Why are Laptops Cheaper than Desktops?

Why are Laptops Cheaper than Desktops

Why are Laptops Cheaper than Desktops?

If you are unaware of the world of computer it is a huge problem for you to select what is good and what is not good. This article will surely help you in the selection of a better version of the laptop or desktop depends totally on your adherence.

The market is full of a wide range of laptops available in the market. You can select the laptop according to your choice from a huge range of laptops available in the market. There are laptops which are gaming, professional workstations, high-performance laptop, in fact, two in one laptop are also available.

Whenever you are going to select any device. It on your thinking whether you want a desktop or a laptop computer. But let me explain to you some points regarding the most important factor which is price while selecting a laptop.

You should have to be conscious while selecting a laptop as it is your most important device and you have to do your working on it. My laptop is a love for me and so is your one is to you people to be aware of your selection seriously that what you should select.

Why are Laptops Cheaper than Desktops?

Whenever you are going to buy a laptop you just need to select your desired one from the huge pile of machines available in the market. With the advancement of technology in the modern world, the gadgets of your choice are available you just need to select them without any trouble and problem.

Laptops are full of variety and nowadays there are also the laptops available with refurbishing facility that has reduced the cost of new brands too. You do not need to worry about going to the technical personals and apply the accessories of your choice. Read here if you are looking for pros and cons for laptops and desktops.

So, we will first start with the advantages and disadvantages of having a laptop:

  • The main feature is portability; you can use laptops anywhere anytime and can easily be carried alongside. This feature sets the tone for other all features.
  • Laptops work with a battery and are designed to consume very less power. You can use them directly with the charger connected and serving as a direct power source, and also you can charge it. And usually upon charging you can use it for around 5 hours, making it very moderate in terms of power consumption. You can use it at home and at your bed.
  • Alongside portability, flexibility in terms of usage and functionality are also one of the key features of laptops. You can use them in majority places. You can use them instantly by just powering on and get to the working directly. This portability makes laptops good for use at home at night and even on your beds.
  • Laptops are best to work in limited spaces and it eliminates the major con of desktops. You can place them in your lap even and start work.

Alongside the cons of laptops are mentioned as follow:

  • Laptops have less capability to get upgraded in terms of chipset and CPU so they tend to be left behind in terms of new technology advancements.
  • They are indeed very thought to be customized as per need of the user. User has no other choice to follow the way the laptop is built around.
  • Laptops are not durable at all. In comparison to their heavy price, they are not built to last long.
  • They possess very small working screen and keyboard, so focusing and getting used to it is another challenge.
  • Their repairing cost is double in value as compared to desktops, and many times user got no other option than to buy a new one instead of repairing.

If you are a game lover and love to show off your style to your fellow companions then you have to give your desired look to your computer and this look has to be set up when you claimed to apply an extra amount on your desktop to give you a complete gaming look and this is an expensive task to be performed.  

You have to buy expensive extra accessories to give a gaming diva look at your computer and you will enjoy this look too but it is heavy on pocket. The customized look require extra accessories and also the technical person is required for this task and it is also expensive on your pocket.

Price of laptops compared to gaming desktops

As compared to the desktop computer the laptops are already available in the modified form for playing games and these are gamers personalized laptop and the prices are also arranged in different ranges so that you will be able to select from a range. It is also cheap and you are protected from the extra effort required in its modification.

You have to buy the accessories for your laptop individually and this thing put an extra burden on your pocket and you never know that when your budget can go out of your hands. It has created an atmosphere of uncertainty for you. You never know when your budget goes out of your hands.

Accessories for laptops and desktops

Your laptop is already equipped with all the necessary accessories and you don’t need to buy the extra gadgets for your laptop and it will not be expensive and put an extra burden on your pocket. 

All these devices are present in laptop already. Here is a detailed guide on best laptop accessories for gamers.

You have to arrange extra cables for the assembling of a desktop computer and these cables will put an extra cost on your buying abilities whereas a laptop does not require extra cables for their assembly and this thing has made laptop cheap automatically.

If you have to travel from one place to another then your desktop is not going to stay with you and it is a problem for you that you will not be able to reach your data pictures and other computer-oriented things.

This creates an extra burden that you have to buy extra storage devices which can stay with you during traveling. You can replace your old desktop computer with a new laptop that is better and features the new technology.

Now the cost of the overall desktop computer has already increased but if you have a laptop for working then you can take your laptop anywhere you want thus the overall burden on you will be reduced without any problem.  So overall a laptop is a cost-effective device.

If you are going to apply a motherboard to your desktop computer then you should keep this thing in your mind that the motherboard of a desktop is far more expensive than a laptop motherboard so this is the way by which the laptop gets cheaper than that of a desktop computer.

If you have a desktop computer then you have to buy a power supply for it and it is quite expensive and this thing has increased the price of desktop whereas the laptop comes with an adapter and charger of known voltage and it is within the box when you buy your laptop.

You have to buy an extra desk for the placement of your desktop computer and this thing also disturbs your budget and create an extra cost for you whereas the laptop can be placed anywhere you want and thus you can say that laptops are cheaper than the desktop computer.

In the absence of light, you have to buy an additional source of electricity for your desktop computer whereas you don’t need to buy any extra power source in absence of electricity and if gets charged once it can be used for hours without electricity.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for laptops and desktops

The availability of Bluetooth and wifi has also increased the worth of laptops as the desktop can have only Ethernet connection which means there is a loss on cost in buying the optic fibers for the desktop thus here also the price game is overall lost by the desktop as far as my opinion is concerned.

My name is nick and I am an investment banker. I was unable to buy expensive laptop brands so I decided to buy a desktop computer for me. But I was in trouble as I have to buy its every part myself. I was not sure about the prices of parts of the computer and I was confused about it.

My friend told me that he has bought a laptop which is quite cheap and when I calculated the price I was tensed because I have spent approximately double on assembling my desktop computer.

Then I decided that I will sale my desktop and I did so. I bought a laptop and now I am relaxed a lot as everything is available on my laptop and I do not need to pay the extra price over buying accessories.

I am relaxed now that I can do my work anywhere I want and I do not need to pay extra over the needs of my computer repairing.

I am in love with my laptop. I think you people also be in favor of buying a laptop rather than a desktop computer and you also love your choice.

Team- Whatlaptops.com

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