Is buying an expensive laptop worth it

Is buying an expensive laptop worth it?

Most people prefer buying cheap laptops for different purposes, such as for gaming, office, or home. Some people buy cheap laptops to be economical. But buying a cheap laptop is not worth it even if you have to buy it for your basic needs like using MS Office for personal use, for playing games, etc.

Is buying an expensive laptop worth it? The expensive laptops are worth it because they provide more features than the cheap ones. Expensive laptops are preferred over purchasing cheap ones as expensive laptops provide more features and reliability than cheap ones. Expensive laptops perform effectively and efficiently and offer more durability than cheap laptops.

Some people think that there isn’t any difference between the features of cheap notebooks and expensive laptops, but they are wrong.

The battery life of expensive laptops is excellent as they use because they use a better chipset in the laptop, which does not consume too much power. Windows 10 can not be usually installed on any cheap laptop as they require better memory to function its features fully.

Is buying an expensive laptop worth it?

Expensive laptops have ample storage space and processing speed than inexpensive laptops. Cheap laptops can only be used for essential purposes such as playing games, drawing images by children, using MS Word, etc. But expensive laptops with more functionality can be used at a commercial level, industrial level, by scientists, etc. 

We do not recommend you buy an expensive laptop that you can not afford; we are just trying to you aware of the difference between a costly notebook and a cheap laptop and their functions and purposes. We prefer you to buy an expensive laptop so that it can last longer and you would not have to face any problem within 2 to 3 years. If you spend money, it must worth it.

The main reason why the expensive laptops are worth it is that they provide high processing speed and efficiency and reliability concerning its performance. So, it is better to buy a costly notebook instead of a cheap one.

Better Performance

Expensive laptops provide better performance than the cheap laptops as they have fast processing speed. RAM, processor, and computer memory play an important role in improving the performance of a laptop. Expensive laptops have a large number of bus capability and registers that increases the speed of the system.

Expensive laptops use better SRAM, which gives better performance. Cheap laptops provide low storage space and slow processing speed as compared to the expensive ones because they have a fewer amount of registers and buses. Such laptops can be used for a limited period and can not be used for large projects because of slow processing speed.

And less amount of storage is are not reliable for long-term projects. Cache memory is also used to increase the speed of a system. Cache memory is used to store the address of the recently opened files so that these files can be accessed in less time for the next time whenever it is to be retrieved. Most old laptops do not have cache memory. 

Modern computers have built-in cache memory to increase the processing speed. The core is used to improve the processing of a system. A processor that consists of two cores is known as the dual-core processor and is offered by most cheap laptops. 

The expensive laptops include multiple cores, which increases its processing speed. An increase in the number of cores increases the cost of a laptop. The latest laptops consist of 2-12 cores and are also expensive.

Expensive laptops have better display

Graphic card is used to provide good quality images and videos on the screen. It is used to display the images on the screen with the defined resolution of the system. Most laptops offer a resolution of 1366 x 768 and are of low cost. On the other hand, the laptops with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 are expensive. 

At 1080p, the videos and images are displayed sharper than 360p because it consists of more small dots than 360p. The latest laptop technology shows the photos and videos with a resolution of 2560 x 1440, 3200 x 1800, or 3840 x 2160 and is also expensive than the laptops providing low resolution than these. Most cheap laptops offer a resolution of less than 1080p.

A good display screen attracts the customer than a blurred display. Customers are more likely to buy a laptop with an array of high resolution than the display of low resolution. By increasing the brightness, the laptop with low-resolution makes the display blur, but increasing its intensity doesn’t affect the screen resolution.

So, if you want a better display quality in your laptop that supports 4K resolution and provides an excellent display, then you must buy an expensive laptop.


Cheap laptops come with a plastic body, which is not a good idea to have on your laptop. If you want to buy a durable laptop, then you must go for premium and expensive laptops that come with an aluminum body. Some laptops do come with a combination of plastic and aluminum, they are also acceptable, but laptops that are only made with plastic cannot bear a single jerk.

You must choose your laptop, which can be used for a long-term period and can be used to perform different tasks effectively and efficiently. The laptops, which consist of more than one hard disk, can last longer than the laptop with only one hard disk.

The laptops which are cheap and inexpensive are not long-lasting. They are more likely to stop working less than 4 to 5 years as their hard disk health is not durable, and the hard disk becomes dead within 4-5 years. You must choose a laptop which has high-quality accessories that last longer.

Expensive laptops have SSD

The laptops, which consists of hard drives and solid-state drives, are of the high cost. Every personal computer consists of only one hard disk and is available at a low price. A hard disk is a device that is used to store the data and can provide storage space up to 500 GB or more. Hard drives are cheaper and offer more storage space.

Some systems consist of SSD, i.e., Solid State Drives, which are faster than hard disk and provides more durability thana hard disk drive. SSD uses less energy than the HDD, but it is expensive than HDD. SSD is 300 times faster than HDD. Writing data on SSD is much quicker than writing data on HDD because t does not have any moving parts.

 So, the laptops, which consist of a hard disk as well as solid-state drives, are expensive than the laptops, which includes an only hard disk drive. Some laptops consist of SSD instead of HDD, as it is much faster than the hard disk and increases the performance of the laptop, which attracts the customers towards it.

But if you have an option in which you can use both SSD and HDD in your laptop, that is also a great deal. 


The size of a laptop plays a vital role in choosing the best laptop. Mostly the customer is in search of a personal computer that is small in size and provides all the desired features. The size of laptops starts from 11.6 inches to 17.3 inches.

If your priority has a portable and light-weight laptop, it would be expensive because such laptops consist of a chipset that is smaller in size but the best in performance. These chips are costly, which results in the high cost of light-weight and small-sized laptops.

As we know, the old computers which were so large were not reliable as they were not portable as they thus had fewer features as compared to modern machines. It is recommended to buy small sized laptops with more features because such laptops consume less space and are easy to use.

While buying a laptop, the most important thing to consider is that for which purpose are you buying it. People are more likely to buy a small laptop than the large one so that it is easier to use. So smaller laptops cost more than the large ones with the advanced features.

Small-sized laptops are also known as mini laptops and are flexible. Such laptops are easy to compute and are beneficial for the students as they can carry it to their college or university for study.

Multiple Ports

A USB port is usually used to connect a cell phone, flash drive, LED, etc. to a laptop. The old laptops provide only standard USB ports such as USB Type-A ports, which can only be used to connect peripheral devices to the laptop. Such laptops were cheap as they provided less functionality.

On the other hand, new laptops consist of USB Type-C ports, which provide a large number of features and can be used to connect multiple devices. These devices can be peripheral devices, external hard disks, flash drives, etc. You can also charge your cell phone by connecting a data cable to the port of the modern laptops.

Some modern laptops also consist of Thunderbolt 3 port, which provides high connection speed of peripheral devices and can transmit data at a more speed as compared to the USB Type-C. The cheap laptops do not consist of Thunderbolt3 or USB Type-3. They only include USB Type-A with fewer features. So, it is better to buy an expensive laptop than the cheaper one.

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