Best Laptop for Teachers 2019

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Best Laptop for Teachers 2019

In this article, I have added reviews for the best laptop for teachers 2019. Being a teacher is not an easy job, thanks to technology, I can do many tasks on my laptop. When I decided to buy a laptop for me, there were just two basic requirements, it has to be budget-friendly and must be equipped with the latest technology.

Laptops are now a must for any professional and specially teachers. I am a middle school teacher and I use my laptop for making tests, communicate with parents, make videos for students and a lot more.

Comparison Chart for Best Laptop for Teachers 2019

I have added 4 Best Laptop for Teachers in this chart. Along with all the features and specifications, I have added a check price button.

Laptops for Teachers Technology Screen Size Price
HP Pavilion X360 Intel Core i5, Quad-core 14 Inches Check Price
HP Chromebook Intel Celeron N3350 14 Inches Check Price
Lenovo Idea Pad Intel Core i7 7500U 13.3 Inches Check Price
HP Notebook Intel Core i3 7100U 14 Inches Check Price

HP Pavilion X360

I have been using this device for one year. I am working as an investment banker and this device is really helpful in my work based tasks and assignments and helps me to make my presentations easily. whenever I want to make and wherever I want to make it as I am satisfied with my device.

I am going to write a small review on my device to tell you people about my experiences for this device.

Well, primarily I am going to tell you about the distinguishing features of this device.

Design: It is a small laptop that is extremely lightweight comes in silver and red color mostly. I have the one with silver color and it has a very responsive touch and also comes with the pen and the touch with the pen is very responsive it is a very smart machine. It can rotate up to 360˚ angle.

Display: It has a 14 inches touch screen with the screen resolution of 1366× 786. It provides with the availability of IPS device and can view from each angle. It also comes with a feature of pinch to zoom and this feature makes it very much unique in its usage. I can magnify every detail of it. This 14 inch is a perfect example of the best laptop for teachers.

Processor:  It is equipped with the Intel Core i5 with the 2.2GHz speed it also comes with a quad-core processor that enhance its performance and increase its capability of computing data so easily. Thus the working level is supremely advanced. It is also very easy to use for multitasking.

Sound: Its speakers are more than awesome as they produce very good sound and also the clear sound it makes the music audible at any frequency. This is a  good sign for the music lovers and thus as the level of sound enhances the clarity is also proportional to it.

Keyboard:  Its keyboard is very much fast and comfortable to use. Its keys are very much light to touch thus it potentiate typing on it. It is also very much helpful to type with one two hands on it easily and thus working on it is quite easy. I am using this amazing machine and I must say that it is among the best laptop for teachers 2019.

Webcam:  Clarity of the webcam of this device is quite wonderful and it has a very wide angle to be captured. That’s why it is very nice to be used in video conferences. It provides a good result as you can use the webcam without interruption.

Battery: Its battery life is also very long. It can work for 5 hours and 48 minutes if continuously working or using the wifi connection.  It’s good for traveling but in my opinion, you should keep its charger with you so that you may not get stuck in a place where you have to face difficulty.

Pros: It is a useful device I must say It is a very stylish laptop with a  very much modern design you can type on it for hours as it’s a keyboard is very much comfortable.  Its design is very nice to use. Its touch screen is quite very sensitive to touch as very handy to work on it.

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It is equipped with a cool audio system thus it is very nice to work on it. I normally play my favorite tracks while I do my work on the laptop. If you are planning to buy the best laptop for teachers, go ahead, this is the one.


  • Well for me some of its cons are that;
  • Its screen resolution is not very good and sometimes causes distortion.
  • Its battery life is not too much sometimes it can create hindrances in work while working on it
  • It is quite heavy thus using as a tablet can sometimes be difficult for us. 


It has been explained a lot in my point of view that there are lots of feature of this Hp Laptop and all these features are in very affordable price. I find it very much useful. I hope you guys also find it helpful. Click here to buy from Amazon.

Hope I did justice to the article any question regarding this will be welcomed and obliged.

HP 14 INCH CHROMEBOOK, Laptop for Teachers

In today’s world, you have to do multiple jobs to maintain a standard. I am a part-time teacher at a local school and I love to teach kids. Being a teacher is an honor for me, I get to teach coming generations about good and bad, but I am a psychic by profession and I am very good at reading stars.

I do most of my work online and give predictions to my clients online so I need a new laptop for this purpose and this is quite tough for me then on my online survey, I saw this new 14-inch laptop of Hp and I thought I should go for it. It is a wonderful decision from my side or I should say my stars are in the right direction at that time  :). I am going to write a review on my experience hope you will like it.

I will first explain some of its prominent features are as follow:

Important features and specifications:

Display:  Its Display is very much efficient as it comes in 14 inches screen size and resolution is also very cool. Its resolution is 1366×768 High definition resolution and quality of the screen is very clear. It has very much efficient WLED backlight and the graphics of this lappy are also in high definition.

Processor: Its processor is quite efficient. It has a processor of Intel Celeron CPU N3350 with the speed of 1.10GHz. It is 32 GB hard disk drive. Its quite handy working wise and storage is comparatively very good. It means its performance is good and speed is also very much nice to work on.

Connectivity:  It is full of user-friendly ports and it is quite a useful feature of this machine. It is equipped with an HMDI port a security lock slot. It also comes with the connectivity of three USB ports one f 3.0 version and the other two are of 2.0 version. It is also equipped with a microphone jack and an SD card reader. It means it provides a lot of connectivity for data transfer.

Keyboard and touchpad: Its keyboard and touchpad are flawless. They are very much easy to use and working on it is quite hustle free you can easily type on it just like an expensive laptop and the typing is very much supported on it along with keyboard its touchpad is quite very good in its working.

Sound: Its sound quality is quite very good and has a very good pick up and the sound is quite very much clear in its working and its working has made its usage up to the mark. It is available with the built-in stereo system.

Battery Life: Its battery life is quite very good but not too great as it provides the battery time of 6 hours. This time is sufficient but for some users maybe it is not.


This chrome book comes in aver versatile design and is very much cool in appearance. It is also very efficient working wise and enhance the working experience of its worker. Its speed, sound quality, and the display is quite awesome and makes it stand out. It is quite lightweight. It is highly portable and thus mobility enhanced.

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It is available with built-in antivirus and virus protection. It is equipped with everything required for its working. This is definitely among the best laptops for teachers.


There are some machines available as chrome book from Hp and are much advanced than that but for this matter, you can say the more you add sugar the sweeter it will be.

Its battery time is quite average I guess it should be improved to enhance the user experience.


I hope you liked my article. Buying the best laptop for teachers is not easy, I recommend going through all the different options in this article. Click here to buy from Amazon.

Lenovo Idea pad 710S

I am a social worker by profession. Nowadays the internet is sinking up with every field of life same story is with me I have to keep my links up to date and managed up with the time for this purpose I want some device for this and my mobile is unable to do so.

I bought a Lenovo Idea pad 710S and Its a handy gadget and helpful for working in my field as it is a very much portable device. I am highly satisfied with this device so I am writing a review about it.

First of all, I will like to explain some features of it.

Here we go:

Design:  It is a beautiful machine which is very much of elegant design and full of decency. It has a metallic body made up of the aluminum alloy which gives the appearance of an ultrabook and it is full technical beauty.

Display: It is a machine which is consisted of a screen of 13.3 inches and the display is in high resolution and high definition. It comes with a 1920 ×1080 display. Its screen is anti-glare means it is going to give you edge cutting beautiful display. It has an IPS touchscreen.

Processor:  It is a dual-core device with approximately 3.50 GHz speed. It has a processor of Intel Core of generation i7 7500U. Its performance level is very high and it is quite responsive in its working and you can do multitasking on it very easily with great speed of working.

Keyboard and Trackpad: Its keyboard is very much efficient. The order of keys is quite very good and working on it is quite easy that you can work on it efficiently and nice with seamless typing speed and working on it is quite very easy. But the trackpad is not up to the mark as it is good in its movement and can also work easily but there is a problem in it that your finger may get stuck into it. I guess there is a problem in its material.

Audio:  Is speaker quality is quite very good as it creates a wonderful high pitched sound with great impact. It is usually unexpected from a device like this to produce a high pitched sound from this device it’s such a wonderful thing to consider.

Battery Life: It battery life is quite satisfying as It provides the battery life of approximately 7 hours plus which is an excellent feature of this device and makes it a wonderful machine to be used. It provides hurdle free working for a longer duration of time.

Webcam:  It has a webcam of 0.9 megapixels which means it provides the images that are grainy and not clear and they keep on making noise and thus its working may undergo through the problem but this problem comes with every laptop webcam approximately.

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Well, this device consists of a number of advantages as it is full of good points its design is its major USP. Its working is very fast it is able to work with a strong solid state disk. Its speaks are just up to the mark. Its battery life is remarkable and its working is us too good while its very lightweight and this feature enhance its mobility.


  • Its webcam can be improved as the picture quality is not fine and can cause distortion in the video conferences.
  • Its battery life can be made more improves as there is a chance of improvement in it.


I like my device a lot and I explained it every feature which is important. This laptop for teachers is one of its kind and with the price tag that is affordable to the majority of buyers. I have seen many satisfied buyers, you can also be one of them. Click here to buy from Amazon.

HP 14 inches Laptop

I make videos on YouTube and you can say it is my hobby or a profession. I am a computer science student but I love to make online videos and tutorials. These videos are for my primary school students. Also, these videos are a source of income for me. I usually use my cell phone for the purpose of making the videos but I cannot do its editing and uploading from my mobile as it’s not workable.

I need a laptop for this purpose and I decided to buy a new one and I bought an HP 14 inches non-touch chrome book. When I bought I found it great and this experience is that much great that I decided to write a review on it.

First of all, I tell you about its great features as they are important:


It’s a 14-inch laptop with high definition screen quality. Its screen resolution potential is 1366×768Pixels which is quite very good for screen viewing.  The screen is bright and glossy gives an awesome view to the viewer and provide better visibility to the audience.


Its processor is powered by Intel and it’s a third generation computer i3 with 7100 u dual core and its processor speed is  2.4 GHz. It has a graphics system of Intel 620 integrated graphics which is a feature that makes it stand out from the huge pile of laptops.


Its design is ultra slim and weighs only 3.15 pounds and 0.8 inches slim. DVD and CDROM are not present there to provide it more slim appearances and enhance its slim nature and make it lightweight.


It is equipped with the webcam and speaker and these things make it more worthy to work on and help it to make it go easily to do video chats and video conferences easily.


It provides a high level of connectivity as one USB of  3.1 Generation 1C  and two USB  ports of  3.1 of generation 1. It is also equipped with one HMDI port.  There is also an SD card reader available there.

Battery Life :

It has a good battery life of approximately 6 hours and its a good timing in this version and price and it helps a lot in getting carefree working mind for a person who works on a laptop as it provides a wonderful working environment which is extremely great.

Click here to buy from Amazon.


It is full of good things as it has multiple benefits and it is equipped with all the necessary things a gadget needs in its system. This thing makes it wonderful means it has an amazing quality of the display.

It has wonderful webcam option its connectivity to the internet is super awesome its design is too good and in short it got every necessary thing. It’s very slim and lightweight which enhances the mobility of the user.

The graphics of this best laptop for teachers is just awesome and working on it is a very nice task to perform. Its speed is super fast and boots up very fast. Its performance level is so high that you not only enjoy your work but complete it with a lot of content.


It is an important thing to notice that this device also has some cons. Well sometimes I have an issue with its webcam it’s not very much clear and sometimes gets grainy.


I have written this article to explain my experience and hope you guys like it and it is a source of complete fulfillment of any person who wants to buy it. Click here to buy from Amazon.

Uses of Laptops for Teachers

Hi, My name is Elia and I want to discuss a true and short story of myself in which you know how laptops are useful for teachers or in the education field. From the last 3 years, I struggled too much to get a job. At last, my dreams came true and I get a job as a teacher in a public school near to my home.

But when I join the school, I realized how laptops are necessary for teachers. then I bought a low-cost 2nd hand laptop from my savings. Now I can easily do too much task on my laptop as a teacher as well a student too.

Laptops as a teaching aid

Laptops act as a teaching aid. I can do many tasks as prepare lessons, help me in examination portal etc.  As I also get admission in Ph.D. so it helps me in my assignments to submit my dues through the internet or get important information from Google or other apps.

Examination portal

We can prepare papers,test sheets from laptop. As I teach the students of kindergarten, it helps me to make very lovely, beautiful paper for kids in which I use some geometry. kids can enjoy doing their tasks, as it attracts them.

Discuss reports through E.mail

This is the era of technology . Everyone is too much busy in their daily routine busy life.we can share the daily student’s reports, timetable, test results to their parents through E.mail.

Teachers community

We can connect with teachers or with students through it. As we made a teachers community with the help of it. I can share lesson plans, test series, examination portal, timetable, schedule to all the teachers of my school. I also discuss school fun fair or other programs with teachers through it.

As I teach the kindergarten students, so I also entertain them by playing cartoons on my laptop. Its soft decent and Anti-glare screen don’t affect the eyes. Their screen is neither too much bright nor too dim. Kids enjoy cartoons on it very much.

We live in the area where load-shedding is common but thank God I have a laptop in which I do my all task without any tension as laptops have a rechargeable battery. It has a very soft keypad to their lower side. Their touchscreen also attracted me and forced me to get it.

In the End

In the end, I just want to say that everything has their dual uses as every coin has a dual side. It is a most popular quote that there is nothing good or bad in this world .it is in our hands to make it so,  Same with laptops .we should use the laptops in a positive way and avoid their abuse use.  Keep smiling and be happy.

Any question will be highly appreciated about this article. See YA!!

Team- What Laptops

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