makes this laptop heavy and hard to move.

Why you need rolling bags for laptops?

This is an important question on which you should focus that’s why you need a bulkier rolling laptop bag. There are many reasons for some people use it while traveling. Some people use it while doing traveling as traveling is a tough job to do so it carries away their burdens.

Some people need to do traveling with their kids so it is also tough for them to carry kids or laptops.

Some people travel with lots of laptop stuff that’s why they need extra batteries, chargers, and some other stuff so they use to carry the laptop bags with them.

Hence there a bundle of reasons to buy a laptop bag and to enjoy a carefree life.

A rolling laptop bag is a blessing for travelers and I can say that because I love traveling so much and traveling is fun when you feel lightweight and easy going. A laptop is a must with go requirement of today’s world and the taking of the rolling laptop bag has made it much easier for today. I am into live streaming and for that, a laptop is a must.

As I told you earlier that I am a rock star so I need to do a lot of traveling and by using the rolling laptop bag my traveling has become more easy and convenient. I can put a lot of stuff in my rolling laptop bag. This thing has made my life quite easy and worth living. Now my whole stuff is on wheels for me. I can do things without any trouble and it is such a relieving feeling to deal with and I enjoyed it a lot.

Best of luck.

Team – WhatLaptops.com

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