How Much does Laptop Insurance Cost?

How Much does Laptop Insurance Cost?

Laptop insurance is one of the simple techniques that you have to use to secure your laptop. We have added a comparison chart that explains the cost, features, and duration of the insurance plans.

How Much does Laptop Insurance Cost? Laptop insurance cost is between $30 to $150 per year. On average the insurance for the laptop is around $60 for one year.

It will help you if you lost your laptop or mechanical fault. The company will pay its price for the repair and maintenance.

How Much does Laptop Insurance Cost?

It is used to compensate for the loss of electrical gadgets by insuring them. You have to make sure that the system that you are using should be free from all damages while you are protecting them with the insurance.

Different companies provide different types of pans to their customers. You can choose one of them by looking at the various features of the plan.

You should go for that company that is providing you all benefits by depending on your needs and demands. You should make sure that it will give you the cost that you will require at the time of the claim. The company should not demand a lot of documentation when you claim for loss.

Laptop insurance cost and protection plans for different companies

Name Cost of insurance (dollars) (per year) Type of plan they offer
Securranty 60 Annual or Biannual
Safeware 80 One year to four years
Worthavegroup 40 One year, two years or three years
TechInsurance 50 Yearly
ZDNet 35 One or two year
Gadget Cover 40 Annually or semiannually
Asurion home + 38 Multiple options from monthly to yearly

What type of losses are covered in laptop insurance?

Different companies have different types of terms and conditions. The general losses that are covered are explained here. You can get a claim for your device if it counters with accidental damage.

They will give you the cost of repair and maintenance in this case. If your device is damaged with the water, then you can take it to the company also.

The other things that are covered in the claim of the product are a breakdown of the device, unauthorized usage, loss of your device, stealing of the gadget, and small other features that are varying from company to company.

If you face any one of these things, then you can claim it. This is the safest method to secure your device by paying a little premium for your device.

You can find a particular plan for only a single type of damage at a lesser cost. It means that if you want to get a claim only when your device steals by any thief and you do not wish to cover for the hardware or software failure.

In this scenario, you will get a better plan for your gadget at a much lower cost. You can lower the price by choosing just one type of claim of a product if there is a specific reason for insuring the device.

Similarly, you can get a plan for your device for only water damage. There are many chances that the whole machine will be lost at the time when they are exposed to the water.

You have to clean the water with a dry cloth and try to soak it properly in fresh air and sunlight. This treatment will work when you see that there is only a few parts are wet with the water.

There are different types of companies that are providing this for your gadgets. You can purchase their products by accessing their websites. You have to note that the company that you are choosing should have proper goodwill and try to overcome all the confusion by questioning the company before paying to them.

When you sign an agreement with them, then you have to fulfill all the requirements for that agreement. Access and carefully read it yourself rather than depending on them. many people use their laptops for Bumble Web.

You can study that which type of problems that you can claim. You should make sure that the plan that you are availing is the best fit for your needs and demands.

The step that you should perform with complete attention and focus is the selection of the company and its type of plan. This is essential while getting a particular plan from the market. If your notebook is VR ready, you should get it covered.

How to get insurance for your laptop?

You should go for this option when you have analyzed your daily usage and requirements. They will help you to decide that you should go for this option or this is not for you. 

Determine the value of the device

First of all, you have to access the value of the equipment for which you have to insure it. You have to choose the value of the device wisely because your claim will be made on that value.

The premium that you will pay also depends on the value of the equipment which you are insuring. You have to complete all the demands of the company’s documentation and all other things. You should know the price of cheap laptops to get a better value.

Find a company

Choose the company wisely by looking at all its aspects and the reviews by the customers. You should analyze the situation by seeing the reviews on the company’s websites and by searching the terms of the product.

The company that suits you a lot will be shortlisted and then try to analyze that company. You can consult to the old customers of that company to note the status of the company and their satisfaction level from the company.

Negotiate a plan and cost of the premium

After deciding on one company, you have to negotiate an arrangement with their agent. The project will involve the type of claim that you can make with this company.

The amount of premium will also decide in that plan and what will be the type of program. It can be quarterly, semiannually, annually, or biannually.

The amount for the premium will be varying as the type of plan that you are choosing. You have to make sure that the conditions are easy to fulfill for you at the time of the claim.

Finalize the agreement

The plans are negotiable and flexible. You can stretch them to your side as you can before signing on the final draft. You should not sign on the agreement till all the problems are discussed and understood by you.

You should choose that type of condition for the claiming for which there are maximum chances of occurrence.

The price of the plan will depend on the benefits that you are getting from the company at the time of the claim. Different companies have different types of expenditures and various types of claiming options. You should agree to pay the insurance premium by looking at all the details.


There are many benefits of availing of this opportunity for your electrical gadgets. You will be able to use your gadgets without any fear. The analysis of the situation matters a lot for negotiating a better deal with the company.

You will be in a relaxed state when you know that you can claim in case of any damage to the company. The operational cost of the product is decreased many times, and you will save your money by going with this option.

You can get protection in case your device is stolen anywhere due to any reasons. You will get a full claim of the product in that scenario.

If the device is dropped in the water while using, then you can claim for the damage. If you are using expensive gadgets, then the policy will give you manifold benefits. You can go for multiple years plan because it is cheaper and provide a lot of benefits.