How to Refurbish a Laptop Battery

How to Refurbish a Laptop Battery? A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Refurbish a Laptop Battery?

The battery is an important part of the laptop. It is that part of the laptop which is used for the optimum working ability of the laptop and it shows how long your laptop can be in your lap. I mean charging is easy but you don’t want to get stuck into the tangling wires.

These wires bound you up and you feel you got into trouble. This thing makes you feel bound. But wait what will happen if your battery got dead and you face trouble in operating the laptop. You surely want to repair or change it. Nothing is more important than a genuine battery. So you got me right that the battery is able to be reconditioned.

How to Refurbish a Laptop Battery? A Step-by-step Guide

I have explained the entire process to refurbish a laptop battery at home:

Step 1: Requirements

The most important requirement for the laptop battery is the presence of the battery you want to repair, tape, wire cutter.

Step2: Removal of battery

The removal of the battery is quite an easy thing to do you just need to unlock the battery from the laptop and remove it.

Step 3: Open the battery

Open the battery by using some kind of tool but be careful while doing it you should not damage the casing because it is needed when you repair the battery.

Step 4: Remove the cells

Then you have to remove the six cells available in the parallel pattern of connection. Then they will get the connection easily.

Step 5: Check the voltage

Check the voltage of the cell with the help of multimeter and on the meter, the reading of the voltage should be more than 3.6Volts and it should not be less than 3.6Volts. You can change the battery if its voltage is low. You can check the adapter voltage by the capacitor.

Step 6:  Series connection

Now connect the cells of the battery in series and then check the voltage of the cells and this voltage should be equal to 12Volts.

Step 7: Adjustment of new batteries

Now adjust the new batteries at the place of the old one. Because if cells are not fine then the throw the cells and you set the new one into it.

Step 8: Connect the circuit

Then connect the battery cells to each other in a circuit inside a battery and then make the connection ready in this regard there are 3 positive wires and one negative wire to the battery.

Step 9: Put the battery back

Now put the cells inside the battery to make the circuit complete and have the complete set of the battery.

Methods for Repairing Laptop Battery at Home

There are many different methods of repairing of laptop battery and improving your battery life of the battery and the types of this repairing method are as follow:

Cool your laptop:

Cooling down your battery is very important if you have a lithium ion battery then the performance of the battery is easily rectified by cooling it down. You can cool down your battery by using a cooling pad.

Calibrate the battery:

Calibration of the battery is a simple process to do as sometimes when you don’t charge battery  100% or you keep your battery plugged to the charging. This problem is usually to occur.

You can fix this problem easily by charging the laptop to maximum then discharge it till it went to zero percent and it turns off then charge it to 100%. Now congratulations you have calibrated the battery successfully.

My Story, Repair Laptop Battery

Repairing the battery is not an easy task to be done in fact it gets tough if you are unaware of the real science behind it and also you don’t know how to repair the battery these things are important and worthy enough on which you should focus on as these things require the availability of mind all the time.

I am a dentist by profession and I keep my appointments regulated on my laptop. As my profession is not earning too much for me I am not in the financial status to buy a new one. So I was a lot worried as I was unable to turn my laptop on last Saturday night. I was a lot tensed that what happened to it. I was totally clueless as I am not a very much media oriented person.

My mind started to shake then I came to know that the trouble is with the battery, I searched a lot for it on the internet and tried to fix it by myself and I Google it and came forward with lots of answers and then I started refurbishing and I was so happy to see that my laptop battery was back to life and that saved my money and my laptop too. If I can do it anyone can do it then anyone can do it easily.

Best of Luck.

Team- What Laptops

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