How to increase brightness on Lenovo laptop?

How to increase brightness on Lenovo laptop?

Every day, there is always a new type of issue with people’s laptops. There is still no official explanation for these problems. All problems require some expertise when we are trying to solve them, but the question of brightness control sometimes becomes a headache when it is not going away.

So, here are the different ways that you can do to increase the brightness of your Lenovo laptop.

  • Using the function keys
  • Using the power icon on the taskbar
  • Using the control panel settings
  • Using the Windows 10 settings

Yes, you can easily increase brightness on a Lenovo laptop. Locate the function key for brightness, press the key and increase the brightness of your laptop. This is a simple and two steps method to adjust the brightness on laptops.

Lenovo laptops have been becoming popular among the people from the past few years. The reason is that they have been very economical for the people who had a low budget. But when their machine starts giving them troubles, no matter what type of device you use, it annoys you to your limit when you cannot solve it.

But sometimes people cannot even perform a simple task, and that annoys them more. Increasing the brightness on a laptop is never too difficult when you cannot find how you can do it. Sometimes people cannot even find the brightness settings and use their laptop as it is. They do not change the settings according to their need because they consider the laptop as it is.

How to increase brightness on Lenovo laptop?

So, we are here to tell you different ways with which you can increase the brightness on your Lenovo laptop even if you cannot find your brightness settings. You must know all these ways because if you may not see the specific form which you use often, you can go differently.

All these ways to increase the brightness are straightforward; you only have to follow the steps that are mentioned, respectively. But all this guide is only applicable to Windows 10 Lenovo laptops.

Using the function keys

Function keys are so standard in every laptop because you do not always want to go to the settings for changing some standard settings that you still require to change. For example, you may need to increase or decrease the volume of your laptop.

Sometimes, when you need a screenshot of your screen, and sometimes, you need to pause or play some audio. There are different function keys available on the Lenovo laptop, which make your laptop comfortable to use. As the latest laptops of Lenovo come with a full keyboard, it is very convenient to use for all purposes.

These function keys that we were talking about are allocated on the keys that range from F1 to F12. Sometimes they are assigned on the arrow keys. While sometimes, these multimedia keys are attached to the symbol keys. Just follow the following steps to reach your required keys:

Step 1: Locate the Function key for brightness

Every Lenovo laptop has function keys, and they are always allocated with the multimedia keys to serve multiple purposes. As there cannot be so many multimedia keys on the laptop, so they assign these keys to function keys. So, out of all the multimedia keys, you will have to locate the “brightness increase“ button.

The brightness increase button will have a sunny icon that is brightened in the inside. You may find it in the range of function keys or arrow keys.

Step 2: Press the key:

The right way to press this key is not just to tap on it, and it will increase your brightness. Sometimes the brightness keys do not work like that. There is an option in BIOS of Lenovo laptops, which enables you to select the feature whether you want to use function keys or multimedia keys on the F1 to F12 range.

If you enable multimedia keys, you can tap on the function key that has a sunny icon to increase the brightness, and then it will increase the intensity of your Lenovo laptop. But if it has Function keys enable, then you will have to hold the Fn key, which is always located at the bottom left of your keyboard and then press the ‘brightness increase’ button.

Use the power icon on the taskbar to increase brightness on Lenovo laptop

The power icon on your laptop has all the settings for battery or power configuration. With the help of the options that are provided in the power or battery icon on the taskbar. It is located in the bottom left corner of the screen.

There are two ways by which you can increase the brightness of your laptop using the battery icon.

Use the power button:

Using the power button means that you will not have to change any settings or anything complex. You will only have to click on the battery icon, and a setting will pop up from that area. On that window, you will have to see the brightness percentage button. Click on the percentage button repeatedly, and it will change the brightness of your laptop.

If the brightness is too low, then it will increase the brightness by 25% on each click. After 100%, the brightness will fall to the least.

Use the mobility center

If you open the battery window and you do not see any percentage button to increase the brightness of your Lenovo laptop, it may be an issue by the driver. In that case, you will have to go to the mobility center to change the brightness of your laptop.

Now right-click on the battery icon, and it will show two options. Go for the windows mobility center option and click on it. A window will be prompt in which you will see the brightness option on the first option.

Hold the bar and move it to the right; it will increase the brightness of your Lenovo laptop.

Using the control panel setting to increase brightness

When all options do not work in the first place, then you will have to go for another option to reach the brightness settings. Control panel is the settings in windows that contains all the settings regarding your laptop.

Go to power settings:

The power settings are located in the control panel settings list. You can find the power option settings in the Hardware and Sound category. In that category, you will see that there is another section named Power Option. Open that category, and you will reach the power options of your Lenovo laptop.

Change the brightness:

After opening the power option settings, you may see a scroll button on the bottom of that window. If you do not see any option of brightness, then you will have to go to the power plan option, which is named Change Plan Settings.

In that option, you will see the detailed options to configure the brightness of your Lenovo laptop. At that window, you will be able to set your light for both options, which are: when you are using your computer on battery and when you are using your laptop on AC power supply.

Increase the brightness level from these options as you require. You can also reach the power option from the battery icon displaying on the taskbar. You can right-click on the battery icon and see the power option button in the pop-up menu. Click on the power option button, and you will be prompted to the power options window.

Here you can change the brightness settings in detail.

Using the Windows 10 settings

When you want to change the brightness level of your Lenovo laptop through windows 10 select settings, which provides an excellent interface to customize your windows settings. You can follow the following steps to reach the brightness settings of your Lenovo laptop.

Go to settings and change the brightness level:

When you open the settings, you will see several categories just like you saw in the control panel. The settings menu of windows 10 is just like the control panel but with a better interface and color range. So, open the display settings, and you will see the brightness level indicator on the very first option.

Change the level of brightness as you require.

Tips to Increase brightness on your Lenovo Laptops

The essential factor in setting the brightness level is to determine whether your eyes can bear the high brightness or not. It also depends upon the element of your location. If you are sitting in a bright room, then you need to increase the brightness level but set the level of brightness in such a way that it does not hurt your eyes after a long time.

If you are using the laptop for a long time, then there is no need to set the brightness level too high. If you want to enjoy the colors of the High definition display for your movie, then you should increase the brightness level to full.

When you are using your laptop during the day, you will have to increase the brightness level to the maximum. But when you are using the laptop at night, make sure to keep a low brightness.

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