How Often to Replace Laptop?

How Often to Replace Laptop

How Often to Replace Laptop?

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How Often to Replace Laptop?

In earlier days we had PCs, workstations and now due to reliability and portability laptops are taking and substituting very speedy. They are small in size, yet offer a great computing power with perks of being portable and user-friendly. But there is one thing people usually forget about technology, and that is the digital life period of the product.

Many people may not believe it but yes, like living creatures, even computers, and all other technologies cannot serve you for the whole life. They have a certain time period to survive all the wear tear and at one time for sure, they simply cannot move forward with us.

They do indicate some signs before they give up but we usually ignore or keep on updating its software and hardware components, which usually cost sometimes more than a new laptop itself.

Meanwhile, despite all of these efforts, there is a specific level even after upgrading and updating a computer. Once it reaches that level, it is done completely, no matter what you do or wanted to do, that’s the end of your laptop.

Today we will discuss the potential signs from which you should get the realization that your laptop is in danger of getting off the grid and you should start considering to buy a new laptop as soon as possible.

But before we begin, keep this in mind that none of the laptops are invincible. They will never ever last forever no matter how hard you try. They are not built to last longer. And even they manage to, they will face a lot of lack of support in terms of getting along with newer versions of software like MS Word, Adobe Photoshop, etc.

You just cannot run newer software and manufacturer support for older versions definitely discontinued after a time to increase the market of new updated software. The point when your laptop is no longer able to run the newest version of windows or update, it is a clear sign to move on and to buy a new laptop.

As per the researchers and professionals, you should replace your laptop after every 3-4 years and desktop within 4-5 years. Especially if you using them in your business so, you can keep the flow of business intact without facing a major pause due to technical issues.

Personal laptops or PCs at home may survive a bit more as nothing much is required from them other than emailing, listening to music and maintaining personal data. But, also there are people who use laptops for gaming purpose which means they are using maximum resources of laptop due to the immense pressure of rendering and running of a video game. So it just multiplies the wear and tear.

Gradually but constantly your laptop is underwear tear and depreciates in a pattern and after it reaches its maximum time span, it starts to show the sign, which you should look out very carefully to determine the exact state of your laptop.

Following are some of the signs to alarm yourself about the laptop condition:

  • It starts to work slowly and keep lagging very frequently, even when there are not processes or work on the way. Programs freeze a lot and you got no option left other than to turn off or restart the system. Initially, we all may consider these issues are connected to the failure of operating system and we usually opted to reinstall the new operating system, but in our described scenario, it proves to be of no gain and such errors continue to repeat again and again.
  • A blue screen often appears related to systematic crash during running a program is a clear sign that your laptop’s motherboard is in danger of getting damaged.
  • White flickers, pixel distortion, and black screen errors are also signs of doom.
  • Lagging and long mouse cursor freezing while switching from one program to another.
  • Slow file transferring speed as compared to the previous time.
  • A system taking so much time while booting up.
  • Not only systematically, but the constant increase in system heat levels are also the indication of your motherboard having a breakdown. Usually, laptop gamers face such problems because of high CPU usage and many people don’t pay attention in clearing the vents of laptops, and also the circulation air below and around the laptop to let CPU fan suck the air and pass it to inner laptop components to make sure that their temperature remains minimal.

Should I upgrade my Laptop or buy a new one simply?

At this point, the question arises in our mind usually, and it is the point from where either you get distracted or you get the right decision to make. And the question is to ask yourself: Should I upgrade my Laptop or buy a new one simply?

In laptops, well frankly speaking you cannot do much in terms of upgrading because hardware updating is not what laptops are designed for. Maximally you can upgrade its RAM, which proves to be in no gain when the series of above events start to happen.

And replacing motherboard is not a cheap option at all. So, it is the best option to change and buy a new laptop. You should not delay it. Especially if your laptop is not personal and it is related to your business, so the rhythm of work doesn’t get a break. You can also go for a refurbished laptop, I have used a couple of these laptops and they work just perfect.

 My personal opinion and strategy on this are that I have already developed a Mandatory Replacement Policy, so everything remains in a proper manner.

After the time period of every three years, I change the laptops of my office and it significantly helped me in the cost of repairs. I sell my older laptops and find a good price for them and reinvest with the help of some additional funds to buy new laptops.

More cleverly I always look for promotions and sale campaign on Amazon to find great laptop deals and it’s always very helpful for me.

For your help, here is the list of top 3 best-budgeted laptops available at Amazon as follows:

Acer Aspire E 15

Highly recommended and undoubtedly the best deal in the market under the price tag of 399 USD. Equipped with 8th Generation Intel Core i3 with 6 GB RAM and 15.6” full HD screen with the battery life of 13.5 Hours, makes it the best companion for office use.

Lenovo Chromebook C330

A very high-performance laptop with touch screen option makes it very cheesy and wanted product. 4 GB RAM with MediaTek MT8173C processor and 11-inch wide display with the 360-degree convertible option makes it a very compact yet powerful device to perform multiple tasks very efficiently. Its price tag is 289.99 USD only.

ASUS Chromebook C202SA-YS02

A powerful laptop with some extra features to stop it from getting affected by having a drop, water resistant and spill resistance keyboard as well, this device is a serious business.

Alongside with huge computing strength of Intel Celeron N3060 processor with 2M cache, up to 2.48 GHz, storage 16 GB and 11.6 inches HD anti-glare display and battery life up to 10 Hours.

I Hope that I have guided and answered your all queries in this article, and instead of getting confused or instead of wasting time in finding a cure for some incurable problems, you will take a right step on the right time to buy a new laptop. Stay Blessed.


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