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Best 11 Inch Laptop 2022 Reviews

Best 11 Inch Laptop 2020

If you like to carry your laptop while you travel then 11-inch laptops are the best option. Our editors have selected the top 4 laptops for this article. 11 inches is a decent screen size for a laptop.

I received an email from one of our regular readers and he was struggling to find the best-suited laptop for his office work. In this article, you will find detailed product reviews for 11-inch laptops from a variety of major brands. 

Comparison Chart for Best 11 Inch Laptop 2020 Reviews

In this chart, I have added features of the top 4 laptops along with a check price button.

Here we go:

11-Inch Laptops Features Screen Price
HP Pro Book Intel Celeron, dual-core, Full HD, Touch screen 11.6″ Check Price
Flagship 2020 Lenovo Intel Core M3, Dolby Audio, Windows 10 Pro 11.6″ Check Price
Samsung Chromebook Intel Celeron, Google Chrome System,  11.6″ Check Price
2020 New Dell Intel Dual-Core Celeron, Full HD 11.6″ Check Price

HP Pro Book

The HP Pro book is a laptop with a decent webcam and has a strong gorilla screen. This laptop is quite strong to handle the pressure and jerks. This laptop is quite a strong one to handle a lot of pressure and trouble in no time. It has a great display.

In fact, the keyboard of the laptop is also resistant to spill and any sort of loss due to shock or falling of fluids. This is a great invention the HP, especially for the kids. Its 11.6-inch screen has enhanced its portability and you can take it easily wherever you want. It is such a wonderful machine.

Some of the eminent features of this laptop are as follow:

  1. Design:

It is a device with very great design and up to the mark appearance. It has a compact plastic casing that is covered with the rubber so that it is able to endure the jerks and troubles that occur due to the jerks.

Its plastic design gives it the appearance of a Lego. It has a 360degree hinge to which it can open. Its gorilla glass is scratch-free and able to cope with the spillage easily.

  1. Ports:

It has a USB type C port of 3.1 and has one USB port of 3.1 too. It has a combo port for headset and the microphones. It has a port for micro SD card and has the ability to provide the vast connectivity. Its ports are able to give you the availability of connection and transfer of data and signals is quite easy with this device.

  1. Display:

It has a screen of 11.6 inches wide has a display of 1366×766. Its display is very fine. The colors are very bright and vivid. You cannot say that it is the best resolution but it is quite a wonderful sort of well-differentiated device with lots of features.

  1. Keyboard and touchpad:

Its keyboard is very much fine has good typing speed and the clicking ability is very fine and it does not have backlit but typing is easy and tension free and you can do it easily. Its touchpad has the ability to get on gestures easily and nicely so that you can easily move your fingers on it and there is hustle free movement of the cursor. This movement is very easy and convenient.

  1. Performance:

The performance of this laptop is quite fine and great. It has a processor of Intel Celeron. Its RAM is of 8GB and has a flash memory of 32GB. This laptop has great features and benefits as it is a very strong device as far as its performance is concerned. Its speed is very much as it can easily compete with other brands easily.

  1. Battery life:

Its battery life is very much strong. It provides the great battery operation time of more than 9 hours and you can work for hours on this device. Its good battery time makes it a great device for long term working and hustle free work.

  1. Webcam:

It has a webcam of 720P and helps to do video conferences easily. You cannot say that it is the best webcam but it has got a very fine feature of providing the best availability of webcam as you can work on it for doing the video calls.

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  • It has a long battery life.
  • It has a rugged body that has a high level of endurance.
  • Its webcam is quite very decent.
  • Its audio quality is very high.


  • Its resolution is quite low.
  • Its color is very much dim.
  • Its plain plastic body gives it an average look.


It is a very nice machine with a very robust body. Its body is scratch free and has the ability to withstand the shock. For me, it is the best feature of this laptop. Its battery life is very long and has very long working hours.

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Its audio quality is very good and can endure the work pressure easily. This can do multitasking easily and highly efficiently. The display of this laptop is very good and has too many great screen-based features.

Flagship 2020 Lenovo ThinkPad

It is a highly upgraded laptop that has the build of scratch-free glass and its body is quite strong and has very high strength. It is the hybrid model. It is high quality 2 in 1 laptop. It is a beautiful machine with lots of features and has high-quality working capabilities.

It has so many advantages for businessmen, lawyers, and every person involved in every field of life.

Its screen is also very much strong made up of corning gorilla glass. This laptop is very much sound technically. Also, read on LaptopsChamp.

Some features of this laptop are as follow:

  1. Design:

This laptop is of 11.6 inches wide screen. It has 2 in 1 corning gorilla glass which makes the laptop scratch-free and durable. It can be converted to three shapes i.e. tent, tablet, laptop.

This laptop is also available with a pen with which you can use it easily. This laptop is very strong and can handle the stress easily with ease. This keeps the laptop audio port in working condition.

  1. Display:

Its display is quite vivid and colorful. Its display is very fine of 11.6 inches and has the IPS powered display. It is high definition and has a screen resolution of  1366×768 which is quite fine for giving good resolution for 11.6 inches display.

  1. Processor:

Its processor is powered by Intel dual-core. This processor has a performance of 2.60GHz. This processor is very fine and provides you with great capabilities of processing information and the processing is done quite optimum. 

  1. Ports:

It is a device with great connectivity. It has a great number of ports available. It has one port of USB type C and two ports of USB type B. It has a micro SD card reader. It has an HMDI port of 4.1.

It has a combo audio jack having the availability of microphones too. It has a great variation as far as ports are concerned. It provides vast availability of ports which gives maximum connectivity to the device.

  1. Keyboard and touchpad:

Its keyboard is comfortable for typing. You can comfortably type on this laptop keyboard.  It has the ability to do typing very nicely. You can work o its laptop quite nicely and easily. The touchpad of this laptop is very sensitive. It can smoothly move on the laptop and this movement helps the movement of the cursor easily.

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  • Its build is very strong and it has quite a strong ability to show its strength.
  • Its screen has a very responsive touch screen.
  • Its keyboard is quite is comfortable to type on.
  • Its display has quite high HDR display.
  • Its cover is sliding on the lens of the webcam.
  • It has great color accuracy.
  • It has a fingerprint scanner.
  • Its quality of the structure is high.


  • Its battery life is not very great.
  • Its display is reflective.


This is a quite quick machine I must say. Its reaction is very high towards the touch. It means its touch screen show sensitive action. This laptop has a beautiful design with a breakage resistant screen and this laptop has multiple functions. It has a lot of qualities which its user gets the best thing. It speaker is very fine and quite clear. Its features are best in its activity and you will surely enjoy them.

It has good display the screen is shockproof. It’s working capabilities are quite fine. You are going to love this device you can do your best typing on this laptop and this laptop works in an awesome way to prove itself. You can smoothly do typing on this laptop as this the best as far as the keyboard is concerned.

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Its webcam is very fine and you can enjoy the video calls easily. This laptop has the best features at a good affordable price. Its connectivity is wide and maximum. Its ports are very easily connectable. Its display is very colorful and vivid and you will enjoy the views on this laptop.

Samsung Chromebook

I am going to tell you people about my laptop which is 11.6 inches in size. I have been this amazing Chromebook from Samsung and it is just awesome.

It some of the important features are as follow:

Screen Size: It comes with a screen size of 11.6 inches which is I guess ideal for a laptop going to be used as a notebook. 

Resolution of the screen:  It comes with a resolution of FHD 1920×1080 which means it comes in full high definition.

Processor: It features Intel Celeron and this is just perfect for this decent sized laptop. 

RAM: It has random access memory of 4GB which is I guess enough for a notebook type of laptop. It has the RAM of technology SDRAM DDR3.

ROM: It has Read Only Memory of 64GB. You can add additional space by 128GB into it.

Wifi availability: It has wifi empowerment of approximately 802.11 b/g/n.

Operation system: It is equipped with the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system which comes with it on buying.

Connection ports: It is equipped with the 2 USB ports of 3.0 versions and also carry the one port of HDMI connection. It has one headphone jack. 

Video:  It has video technology of High definition graphics style.

Media Drives: It has media drives of Micro SD/Micro SDXC / Micro SDHC technology.

Camera: It has a built-in camera for the webcam with a high resolution having the Microphones.

Bluetooth: It is empowered with the Bluetooth technology of version 4.0.

Battery: It has the battery life of approximately 7 hours and it is equipped with the battery of 3.7V/8000mAH.

Weight: It weighs only 2.42 Pounds.

Graphics Coprocessor: It is also having the processor for graphics installed by Intel.

Hard Disk:  It has a hard drive of 64GB of emmc technology. The hard disk interface is also solid state hard disk.

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General specifications:

  1. Its width is 7.4 inches and length is 10.9 inches.
  2. It is an ultra-slim device with 0.6-inch thickness.
  3. Its hinge can rotate up to 360˚ angle.
  4. It has a lock button with the power button for the keyboard so that you can lock the keyboard when it is not in use.
  5. It is a PC type which is 2 in 1 means it can be used in two forms as a notebook and tablet too.
  6. It is available in silver color.
  7. The power adapter of 5V /2.5A is required for it.
  8. It also supports the connectivity of the MIC.
  9. You can set the screen up to the wanted orientation.
  10. It is available in multi-modes like tent mode, tablet, display.
  11. It has the availability of an integrated description of the graphics.
  12. It has LED display empowerment on the laptop.


A lot of pros are present for this beautiful machine as it comes in a very elegant machine. It looks very much stylish in it looks. The specification it is offering is very much nice and that comes at a very much affordable price. It is highly user-friendly as its hinge can rotate up to 360˚ Its battery life is quite long as it can live up to 7 hours of charging.

The features and the memory it is providing is full of different sort of functions and utilities. It is available with 10 points multi-touch screen. It is a wonderful machine with high definition screen so you can watch movies, videos on it also you can watch the documentaries on it as its screen quality is very much high.

You can use it for instant mailing anywhere you want. Also, you can make some powerful presentations on it anywhere and at any place where you are present.

It is quite helpful while traveling and has the easy to carry as it is lightweight. I can be used in places where the availability of space is quite limited. Its cleaning is quite easy as the rotation is up to 360˚ and you can move it according to your choice.

It is also very important to notice that it is highly fast in working for internet and provides the best online browsing experience and thus online working is easy.


It has no backlit available on the keyboard. It is coming in the market with Microsoft powered Windows 10 thus any other Operating system and window are unable to work on it other than Windows 10.

It is not recommended as the gaming laptop as the chances of lagging is there for that. It is unable to catch the wifi signals of 5.0GHZ bandwidth. It works with the applications compatible with the Windows operating system only.


For me the Samsung Chromebook 11.6 is a perfect choice for students, teachers and also businessman as it supports the work during traveling, it is helpful for making the presentation working at mobility is easy with this, machine and it is also  not very expensive and people used to carry it with ease as it is a lot stylish that  it can consider as style statement.

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This is a great combination of the machine in which you get thing packed in a small size at a reasonable price.

I hope I have explained all the features of the laptop with detail and you are free to ask any question about it as it is a pleasure to answer.

New Dell Inspiron 

Here is another 11-inch laptop, New Dell Inspiron Chromebook Laptop. This is the latest version of the brand and comes with many amazing features.

So let’s begin;

Features of New Dell Inspiron Chromebook Laptop

Read all the features of this laptop carefully.

LED backlight

Dell Inspiron Chromebook is having a bright backlight. It is actually an energy-efficient LED backlight. This bright view will not consume any extra energy and battery of your laptop and you will be able to see a bright clear screen.


It has the 11.6-inch display with the maximum screen resolution of 1366 x 768. You can easily work and also watch movies on this amazingly bright and normal sized display. This HD display allows you to enjoy the YouTube videos.

Celeron processor

It has an Intel Dual core Celeron N3060 processor with a 1.6 GHz base frequency up to 2.48 GHz. It is basically an entry level dual core processor for internet, general emails and productivity tasks.


It has a unique and decent color. This color is generally named as Chrome OS.

Cloud support

This laptop is also having built-in cloud support.

Media reader

It has built-in media reader too for simple picture transfers. It supports micro SD memory card formats and also has the HDMI expanded output for the best viewing options.

Smart cache

It has 2 MB of the smart cache.


Dell Inspiron Chromebook laptop has got the memory of 4GB 1600 MHz DDR3 system memory.


This laptop as also got the 16 GB of the solid state drive.


It has Intel HD 400 integrated graphics.

Anti-virus software

It has the newest amazing feature that you will love to know. The feature is its built-in programme for virus protection. This will keep your laptop protected from virus and the other malware attacks also.

It is also having a built-in program for Google products.

HD webcam

This Dell laptop is also having the HD web camera that connects you with your loved ones. You can easily talk to any person sitting in the world’s other corner without any blur or distorted image. This camera is of extremely high quality that will make you feel that you have chosen the right laptop for you.

This HD webcam is also included with the two microphones.

Wireless connectivity

Dell Inspiron Chromebook offers the wireless connectivity of strong Bluetooth connection and 802.11 ac Wi-Fi too. Its Bluetooth connection and is quite stable and Wi-Fi connectivity also depends upon your internet connection stability.

If your internet connection is good that the full signals will come in the Wi-Fi and if the connection is unstable than it affects the connection obviously.


It has the 1 x HDMI, 2 x USB 3.0, 1 x media card reader, 1 x for microphone or headphone combo jack.

Less weight

This item has got less weight of only 3.09 lbs. Lightweight products have their own benefits. Like, you can hold this laptop in your hands. You can place it in a laptop bag and take it while with you even during travel. You can take it to the office too.

Along with this, Dell Inspiron Chromebook has 0.8’’ thinness that makes it ultra light and ultra-thin laptop.

3 cell battery

It uses 3 cell lithium ion battery.


Product dimensions according to the L x W x H are 11.9 x 8.1 x 0.8 inches.


It supports a good warranty. Dell is a famous company and all of their laptops are highly durable. You can trust them easily. Return the product if it has some damaged part and the money will be refunded in 30 days.


This laptop is highly affordable; in fact, let me tell you that this is a cheap one. Within no time you can even buy two of these laptops. This will be a good one to gift someone. Click here to buy from Amazon.

Specifications of New Dell Inspiron Chromebook Laptop

The specs of this laptop are;

  • It has an Intel Double core Celeron N3060 processor.
  • Its processor has actually 1.6 GHz base frequency that goes up to 2.48 GHz.
  • It has a 4GB 1600 MHz DDR3 system memory.
  • It has a 16 GB solid-state drive that makes everything fast.
  • It has 11.6 inches full HD, WLED energy-efficient display.
  • This laptop is also having the Intel HD graphics 400.
  • The color available for this laptop is Chrome OS.
  • It has Bluetooth and 802.11 ac Wi-Fi as a strong wireless connection.
  • It has built-in virus protection and Google products.
  • It has an HD web camera like on other laptops but it comes with 2 microphones.
  • It has 1 x HDMI, 2 x USB 3.0, a 1 x media card reader, with a 1 x microphone/headphone combo jack.
  • Item dimension are 11.9 x 8.1 x 0.8 inches.
  • Item weight is only 3.9 lbs.
  • It has the typical screen HD resolution of 1366 x 768.
  • It has an energy-efficient LED backlight too.
  • It has a 4 GB system for multitasking.
  • It has 16 GB eMMC flash memory.
  • It has built-in cloud storage too.
  • This laptop uses 3 cell lithium ion battery.
  • It has 16 GB SSD hard drive.
  • This laptop is from Dell Chrome 11 series.


  • Decent color
  • Webcam works great
  • Excellent keyboard
  • Highly affordable


  • No built-in CD and DVD drive.
  • No optical drive attached to it.

Final words

Finally, you have got all the needed info about this New Dell Inspiron Chromebook Laptop. This is the best choice to gift someone. With its excellent qualities, it shows the performance at its peak. Click here to buy from Amazon.

Best of Luck.

Team- What Laptops

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